Advantages of Replacing Windows Glass with Shatterproof Glass – Improve Home Security

We all want our homes to be airy and well-lit, for which we make sure to incorporate plenty of windows and doors to let the daylight in.

However, windows and doors also pose a security threat, as they can be used as an entry-way into the house. Sure, we make a point to install solid window grills and double doors but the glass used in windows is still somewhat of a safety risk. 

The construction industry has evolved a lot. Improved and better products are now available for homeowners and builders. One such product is shatterproof glass. It serves the purpose of glass while eliminating the security threat associated with the fragility of glass.

Let’s see how safety glass is changing the dynamics of the construction industry. 

What is Shatterproof Glass?

As the name suggests, shatterproof glass is a safety glass that doesn’t break into sharp shards or jagged pieces on hard impacts. In fact, it cracks making a spiderweb-like pattern, without actually breaking into pieces. 

It is manufactured by bonding two or more sheets of glass with a layer of plastic resin. This resin serves as an adhesive interlayer and holds the sheets of glass together, thus avoiding any breakage. 

Cars’ windows and windshields are usually made up of unbreakable glass. However, here we will discuss the benefits of using safety glass in home windows. So let’s stick to it. 


  • No Fear of Break-Ins!

Are you afraid of housebreaking but don’t want to compromise on the aesthetics of your home?

Well, safety glass is the ultimate solution here. 

The conventional glass windows easily break on impact and provide a way in for the intruders. However, the modern safety glass not only makes the structure look good but also provides high safety value. Depending on the strength value, safety glass can either delay forced entry or avoid it altogether. Even for low strength safety glass, it needs up to 40 hits from a baseball bat to affect the integrity of the glass which gives the residents enough time to react and call for help. Thus it won’t be an understatement that safety glass is a fool-proof solution to the breaking-and-entering issues. 

  • Stands Tall Against Harsh Weather Conditions 

Standard glass windows and doors don’t work well in areas that are prone to hurricanes, hailstorms, and other harsh weather conditions. Standard glass windows may break with the first blow of wind posing a safety threat to both the home and the residents. Therefore, it is necessary to get a solid guard against the weather severity. 

Safety glass is a great way to protect the building structures from getting damaged.  It is strong enough to take the weather unpredictability and keep the insides safe. 

  • Your Best Shot At Energy Efficiency 

Energy-efficiency is the talk of the town these days. Everyone is actively working towards making their living spaces energy-efficient. Why so? Firstly, it’s a great initiative towards preserving Mother Nature. Secondly, it’s a great way to save big on utility bills. 

Shatterproof glass reinforces and strengthens the HVAC systems. It keeps the heat inside, while maintaining the warm indoors in colder areas. On the other hand, it enhances the air conditioning system by preventing the hot summer air from coming in. Along with improving thermal insulation, safety glass windows also provide protection against the harmful UV radiation of the sun. The discoloring of furniture, pictures, and upholstery due to exposure to the UV rays can be avoided with the safety glass windows. Safety glass does not allow the harmful rays to come in, while preventing the fading and discoloration.  Thus, safety glass is a package deal for reducing utility bills and enhancing efficiency. 

  • High Aesthetic Value 

With all that strength and efficiency, you might think low of the visual appeal of safety glass. However, here’s the big thing about safety glass – it is as aesthetic as the standard glass. You don’t have to compromise on the view or appeal for strength. It has high optical clarity which makes it a great alternative to conventional glass windows. Moreover, shatterproof glass windows increase the value of the building. The condensation issues associated with conventional glass windows can also be eliminated with the safety glass windows. So if you are thinking of getting a windows replacement glass, go for safety glass windows to get a good return on your investment.  

  • Keep the Noise Out And Away!

Living in high activity cities can be a headache sometimes. The constant traffic sounds make it hard to concentrate and live in peace. Safety glass is the solution to this problem as well. The thermoplastic layer that holds the glass sheet together also works as a great barrier to noise pollution. It blocks the sound out making the interior calm and quiet. 

This property of shatterproof glass is highly cherished and utilized in commercial buildings. The office meeting and conference rooms are made up of safety-glass walls to achieve privacy and quiet. 

Replace And Enhance! 

If you are onto the windows replacement project or thinking about getting the windows replacement, it’s high time for you to choose the better. Go for safety glass and enhance the value of your home. Don’t wait up and take the plunge. Get shatterproof glass windows and rock the house! 

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