5 Benefits Of Hiring Transfer Maids Over New Maids In Singapore

Having someone to assist you in household chores provides you with the freedom to carry on with other important activities. Whether it is socializing with friends or career advancement, a reliable and diligent domestic helper helps you manage things better.


Such is the case in Singapore, where most homes employ maids to take care of things around the house when the house owners are busy with their schedules. That being said, maids in Singapore fall into two categories, i.e., transfer maids and new maids.


Transfer maids are more in demand over the new maids as they are experienced and referred by one employer to the other. While the type of maid to choose depends upon the employer’s needs, below are a few benefits of hiring a transfer maid Singapore over a new maid-


You Get To Know About The Maid Beforehand

The maid agencies in Singapore provide you with all the background information about the maid before employment. You can read reviews, get medical records, or gain consent from her previous employers you might need for the transfer.


Initially, you might not feel it right to ask questions to the maid. But, you can reach out to the current employer to get detailed information about her. Other crucial information about the maid is her employment records, which you can confirm from maid agencies Singapore.


Transfer Maids Are Trained

As almost every household today has electrical appliances or other tech gadgets, a new maid picked directly from a country may not know how to operate them. Thus, considering referrals from employers is the best way to hire a maid in Singapore.


By hiring a maid from another employer, you can have peace of mind that she is already trained about professional or personal hygiene. On the other hand, if you hire a new maid, it might be hard for you.


They Are Experienced Professionals

Transfer maids are not only trained, but they are also experienced with their work. They have knowledge about Singapore employers’ expectations. Thus, by hiring transfer maids from the best maid agencies Singapore, the new employer can rest assured that they have hired someone reliable to take care of their family.


Most Singapore maids are women who have adequate manners to impact on children. So, the working parents can leave their kids with maids without any worry.


You Can Interview The Maid Personally Before Hiring

It is the biggest benefit of hiring a transfer maid from reputed Singapore maid agencies. In a house with children and elderly, hiring a full-time or live-in maid is a very big step. When you interview a maid in person, it develops a trust that allows homeowners to leave their entire home under the care of a maid.


Suppose you are looking for a full-time babysitter or nanny. Just ask a few well-thought-out questions to a maid regarding childcare, and you will get to know whether the maid would be able to look after your child or not. But, hiring a new maid can be risky as you won’t get a chance to interview the maid personally.


They Deliver A Satisfactory Result

Hiring transfer maids is satisfactory because the final decision is based on the employer’s requirements. There is ample time to know about the maids, their background, employment records, and experience. Moreover, the freedom to interview the maid makes the employers feel confident in their decision that the new hire is the best fit for their needs.


To Sum Up

Transfer maids are in demand in Singapore due to their experience, training, and ability to work professionally. Visit the website of a reliable maid agency Singapore, fix an interview with the candidate, and make your decision. Hopefully, you get a perfect transfer maid who proves to be of great help to you.

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