7 Must know Ways How to Keep Your Bedroom Clean

Each day begins in the bedroom. And every day ends there, too. As such, your bedroom needs a priority when it comes to cleanliness.

Bedroom cleanliness does not only involve the bed, but it also involves the wardrobe, the floor, carpet, the curtains, and everything else that is in there.

Failure to this, you are likely to suffer from dust-related diseases such as breathing challenges. Still, your bedroom could be a breathing place of different types of insects such as cockroaches.

Bearing in mind the amount of time you spend in your bedroom, it is crucial to keep your bedroom clean.

How? Here are 7 must know tips from Boston maid service to keep your bedroom clean:

Make The Bed Every Daily

After waking up, prior to leaving the bedroom, make the bed. If the bedding needs to be changed, do so immediately and throw them into the laundry basket. Spread the new, clean beddings. 

While making the bed seems to be a small thing, it has great impacts on how your room looks. 

Keep The Night Table Clean

Your bedroom desk is most likely the place where you do your studies. But did you know cockroaches love a place where stuff such books stays for long without being moved?

Therefore, always ensure that you wipe and rearrange the night table frequently. This helps to keep insects away as well as dust.

Clean Windows

Light makes your day brighter. It is not possible to have enough light if your windows are dirty. Hence, clean them.  You can have an equal measure of water and vinegar in a basin for cleaning.  Next, rinse and dry them with a microfiber towel. 

Also, clean the mirror as well as the picture frames. 

Keep The Bedroom

A well-organized room is easy to tidy up, clean, and maintain. How do you keep it organized? Ensure the dirty clothes are in the laundry basket, clean shoes on the shoe rack, and clean clothes in the wardrobe. Books should be well arranged on the night table. In other words, let each item be in its legal place. 

Vacuum Clean The Floor

Vacuum cleaning your room is not an option; it is a command.  Vacuum the floor to get rid of all dust on the floor or carpet. When vacuum cleaning, ensure that you also clean under the furniture, the shoes rack, wardrobe and the corners. 

In most cases, dust inhabits these places. 

Make Use Of The Laundry Basket

All dirty clothes should find their way in the laundry basket.

Also, avoid having clothes fill the basket to the brim before you wash them. Need an expert tip? Buy a small basket.

Reason? Every time the basket is full, you will want to clean clothes. Being a small basket; there will be a handful of clothes to clean.

Use Your Shoes Rack Appropriately

Often you get home tired after a long day. All you want is to have your shoes off your feet.

Nonetheless, with this habit, sooner than you think, your bedroom will be flooded with dirty shoes lying all over.

Avoid this, wipe the dirty shoes every day after getting home and store them on the shoe rack.

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