5 Tips In Cleaning Your Home Before Moving In

Moving is a long-term process that requires a lot of time and effort. After deciding that you’re going to move, you have to scout for several nyc movers decide which moving company New York City to hire, and assess which among their services you are going to avail. You will then pack your valuables, transport all of your moving boxes and unload them the moment you arrive in your new house. But are you aware that your new home actually needs a thorough cleaning?

The cleanliness of your new home can affect your family’s health and the condition of your furniture. A neglected home will contain viruses that can cause illnesses and diseases to your family, and even eat off your furniture.

Here are some tips on cleaning your home before moving in:

  1. Get the house as clear as possible

It’ll be challenging to clean a new house if it’s filled with appliances and furniture. Aside from

cleaning all of the surfaces of these pieces, appliances, and furniture can make it hard to move around the house.

When cleaning your house before moving in, get the area as clear as possible. This means that no furniture or appliance should be placed inside. It should also be free from any type of linens as these can easily catch dirt

Cleaning a home will become an easier and faster task if space is clear. Aside from saving time and effort, cleaning a blank space will lessen your chances of damaging any appliance or furniture placed indoors.


  1. Pay attention to the curtains next

After your new house is cleaned, deal with the curtains next. Since curtains can drastically affect the aesthetics and functionality of the house, it’s best if you have it professionally washed. Doing this will save you a lot of time and accomplish other responsibilities for the move.

Having professionals clean your curtains is a better option, especially if you’ll be using large curtains or those that are made from delicate cloth. Choosing to wash the curtains on your own can be very risky as these can shrink.


  1. Clean your carpets

Carpets can add color to any room in your house. With the right type and size of the carpet, any room can look larger. If you’re moving to a house that comes with a carpet, have it professionally cleaned, as well.

Carpets can be very heavy when wet, making it very challenging to clean. Cleaning it on your own doesn’t warrant the best results since a carpet will require appropriate cleaning tools and chemicals.

Instead of burdening yourself in cleaning the carpet, have experienced cleaners do the job for you. This is a more cost-effective option than risking the quality of your carpet.


  1. Clean high before you clean low

As mentioned, cleaning your home can be a time-consuming process. This is especially true if you’re going to move to a spacious house. For you to have an effective cleaning strategy, always start high before you clean low. This means that you should start cleaning your ceiling before

you dust anything in the walls and the floors.

Clean your ceiling first, including your ceiling fans, shelving, and overhead lighting fixtures. Depending on the materials of these fixtures, you can use a microfiber cloth and cleaning formula.


After this area, you can move forward in cleaning the walls of your house, and last would be the floors. By implementing this cleaning technique, you won’t have to clean the same areas twice.


  1. End with the floor

Since all of the dust and dirt from your ceilings and walls will fall, cleaning your floors should come last. When cleaning the floors, start by sweeping any dust and dirt. Small gaps and spaces should also be swept. After using the broom, you should use a mop to make your floors shiny and then finish off by wiping your floors with a dry microfiber cloth.


Clean Before Moving In

To ensure that your entire move will be hassle-free, consider cleaning your home days before moving in. Cleaning the space on the actual moving day can contribute to stress since you still have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. It’ll be faster to move in, unpack all of your moving boxes and make your house feel like home if space is already cleaned.

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