Best Replacement Battery For Dyson V6 (2021) Complete Guide

Battery replacement of any electric thing is somehow a difficult task because an original battery is always worthwhile. Hence, we need to change the battery whenever we get some issue in it. In this case, we need to be careful in selecting a replacement battery. Here , in this general we are supposed to take a look for the best replacement battery for dyson v6. Before discussing the battery, we must know about dyson v6 and some of its features.

Dyson v6 and its features:

Dyson v6 is basically a vacuum cleaner that is really powerful, quite lightweight and easy to manage. It is obvious this vacuum has a battery that  you can charge and use the vacuum without electric power though.

Best replacement battery for dyson v6:

So, you have decided to replace the battery. First of all make it sure that you must not go for the dummy batteries but take the pack of original batteries. They would be quite expensive but would be much better off as a lower priced battery pack.

List of best replacement battery for dyson v6:

Here is a list of best replacement batteries for dyson v6. This list would really be helpful for the buyers who are looking for the v6 battery replacement.

FirstPower 4.0Ah Replacement Battery:

4.0Ah by the brand FirstPower is a safe and certified battery. This battery is such an impactful battery that does not damage the machine. It functions as an original battery that is also based on the original size as well. Along with v6, this battery is also compatible with other machines like DC58, DC59, DC61, DC72, DC74. The battery type is Li-ion with Voltage of 21.6 and also having Capacity of 4000 mAh

ENEGON V6 5000mAh Li-ion Battery Replacement:

This battery gives a durable working time as well as a longer span time than any ordinary batteries with similar capacities as the OEM battery. This battery has an ability to vacuum the whole home with a single charge and it takes almost 30 minutes to get charged on MAX mode and could be charged within an hour with a normal mode. It is compatible with original Dyson V6 as  well as Dyson DC58 , DC59 , DC61 DC62 DC62  and Animal DC72 DC74 Animal V6. Its weight is 700 grams with a voltage of 22.2 as well as capacity of 500 mAh.

Shamnee Replacement Dyson V6 Battery 3500 mAh:

This Dyson V6 battery is all around designed with some special instruments and mechanisms that can secure the electricity and also protects the charger from overheating. When a steady blue light on the charger turns on, it means the battery is in charging mode and when light gets off it means charging is done. This battery is compatible with Dyson V6, DC58, DC59, DC61, DC72, DC74, Absolute, Animal, MotorHead, Slim. This specific battery is available with two filters, two screwdrivers, one brush along with 21.6  voltage and capacity of 4000 mAh.

Upgraded 21.6V 5000mAh Li-ion Replacement Battery:

This battery has high quality 18650 cells of 18650. It also could be charged easily with a required capacity. With its 5000mAh battery the related vacuum works  better than other machines. This battery is Compatible for V6 595 650 770 880 DC58 DC59 DC61 DC62 SV03 SV04 SV05 SV06 SV07 SV09 Animal Handheld. Fhybat brand produced this battery with 2.6 voltage with 5000mAh capacity. The type of this replacement battery is called Li-ion.


Things to consider: 

There are some things that must be considered before the replacement of the battery.

Use a brand new battery:

Whenever you think of changing batteries, just keep in mind to avoid using any second hand battery but go for a new one. This may cost you more but this decision would save your product for that you are using a new battery.

Make it cool after use:

After using your vacuum machine , give rest to the batteries for almost 30 minutes. This would increase the life time of the battery as well as the vacuum cleaner.

Unplug the battery after charging: 

For giving a new life to the things that work on rechargeable batteries. Make sure that you have unplugged the charger right after you get to know that charging is done.

With managing these specific things you can increase the lifespan of the battery. In the end I would like to answer a question that most people could have in their minds.

How long dyson batteries can last?

Basically, it depends on the user of one product. If you use it with care and all the safety measures, batteries would work for a long time span of almost 2 to 3 years. And you can replace it whenever you think that your vacuum battery is giving you trouble.


The crux of this whole discussion would give a better selection of a best replacement battery for dyson v6. Some of the best selected battery features are also discussed in this article. This could be said as a worth reading article. So read it carefully and get awareness of your related product through this article.

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