A Few Excellent Tips To Plan Your Dream Garage

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The garage is more than just a parking space for most people. Whether you are planning your dream garage or upgrading your old garage, here are some tips!


For most of us, a garage is more than a parking space. We use it to do big projects, from Hot Wheels to Harleys, load it on everything, and sometimes party or hang out with the guys. 


For all these purposes, you need more than just the primary four walls and a roof. You want to make your garage a better place for work and play. 


Whether you are planning the garage of your dreams or just looking to upgrade your old garage, check them out!


Don’t Stop at Overhead Lighting


Having proper lighting in a garage is a primary concern; what do you think?

Artificial lighting belongs to one of the three categories of environment, task, and focus. Ideally, your garage should have all forms.


Ambient lighting is a soft overhead light used to illuminate floors and walls, making it safe to walk around the car or park your car.


Task lighting is brighter in workspaces and warehouses to increase visibility during complex projects and organizational tasks.


Accent lighting, between ambient lighting and task lighting, should illuminate the exhibits you want to highlight, whether it’s a foosball table or an old series of trophies.


Tall Doors Prevents Mistakes


Every month we get a letter from the Great Goof from at least one reader who tied things to his roof and broke the garage door. 


Therefore, when our construction worker builds this new, substantial double garage, he hopes to load the goods onto the truck. 


It means installing an 8-foot garage door instead of the more common 7-foot gate. Make sure to size up your needs before you pick the height of your garage doors. 


The door, to accommodate it, you must build a wall at least 9 feet high. Either way, high walls are better. Provide more space for 4 x 8ft manipulation—plywood and 8-foot-long boards without hitting the ceiling or breaking the bulbs.  


Having Warm Floors


PEX pipes transport hot water through the slab to release heat in the slab to warm the floor and garage. Since the base is warm, you can set the space heater on a low level and still feel comfortable. Check out these few tips on heating.


The cost of DIY floor heating supplies is approximately $2 to $3 per square foot. The price of a professionally installed system is roughly twice as high.


And you don’t need a boiler. You can use a traditional water heater or an on-demand water heater as the heat source. To insulate the pipe and prevent the slab from losing heat, install a rigid insulation slab under the line and around its edge. 


Of course, you should insulate walls, ceilings, and raised garage doors, and pay special attention to get the air leaks sealed around all doors and windows.


Shed Dormers


Carefully plan the roof window size to ensure it meets the code requirements but still has enough space for the second floor. 


Incorporating a roof shed into the plan allows you to get some of the second floor’s benefits – more headroom and extra windows – without obstructing the entire second floor.


Consult the builder or structural engineer for details of the framework. You can finish it manually fairly easily. You will get the satisfaction by building it yourself.


Don’t Forget the AC.


Experts highly recommended installing air conditioning in the garage. The correct choice is a wall mounted air conditioning system. It does not block the window and can be adjusted to any position. 


The air conditioner in the garage seems luxurious but has many advantages. Our field editor liked that AC reduces the humidity, keeping the tools dry and preventing rusting. 


Use the dimensions provided with the device to create an opening in the wall. Just like in the window, add a tile to open. Also, add a separate 20-amp circuit for AC power.


Do not forget to clean the air duct frequently. Check out the benefits of hiring air duct cleaning here!


Don’t Forget the Heat Either. 


How difficult is it to heat a garage in the middle of winter? Consider the severity of winter in your area, the room’s size, and whether there is sufficient insulation. 


Heat intensity is measured by British thermal units (BTU). To achieve this number, you need to measure your space and consider how much heat you need. 


After obtaining the number, you are ready to purchase a space heater with the right BTU.


Make Garage a Drive-Through


If you decide to build a new garage, you might have a list of cool ideas. These might include multiple sockets, slatted walls instead of boards on the wall, and 220 sockets just in case. 


The idea of a second garage door in the back to park the trailer outside the yard is brilliant. Also, the large rear door has other advantages. 


In the dusty joinery industry, you can’t beat the recirculation ventilation provided by two large garage doors.


Put in a Sub-Panel for Power


Many editors on site told us that their biggest mistake with the workshop was not installing the sub-panel. Many others say that including sub-panels is the best measure they take. The reason is simple: more substantial and more comfortable.


Suppose you want to use the garage in the store or plan to install air conditioners or other energy-intensive appliances or tools. In that case, you will have all the power you need. And it is more convenient to establish a circuit breaker in the garage. 


If the switch pops out, you can reset it without having to run to the main panel. You can also easily add more circuits without having to trace the entire path to the mainboard.


The load center, circuit breaker, and thick wires that go to the main panel cost several hundred dollars more. But for the sake of convenience and future flexibility, it is difficult to beat a single board in a garage.




Everyone needs a space where they can freely do what they like. The garage of your dreams is a great idea to change the area that has become part of your home.


If you build from scratch, you can quickly implement any wish related to your dream garage. You could enjoy the DIY project so much that you may even consider turning this hobby into a career. In that case, the best way to start is with local customer acquisition. Good luck!


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