A Clean and Comfortable Stay: How to Wow Every Guest

Every guest will want to walk into a visually appealing, clean, and comfortable room during a getaway or business trip. Yet, dusty bunnies, unsanitary bathrooms, and lumpy mattresses can ruin a visitor’s experience.

If you run a hotel, B&B, or a rental property, ensure it is sparkling clean, cozy, and inviting every time for every customer. Read the following advice on how to wow each guest and ensure they have a clean, comfortable stay.

Spruce Up the Accommodation

It is imperative to clean accommodation from top to bottom after each guest checks out. For example, you must:

  • Add fresh bedding and towels
  • Clean every surface
  • Scrub bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
  • Brush and mop flooring
  • Remove trash
  • Open windows 
  • Use a commercial air freshener

Professional cleaning services are an essential investment when owning or buying a holiday home, as it will impress every guest who steps inside your property. Factor the cost of routine professional cleaning into your budget to improve the guest experience, encourage word of mouth, and increase return visits.

Create a Personalized Welcome Gift Basket

Surprise every guest by treating them to a personalized welcome gift basket upon arrival. Aim to gather as much information on your guests as possible to present items that match their needs. For example, are they traveling for business or leisure? Are they alone, with their other half, or with young children? 

Routinely Deep Clean Accommodation

Never disappoint your customers when it comes to cleanliness and comfort by routinely deep cleaning the property. While it is important to clean a room before a guest checks in and at different points during their stay, you must strive to scrub accommodation from top to bottom every three months.

Ensure the property remains in tip-top condition by:

It is a wise idea to time a professional deep cleaning during a quiet period or to schedule plenty of time before a guest’s arrival.

Update Décor and Furniture

Review each room in your holiday home on a regular basis to identify if it requires cosmetic or essential updates. For example, you may need to touch up scratched, peeling, or damaged paintwork or wallpaper. Also, eliminate any signs of mold, fix electrical damage, and replace outdated or faulty furniture. If you allow the problems to spiral out of control, you will ruin the guest experience, generate many negative online reviews, and develop a bad reputation.

Provide Quality Refreshments

Guests will expect basic refreshments when checking into any type of accommodation. Ensure they have a comfortable stay by providing:

  • A kettle
  • Tea and coffee
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Spoons or stirrers
  • Mugs

Don’t forget to ensure the mug, kettle, and refreshment accessories are sparkling clean. 

Also, you could impress your guests further by providing a minibar, which could help your accommodation generate a bigger revenue. Some common minibar refreshments include:

  • Water
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Sodas
  • Snacks

Don’t forget to provide guests with a price list for minibar refreshments. 

Reach Out to Your Guests During a Stay

Encourage guests to return to your accommodation in the future and write positive reviews by reaching out to them during their stay. The personal touch is bound to impress a tourist staying in your accommodation, and it will allow you to rectify any issues as soon as possible.

For example, they might require housekeeping to return to restock towels, clean the bathroom, or change the bedding. It is a small touch that will make a big difference to the guest experience. Also, it could prevent your accommodation from generating many negative reviews.

Request Honest Feedback at Checkout

Encourage guests to share their feedback during the checkout process. For example, your guests could fill in a questionnaire at the end of their stay, or your staff members can ask for honest feedback when a guest returns their key.

It cannot only help your business learn from its mistakes, but it will provide a forum for customers to air their views. As a result, it could prevent a guest from publishing a bad review online, and you can correct faults to improve the accommodation for future guests.


It doesn’t matter if you run a holiday home, hotel, or bed and breakfast; you must strive to enhance the guest experience. If the room is unhygienic, messy, and uncomfortable, you will fail to generate repeat custom, large annual sales, and a positive industry reputation.

Wow every guest who checks into your accommodation by cleaning every nook and cranny, providing quality refreshments, and routinely deep cleaning the property. Also, you can prevent poor feedback by presenting personalized welcome gifts, rectifying issues during a stay, and updating the décor and furniture when required.

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