6 Basic Facts You Should Know About prefabricated homes

New Prefab Homes Never Need To Be Connected To The Grid

Have you ever questioned why modular houses are different and why they seem much more interesting? If yes this article will detail all the basic facts which you need to know about the prefabricated homes.  You might have the basic knowledge that they are constructed off site but there are certain facts which you might not know about. Here are the top six things you must know. 

1) Difference between prefabricated homes & manufactured homes  

Many people still think that manufactured homes are the same as the modular home but they are quite different. They only share one similarity of being in-house but that is it. These are assembled in factories but both of them have different mobility. One is mobile while the other is not. 

Apart from mobility they both also differ in the usage of metal wirings. The metal wiring on the modular home is permanent and its fixtures are not designed for travel thus these are not for relocation. But as far as the manufactured homes are considered then they support relocation for they do not own any attachment.  An on looker will not notice the difference between the two as both of the types look similar. But they are drastically different in the functionality as detailed above. 

2) Prefabricated homes are constructed quicker  

You might not already know but prefabricated homes take much less time to build. This speedy building process is due to several reasons. You might have not thought but the delay  in the construction process has to do with the financial payments. If one takes the conventional route of construction then contractors ask for the unexpected payment which causes delays. But in the case of prefabricated homes you are only required to pay the contractor upfront which eases you from the timeline shifts. 

Another reason which delays the conventional construction process has to do with the unforeseen weather condition. The weather becomes a barrier which affects the building time. If you will be going for the construction of prefabricated homes then this would not be an issue as they are constructed in house. This in-house build keeps them safe from sunshine, rain or snow. No matter whatever the weather is outside, your house is getting prepared.  Last reason which takes prefabricated homes less time has to do with the size of the house. These modular houses are relatively smaller so they can be completed much more quickly.  


3) Modular Homes Have An Interesting Design Process 

Another interesting fact which you might not be aware about have to do with the design process of prefabricated homes. These prefabricated homes are planned even before the first nail hits in. Such homes are constructed with the help of CAD softwares which takes care of every dimension and nook.


4) Appraisal Value

You might have insecurities when it comes to the value of prefabricated homes. But you should know that such properties are appraised in the same way as any traditional conventional house. 


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