6 Signs To Tell A Phony Locksmith

When locked out of your house or car sitting around for hours pondering your next move isn’t the right thing to do. You have to find an immediate solution to help you continue with whatever you were set out to do. Perhaps you’re moving into a new home. It pays to enhance the home’s security before moving in. The right person to call for such a situation is a professional OKC locksmith.

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In such a vulnerable situation, there’s a risk of falling in the hands of phony locksmiths. These are more focused on getting money from your pocket as much as possible in that desperate moment. In addition, there’s no guarantee that such loBottom line

cksmiths will give you the appropriate assistance. When in a dire situation where you need locksmith services ASAP, here are signs to tell a phony locksmith.

Low quotes

Everyone looks forward to saving a buck or two. Phony locksmiths take advantage of this by offering low quotes in ads or when you call them on the phone. This is a trick to attract people looking forward to saving as much as possible. When requesting for locksmith services and there’s any evasiveness, it’s a red flag. Never convince yourself that perhaps it’s going to be fine. Professional locksmiths offer fair quotes when requesting their services after giving details about your requirements.

Requesting for advance payment

The best locksmith near me doesn’t ask for advance payment or have any hidden fees. A professional locksmith will give you an estimate of the cost before work begins. In addition, there’s no reason to worry about costs ending up going higher than you anticipated. A professional locksmith will handle the process without damage to your locks, which might lead to more expenses.

Showing up in a non-branded vehicle

It’s a huge red flag when the locksmith arrives in a non-branded vehicle. Professional locksmith agencies dispatch technicians to fix customer problems in branded company vehicles. This makes it easier for you to tell that it’s the locksmith company you contacted. Additionally, the technician should be smartly dressed in a company uniform for easier identification. With such signs, you’ll have peace of mind that there’s no risk of allowing an inexperienced locksmith to handle your issue. This will save you from higher expenses and further damage to your fixtures.

Lacking company ID

For peace of mind, ensure to ask the locksmith to show you their company ID. This is further proof that the technician comes from the locksmith company you called. Professional locksmith agencies have branded service vans, uniforms, and identification cards for all staff. Asking for the company ID will save you from entrusting your issue to a phony technician.

No license or insurance

Before you a situation arises that require locksmith services, it pays to know a good locksmith agency you can trust. A quick Google search will give you multitudes of locksmith agencies in the results. However, you need benchmarks to ensure you avoid scammers. The most important consideration is to ensure that the locksmith is insured and licensed. Insurance ensures that in case anything is damaged as the locksmith goes about their work, you have no liability to pay.

Not everyone just wakes up any day and becomes a locksmith. It requires professional training and getting a license. Getting a license to work as a professional locksmith in Oklahoma requires things such as:

  • Current criminal record of the applicant
  • Two completed fingerprint cards
  • Application from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
  • No dishonorable discharge from the US Armed Services

Therefore, if your locksmith is licensed, it means they meet industry standards and ethics. This is enough to tell that it’s the right locksmith handle your issue. Licensed locksmiths usually have good ratings on sites such as Google Plus, Yelp, and Angie’s List. Additionally, it pays to work with a locksmith with A Plus rating on Better Business Bureau.


Bottom line

Calling a locksmith will help get you out of various stressful moments. These might include a car lockout, lost keys, key duplication on rekeying. However, you don’t just call any locksmith agency. The internet is full of phony locksmith on the lookout for unsuspecting customers. Understanding the signs to tell a phony locksmith will ensure that your possessions are safe.

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