I’ve seen that people don’t care about the cleaning of laminate floors as these are cheap. Isn’t it! Well, these are cheap but still these are part of your home.

Believe me that hardly it will take a few minutes to clean such floors ad there you go!

Laminate floors are commonly used all around the world, and there’s no reason not to use laminate floors. They look great, they are economical and they’re a better solution for most homes – but how do you actually clean laminate floors? They’re easier to clean than, for examples, rugs, however, to clean them properly and always have them shine – you will have to use the proper equipment. In this post, you will be able to find full reviews of one of the
best vacuum for laminate floors and hardwood surfaces. These vacuum cleaners are a little bit different than vacuum cleaners for rugs, so they have an advantage and benefits.

Let’s see which one of the following becomes your choice!

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How To Choose a Vacuum Cleaner?

Many of you usually hold your head when you would go to find a vacuum cleaner! Do you know why!

It is because narrowing the choice from many different brands and models of best vacuum for laminate floors can be tough, especially if you don’t know a lot about vacuum cleaners.

It’s important to understand which best vacuum for laminate floors to get in order to get the best cleaning efficiency for your home’s floor.

Since there are many brands and models of best vacuum for laminate floors out there, it’s important to understand that all of them will have different or similar features. The more expensive the vacuum cleaner is – the most likely it will have better features that will benefit you.

Anyways, if money would be the only factor then all the middle class families would have dirty homes. Right!

Things you should pay attention to when choosing the best vacuum for laminate floors:

  • Floor surface
  • Type of vacuum cleaner
  • Capacity
  • Features and accessories
  • Budget

Floor surface is important when deciding which vacuum cleaner you need. There are vacuum cleaners that might be versatile and let you clean different types of floor surfaces. It would be smart to consider different obstacles and surfaces around your house, such as stairs.

Type of vacuum cleaner is something that will depend on your personal preference. Two main types are a cylinder and upright vacuum cleaner. Cylinder type of vacuum cleaner is the one that you constantly need to drag behind yourself when cleaning floors, however, it has advantages when you have a lot of obstacles or stairs around your house. On the other hand, the upright vacuum cleaner is great if you have larger surfaces to clean as they’re easier to push, however, they’re harder to store away.

The capacity of the vacuum cleaner might be important to you, especially if you have a lot of floor areas to cover. Wouldn’t you want to have to empty the vacuum cleaner bag a few times during the cleaning right?

Features and accessories depending on the brand and a model of every vacuum cleaner. As I have mentioned earlier, the more expensive vacuum cleaner is – the most likely it has better features and accessories which will help you during your cleaning.

Budget is the last thing to consider, yet not the least important. You don’t want to save money by purchasing a model which might not be good for your cleaning. Also, you don’t want to break the bank when purchasing a new vacuum cleaner. It’s important to keep yourself in the middle by grabbing a good deal where the price won’t be too high, yet you will get a very quality vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaner buying guide helps you to choose a perfect vacuum machine.

6 Best Vacuum For Laminate Floors

Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum

All of the Bissel Hard Floor Expert Deluxe reviews have been mostly positive, and it’s one of the vacuum cleaners that is used almost everywhere around the world.

Bissell is actually my family brand. Everyone in my family talks about Bissell only.

This powerful corded vacuum cleaner is perfect for laminate floors and it will clean your floor surfaces efficiently while protecting them. Whenever you aren’t cleaning and using the Bissel vacuum cleaner, storing it away will be very easy thanks to its compact size and dimensions.

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 Highlighted Features

Bissel vacuum cleaner is powerful, yet a compact size vacuum cleaner that will clean your floors nicely and efficiently while protecting them at the same time. It will help you bring the shine to your floors without damaging them. It’s very useful to save your floors from wearing out in a long run.

Big rubber wheels will help you to drag the Bissel vacuum cleaner after you more easily, and the size of these wheels will help you reach any obstacles more easily.

Another great feature of this vacuum cleaner is that it’s very lightweight which in combination with its compact size and big wheels is perfect maneuvering it around your house, or storing it away.

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Powering on the Bissel vacuum cleaner is just a fingertip away, and all the functions it has as well. It’s really simple made so even the oldest people will feel comfortable using modern technology of best vacuum for laminate floors.

Ability to control the suction is something which can’t be seen with any other vacuum cleaners, and it will help you easily adjust the suction power to adjust this vacuum cleaner for many different surfaces. It’s one of the features which is a reason why Bissel vacuum cleaner can prevent floor damage.



  • Easy Empty dirt tank is opened from the bottom which reduces the mess, introducing no-mess technology in this best vacuum for laminate floors cleaning.
  • Non-marking wheels to prevent the floor damage.
  • Specialized for hard floor performance, including laminate floors.
  • Modern digital controls.
  • Extended reach.
  • Modern futuristic design.
  • Reasonable price.



  • Warranty doesn’t cover the brushes and other accessories, only than Bissel vacuum cleaner.


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Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaner Air

If you’re a big fan of upright vacuum cleaner types, Hoover vacuum cleaner air is the right choice for you.

Hoover upright vacuum cleaner is easy to navigate thanks to its design, making it an easy job to cover and clean long and big floor areas. Packed with many useful features and accessories, cleaning will never cause a headache for your ever again in your life.

This UPRIGHT cleaner is perfectly RIGHT for you!

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 Highlighted Features

A steerable technology used in Hoover upright vacuum cleaner will make navigating through your home around the objects and furniture an easy job. Simple by twisting the handle will take you in a direction you want to go.

The feature that I like the most, and I make sure that every vacuum cleaner I plan to buy on has it. Hoover vacuum cleaner is lightweight which makes cleaning with it a simple process, and carrying it around your house or the stairs have never been easier. This feature makes storing this vacuum cleaner away an ease.

Wind Tunnel3 technology which has been featured in hoover vacuum cleaner will give you the ability to lift and remove the deep down dirt from rugs with 3 different suction channels.

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Brushroll of Hoover vacuum cleaner is adjustable, which means that taking the vacuum cleaner from carpet to hard floor wood such as laminate is one button away. This makes this vacuum cleaner pretty versatile which is always good to have around.

HEPA media filter is there to protect you from allergens and bacterias by trapping 99.97 percent of bacteria, dirt, dust, and pollens.

The 2-in-1 tool called Crevice Tool will give you the ability to clean even the hardest to reach cracks and crevices with precision. Dusting mode will clean everything from furniture, kitchen surfaces, vents, and any other decor.




  • Hoover vacuum cleaner is packed with bunch of features and accessories.
  • Well-priced.
  • Easy maneuverable around the furniture and obstacles.
  • Lightweight which makes it easy to lift and carry.
  • Ability to remove deep stains, dirt, and bacteria.
  • Accessories that make it easy to use.



  • The brush of Hoover vacuum cleaner gets covered easily with hair, especially if you own pets.


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Eufy RoboVac 11+ Vacuum Cleaner

Haven’t heard about robotic vacuum cleaners before! Well, this cleaner is going to change your concept about cleaning.

Do you know what’s better than upright vacuum cleaner which is equipped with a bunch of accessories and features to help you clean faster, easier, and more efficient? The answer is a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Eufy RoboVac 11+ is a vacuum cleaner that will do all the job itself, instead of you, even when you aren’t at home. Sounds too good to be true? Well, in this case, it’s too good, and it’s true at the same time. It would be the best if you continue reading all the way down.

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 Highlighted Features

Power Boost Technology which is a new feature that is in Eufy RoboVac and its job is to increase the suction power where needed, in order to fight and clean stubborn dirt and stains. This feature will make sure that you get the best clean possible.

3-point cleaning system has been upgraded and it now features redesigned rolling brush that is now wider. It’s also improved in a way to reduce trapping rugs and sheets. Two-sided brushes will make sure to ensure a precise and powerful clean.

No cord comes with robotic vacuum cleaners, and especially this robotic cleaner has a high-capacity battery that will deliver up to 100+ minutes of constant and powerful suction.

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The best thing about robotic vacuum cleaners are the premium features which include anti-scratch tempered glass cover protection and sensors to avoid collision with obstacles. Eufy RoboVac also has the anti-fall feature which prevents him from falling down.

Once the cleaning is complete, the RoboVac vacuum cleaner will return to its docking station and recharge itself automatically.

If you decide to purchase a RoboVac vacuum cleaner, you will get a remote controller with batteries included, AC power adapter, charging station, cleaning tool, extra set of filters and side brushes.



  • 12-month warranty.
  • Saves time and energy.
  • Ability to clean for 100 minutes.
  • Large dust box.
  • Ability to go very low to fit under the furniture and objects.
  • Anti-collision sensors.
  • Remote controller.
  • Price is reasonable.



  • Sometimes it can get hung under objects for no reason.


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iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop

When we go with the robotic vacuum cleaners, we go all the way. The modern technology allowed us things we couldn’t have imagined otherwise, but are you ready to embrace them?

The market of vacuum cleaners has started embracing robotic vacuum cleaners already, which can be seen by the number of robotic vacuum cleaners out there.

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Highlighted Features

If you have no problems with vacuuming, but with mopping the floors – iRobot Braava is the perfect choice to let him do the job instead of you. With just using mild solution or tap water, he will be able to mop your complete house, which is especially useful for people who have laminate floors.

iRobot Braava is the first robotic vacuum cleaner that uses Northstar Navigation which is used just the same way other GPS software is used, but this one is for indoors. It will easily be able to avoid obstacles and navigate itself through your house.

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You can choose from two different modes with this robotic vacuum cleaner and mopper, and these two modes are dry sweeping or damp mopping. He won’t stop until the job is done.

Ability to use it with disposable cleaning cloths is a really great feature since it will let you pick up daily dirt and hair with more efficiency. You will also get two reusable microfiber cloths, one for the dry sweeping and one for damp mopping, yet you can always use disposable cleaning cloth.

The battery of this robotic vacuum mopper will charge itself fully in only under 2 hours thanks to the Turbo Charge Cradle.



  • Smart system equipped with GPS indoor navigation
  • Simple to use with a few buttons only
  • Clean and stylish design
  • Fast charging
  • Reusable cleaning pad
  • Two cleaning modes



  • This robot doesn’t use suction in order to clean the house, yet it uses sweep system which is still good to get rid of dust, dirt, and hair


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Hoover Hardwood Floor Vacuum Cleaner

If your house consists of only hardwood floors such as laminate or wood floors, Hoover Hardwood floor vacuum cleaner will be the perfect choice for your home.

Upright vacuum cleaners combine with modern technology that provides a lot of useful features and accessories is the best way to make sure that your household is clean in the modern age.

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Highlighted Features

People who are dealing with lack of space in their home will love the first feature I will list of Hoover vacuum cleaner. Unlike any other vacuum cleaner on the market, Hoover has the ability to fold handle which will help to save space and the ability to store it in small spaces such as the closet.

Patented brushes called SpinScrub brushes are made to deliver the best possible clean for hardwood floors. On the other hand, no matter how fast and good SpinScrub brushes clean the hardwood floors, they’re still made to be gentle and take care of the floors without damaging them while vacuuming. It’s a feature that will pay itself in a long run.

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Dual tank technology is made to separate the clean and dirty water, so you never put dirty water back on your floor. It’s a feature that is made to correct every other vacuum cleaner that uses the one tank and puts dirty water back on the floor. Dirty water spreads bacteria and germs.

The next feature is my favorite one, and it’s wash and dry-ability. There will never be any excess water thanks to the wash mode that uses brushes to clean any excess water while dry mode uses brushes to suction up excess water and provide faster drying.

At the reach of your fingertip, you will have the ability to apply extra detergent to wanted areas, which is useful in removing stains.



  • Weighs less than 15 pounds.
  • Perfect size no matter how tall are you.
  • Removable brushes.
  • Ability to fold handle and save space when stored.
  • Perfect water/dry technology.
  • Affordable price.



  • The brushes of Hoover vacuum cleaner don’t have enough of power to clean in between the tiles.


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BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vacuum Cleaner

For everyone who’s not a big fan of big vacuum cleaners, and only needs a very lightweight and compact, yet efficient vacuum cleaner for small areas and surfaces, which is portable will love Black+Decker pivot vacuum cleaner.

Black+Decker is a well-known brand among the vacuum cleaners and kitchen cleaning appliances, and just the brand gives this product a sense of trust, but let’s take a look at the features and benefits.

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Highlighted Features

Black+Decker pivot vacuum cleaner has introduced us a lithium technology which provides even stronger suction than other non-lithium vacuum cleaners on the market. That’s what makes such small and compact vacuum cleaner very powerful.

Power of this pivot vacuum cleaner will never fade due to lithium technology as well, which results in a longer lifetime.

Another reason why such a small and compact vacuum cleaner which is easily portable can be so powerful lays in the pivot nozzle. Exclusive pivot nozzle introduced by Black+Decker makes such a small vacuum cleaner powerful and efficient.

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However, it’s not all about the lithium technology and pivot nozzle. There is just one other feature which is a high-performance motor which allows super fast suction, while wide mouth design is there to pick up even the largest debris.

To keep the Black+Decker pivot vacuum cleaner last for long, cyclonic action spins away dust and debris from the filter. This feature has been made to protect the motor and give him the ability of high-performance suction even after many years.

A 3-stage filtration system is made to sort the dirt, debris, and bacteria for easier mess-free emptying.



  • Lightweight yet durable material for easy carrying and using.
  • All tools come on board with this pivot vacuum cleaner.
  • One of the most trusted brands when it comes to cleaning homes.
  • Pivot action is a convenient way to reach spaces you couldn’t reach before.
  • Superior design.
  • Price is very reasonable.
  • The high-end technology used to prolong vacuum cleaner’s life.



  • The side doors that contains dirt have some design flaws.


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How to Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner

After cleaning your home, you just put away your cleaner and you feel that the job is done. Don’t you think that cleaning your home is not all but cleaning your vacuum cleaner is also a part of this job!

Vacuum cleaners must be maintained in order to produce the efficient cleaning and to last the longest possible.

A vacuum cleaner that hasn’t been maintained won’t be able to work like when it was new, and it will produce the bacteria and allergens which might be harmful to the environment you live in. Just like the air conditioner needs to be cleaned, so does the vacuum cleaner needs to be cleaned.

It mostly depends on the type of your vacuum cleaner, but one of the most important things to maintain would be the vacuum cleaner’s filter. With some purchases, you might even get the extra filter for later maintenance, or you can just buy a new one.

Another thing to maintain is the brush, which is especially needed with robotic vacuum cleaners. Also, with some vacuum cleaners, you will get some maintenance accessories, while with other models you will not.

I’m quite sure that next time you will pay attention to the maintenance of your vacuum cleaner as well.


There are many different types of vacuum cleaners, but just concentrate on your needs and you will be able to find the right vacuum cleaner for yourself.

Modern technology has given us features and upgrades to simple devices which we couldn’t even dream of. It makes the cleaning a lot easier and simpler than ever before.

You won’t be wrong by going for any of these vacuum cleaners as they’re one of the best ones at the market currently.

Just be careful about your budget, and don’t go overboard.

Now, you became an expert for laminate floor cleaners and you can confidently suggest to anyone!


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