10 Reasons To Go Hiking – 2021

The rise of this sport is due to its easy practice, which is suitable for everyone and also allows us to enjoy unique landscapes. To this, if we add that hiking has many physical and psychological benefits. 

Below we will detail the main reasons for hiking:

Improves Physical Health

This sport helps us prevent heart disease, aerobic exercise strengthens our heart. It will also help us reduce high blood pressure, improving our cardiovascular activity.

In addition, physical exercise allows us to reduce high levels of cholesterol and glucose in the blood, preventing a large number of diseases.

Makes us feel better

Numerous studies underline this unique well-being that we feel when we are in nature. Its main virtue is that it helps us reduce the stress of our daily activity.

Hiking like any other sport produces an increase in the production of endorphins, which is a substance that the brain generates and has to do with mood, pleasure, and sleep. Also, if we practice regularly setting goals, our confidence will improve, as we gradually overcome ourselves.

It is suitable for all ages

As we have already said, it is an activity suitable for all audiences. It can be done by the elderly (without mobility problems) or by children from the age of three or four. For children and the elderly, short routes with little difficulty (little slope) are recommended.


Puts us in shape

This physical exercise helps us increase our lung capacity and endurance. We will also lose weight, enjoying the walk without making great efforts.

Another advantage is that it increases our bone density and prevents osteoporosis.

Increase our energy

Hiking like other sports increases the level of oxygen and fuel directed to our muscles, organs, and other body tissues. This extra contribution gives us an additional dose of energy, strengthening our lungs and muscles while increasing our physical endurance, our alertness, and general energy level.

Improve our social ties

It is an activity that allows us to get to know our friends or new people better. While walking you talk to other people and share impressions.

In mountain activities such as hiking, there is a lot of camaraderie between the people who share the trail, which allows for easy conversation.

Let’s get to know nature

It is a sport where there is a strong bond and respect with nature. In addition, as we walk, we will learn new things about the natural environment that we visit, such as its fauna, flora, or its landscape (geology, geomorphology, etc.).

It is cheap

It is a relatively cheap sport, you don’t need great equipment, the most important thing is good footwear. If we do not have clothes or essential accessories, the initial investment can be somewhat high, especially if you start in winter and when it is cold. The advantage of the equipment is that it will last us a long time due to the quality of the material. But once the initial investment has been made, perhaps the biggest expense we have to do is travel to go to the starting point of the route we want to do.

Makes us creative

Another reason, and perhaps one of the least known, is that it encourages creativity. Being relaxed, in such a special environment we will see how ideas flow freely in our minds.

You discover new places

To conclude this activity, he will take us to visit fabulous places, some far away and others close to our house. We will discover traditional uses and uses that will change our way of seeing the landscape.

Hiking is one of the best activities of self-knowledge and especially of knowing our geography … You can visit Hikerology.com for this kind of article.

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