7 common mistakes when moving cleaning – so you do not have to be liable for compensation

Detailed Move Out Cleaning Checklist You Should Know - 2021

When you move out of your second-hand apartment, you need to carry out a moving cleaning. This is probably not new information for you, but what many people miss is that the requirements for a moving cleaning are higher than for “regular cleaning”. Make sure that a proper moving cleaning is carried out, either by yourself or by a professional cleaning company. We help sort out the 7 most common mistakes when cleaning so you do not have to pay after you have moved out of your second home. 

One of the most common causes of problems and complaints when subletting concerns cleaning. There is often a misconception about what a moving cleaning means and it is often more thorough and comprehensive than many people think. If you rent a second-hand home via Samtrygg, you can always opt for moving cleaning to avoid unnecessary hassle. 

Important points many do not keep in mind when moving cleaning:

  • Cleaning the top and bottom of the stove and the wall

It is not enough to wipe the plates, you have to pull out the stove and wipe both on all sides of the stove and on the wall behind the stove. It can be easier to have plenty of detergent when you wash behind the stove because there is often a lot of grease that ends up there.

  • Wipe kitchen cabinets and shelves, both inside and out

Take the contents out of the cabinets and wipe both shelves, drawers and sides. Also dry above and below the cabinet if possible.

  • Clean all windows, inside and outside and between the glasses

It can be easy to think that you are done when the inside and outside of the windows have been plastered, but do not forget to also wash between the glasses. To disassemble the windows, there is often a screw that can be loosened to just be able to clean between the glasses.

  • Clean on and behind elements

Clean as thoroughly as possible even behind the elements. Dust often accumulates behind the elements, which is important to remove. Turn off the element before cleaning so that you do not burn yourself.

  • Wipe the pipes in the bathroom

There are often visible pipes from, among other things, bathtubs, showers or sinks and these you need to clean.

  • Clean the floor drain in the bathroom

Cleaning the floor drain can often be perceived as disgusting and smelly, but is necessary during a removal cleaning. Feel free to use gloves when cleaning. Avoid using corrosive cleaning agents such as caustic soda, as it causes damage to seat pipes and gaskets.

  • Clean roofs and walls of dust

Wipe all walls and floors so that dust disappears. Feel free to use a damp cloth to get the dust up. Be careful not to soak too much when cleaning wallpaper as it may be damaged.

These are some of the points that need to be made when moving into a second home. Be sure to check all parts of the cleaning before you start. If you rent with Samtrygg and want to avoid worrying about what should be included in the moving cleaning, you can easily choose to move cleaning that is performed by a professional moving cleaning company.


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