5 Tips to choose the right cleaning company

If you are running a business, it is your responsibility to give your workers a clean and hygienic environment.  This can only be done, whether you have a permanent cleaning staff, pay them regular salaries (it will double up your workload, you will have to fetch some more time to manage that section) or hire a professional and experienced cleaning service. The second option is better and most offices or businesses do the same.

Hiring a professional cleaning service ensures a smooth running of your business and impact a positive impression on your customers as well.

5 tips to choose the right cleaning service:

In this post, we are going to provide you some useful tips to hire a professional commercial cleaning service
for your business. It is hard to find true professionals around; these tips will help you to have experienced cleaning services onboard.

  1. Conduct thorough background checks:

When hiring a company to do the cleaning task at your business, you should conduct thorough background checks.  You need to ask the right questions, and should cross-check the answer provided. This will lead you to have an experienced, more reliable cleaning service at your business cleaning.

Also, ask them how many days they will take to wrap the cleaning work in here. More importantly, the schedule of their work, whether are they available at the hours you want them to clean the office out? Because, many times, you do not want the cleaners to remain at your business site after closing time. Or sometimes, you prefer cleaning work done after closing hours.

You should also ask them if there are any hidden charges. As many times, the cleaning companies in the start, do not mention the rates of extra work or different type of work, and in the end, they put their desired hourly charges. So, everything should be clear and written in the agreement paper with signs of both parties.

  1. The correct equipment and skilled team:

If you are going to choose a professional cleaning service must look at their tools and equipment. A professional cleaning company should use professional equipment that is right for the job. No one would like to hire a novice company, as they do not own the right tool and lack experienced team. You should do some research before giving a company the final call.

And you should also be aware of the equipment your job site requires. As, when they will discuss cleaning, you will not have any idea which tools are required for top-notch cleaning at your site. When they will meet you, they tell you about the tools and equipment, in this way you will learn about whether they are adorned with the tools and techniques required to carry out the cleaning work at your site.

If they have the right tools and experienced team ask them where they had previously offered services. If they are an experienced brand, they must have done many cleaning operations around.

And if you are pleased with the tools, techniques and experienced team, allow them to do an initial set of work. If you are further satisfied with the services, have them hired for your complete project.


  1. The right clothes and right cleaning products:

When doing a cleaning job, the cleaner should wear the correct clothes for each area they are cleaning e.g. toilet, kitchen, open area, lobby, rooms, and general area.

The company should not wear the same clothes in different areas in the building. By using different clothes, it helps prevents cross-contamination of the germs. You would not like your cleaner wearing the same clothes for the toilet and kitchen.

Another important aspect relevant to the right clothes; the right products, it is vitally important to learn that the cleaning company is using the right products for every area.

It is important that what type of product they use in a particular area, and if it is the best for the area or not. Like, if you have a laboratory, the cleaning company should not use bleach, as the substance is prohibited to use even for cleaning in laboratories. In offices where your workers gather for the work, the cleaning company should not use a harsh chemical with bad odor, they should use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

  1. Check if the company has liability insurance and certified cleaning staff:

Always hire a licensed company for cleaning jobs, no matter you pay some extra. Check if the company has liability insurance, the proof of insurance should be provided and demonstrated by the cleaning company to give the customer peace of mind.

And one thing more important than the license is their cleaning staff has general compensation certification?  You should double-check the company hires the regular employee, not the cash-workers. Regular employees are insured and certified by the relevant department and hold expertise in carrying out the operation in a specific niche.  If they are not insured and certified, and some bad incident happens at your job site, you will be held responsible for.

The simplest way whether the insurance certificate hanged and demonstrated on the office wall is genuine or not is to contact an insurance provider. You can ask them the compensation for cleaning staff in case of an accident and regarding company policies.

  1. Ensure that they have an established cleaning mechanism. 

If the company you are going to hire is a professional company with experienced and certified cleaning staff along with the established cleaning procedure, hire them instantly. That’s the right company to carry out the job.  Yes, these company charges a little bit extra and you should pay them without a second thought.

The companies with a low standard of the cleaning procedure might be agreeing to work on any lowest price, but you will not be able to see the highest standard of cleanliness around you.

These were some must look out things in a cleaning company before hiring them. The insurance and license are not to compromise things; one should not work with a company that is not licensed to carry out a specific task in a niche.

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