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A new apartment is a new start to your life and that is why it is not only seeing pictures or watching video tours and finalizing the deal. You have to go through a lot of stages to find the perfect apartment that fulfills all your requirements and desires. First of all, you need to prepare the perfect apartment tour checklist that will include all the points that you will need to go through while you are visiting your new apartment. It may be confusing for many new renters about what to include in the checklist to experience an effective apartment tour. That is why we have prepared the perfect apartment checklist that will help you in your long journey of ensuring a proper apartment search.



The first job you need to execute is to look for damages and an unhygienic environment like different welding stains on the walls, floors, and ceilings. Open and close every door and window available to ensure that they have proper construction and are not hard to open. The window screens should be strong enough and comfortable for use for proper safety. Go through all the sockets available in your apartment and plug any appliance into each outlet to check if they have the proper power supply. Also, check for the switches available in all the rooms to make sure they all work properly. The smoke alarms and other essential safety precautions like the sprinkler system should work effectively which is why you should also check their performance.



Go through each of the bedrooms present in the apartment and ensure that it provides the proper area according to the size dimension provided in the papers by the landlord. Also, go through the closet to ensure they have ample storage space. Having a window AC unit is important and if it is not available, then ask about it. Central air-conditioning is more beneficial and if there’s a ceiling fan, check whether all of its speed works properly or not.



Go through all the cabinets available in the kitchen to check storage space and make sure the condition is hygienic. Also, operate the kitchen faucet to check the water pressure and the availability of both hot and cold work. If you hear strange sounds when the water is on, contact the owner immediately. Go through the fridge and freezer to check whether they are working properly or not.



The first thing you need to check is the availability of both hot and cold water. Make sure the flash and all the other water supplying units work properly and smoothly. No strange noises should come from the pipes installed inside the walls or any other place. Also, look around for water leaks and go through the cabinets available to ensure no uncomfortable environment. If you find any damage in the tiles, or walls, or any other part inside the washroom, make sure to inform the owner.



Always execute proper apartment tours to avoid any regrets in the future and select a safe, well-maintained, and perfect apartment for you and your family.


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