7 Secrets To A Tidy And Healthy Home

A clean and tidy home translates into a healthy mind, body, and environment. Keeping your house clean, both indoors and outdoors, will not just improve your property’s look and value, but will also promote good health for you, your family, and your surroundings.But keeping your property clean can be too overwhelming, especially if you are juggling tasks and commitments at home, in the office, and elsewhere. You may be wondering how you could possibly insert thorough house cleaning into your hectic daily schedule, even though you deeply crave living in a spotless home. A full day may not be enough to do all your regular tasks and still get enough sleep. But cleaning experts say that this is doable. Here are seven secrets to keeping your house clean and tidy that you should implement now.

1. Hire professional help

You don’t have to tackle all the cleaning tasks by yourself because you can always invest in professional home cleaning services in Dubai (or wherever you reside). Expert cleaners are your best partners in achieving and maintaining a healthy home, especially if you are pregnant, you just gave birth, you have an elderly at home, or you just don’t have enough time and energy to clean your house from top to bottom. Rest assured that when you hire professional cleaners, every corner of your house (including the hard-to-reach areas) will become free of dirt, grime, dust, and germs.

 The best thing about getting professional cleaning services is that you don’t have to invest in bulky, expensive cleaning equipment and powerful cleaning agents, or even worry about their storage. Cleaning experts bring their own cleaning supplies to get rid of any stains, spills, dirt, and germs in your house. And when you are satisfied by the work of specific cleaners, you can book the same specialists for your next cleaning schedule.

2. Establish a cleaning routine

It is impractical for you to hire expert help on a daily basis, so you still need to have a cleaning routine to keep your property clean and organized in between professional cleanings. This way, your house won’t be totally out of control.

For instance, do small things each day. This can include keeping all surfaces smooth and clean, taking the garbage out before going to bed, cleaning out the sink, and sweeping the floor. There are also cleaning tasks that should be done on a weekly basis. Examples are scrubbing the bathroom, cleaning your appliances, and mopping or vacuuming the floor.

3. Plan a seasonal cleaning session

Each season will demand new things. For instance, you put up a specific set of decorations, draperies, throw pillow cushions, and table dressings during the Christmas holidays, so this means that you’ll have to take away your existing décor. In addition to packing away last season’s essentials, you also need to clean and freshen up the house, so airing out your rooms, clearing out the pantry, and giving your carpets and rugs a deep clean should be on the task list.

4. Constantly dispose of things no longer needed

Having fewer items in the house mean that there will be fewer items to clean and maintain. So make sure to constantly look through your items and get rid of clutter. Take note that when you accumulate a lot of things, they will end up always in the way and lying around, especially when they don’t have a designated place. Relocating to a bigger house isn’t the best solution because even when you add space, homes can only accommodate so many items.

Sorting out your clothes is a good start. Even if you are not fond of shopping for clothes, you might find a lot of clothes in your closet that are not in your regular rotation. So take everything out of your wardrobe and drawers and lay them out on a clean surface. Decide which clothes to keep, donate, and sell.

The same can be done with your other items. Go through each room and decide which items to keep and give away. You can do this monthly, quarterly or yearly. Most of all, always remind yourself not to keep items out of obligation or guilt.

5. Set good habits

In addition to getting rid of clutter, setting good habits is another great way to keep your house tidy and clean. By getting into the habit of putting all your things away as soon as you get home, for instance, and not procrastinating or tossing piling everything on the bed or floor, your house will remain clean and organized. This means that your shoes should always be placed on the shoe rack, your purse on a hook by the door, your used clothes in the laundry basket, and the TV remote in its designated place on the console.

Clean-as-you-go is also a good habit. As you use the kitchen or bathroom, clean all the surfaces after every use, keeping it clean and ready for the next user. So if an accidental spill occurs, wipe it off right away because you don’t want sauces and oils hanging around your kitchen. Leaving the spill will not only make the room untidy, but will also attract pesky pests.

6. Get your family involved

Most parents tend to do everything for their kids. But if you do so, you are not actually helping them. Instead, you are teaching them to doubt their abilities. This practice also teaches them that letting other people clean up their mess is okay. But if you get them involved in house cleaning chores, they will understand that any mess they create is their own responsibility. Also, this will help them become confident in their abilities. So make sure to let your kids do age-appropriate tasks like washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, and cooking simple dishes.

7. Make cleaning fun

Cleaning does not have to be dreadful because it can also be an enjoyable activity. For instance, you can use the cleaning products you want, light a scented candle and switch on your favorite music while doing house cleaning chores. 

Keeping your home clean and healthy is not always easy, but it’s doable. Implement these secrets now and be amazed at how tidy and organized your home will be. And don’t hesitate to hire professional help regularly. If you have a juicer in your house and want to know the method of easy to clean juicer check juicer website. This can be an added expense, but the results they deliver are superb and unmatched, and worth the cost.



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