Do you want your floor tiles to make as shiny as they can display your face!

If you own a house with tile floors, you know the struggle of vacuuming it with traditional standard vacuum cleaners. Not only you could damage and scratch your tiles, but you might weaken their structure over the time which could lead to having them replaced in a short period of time. Therefore, you can find many great vacuum cleaners on the market which have been adjusted for different surface types, thanks to the technology available nowadays.If you own a house where there are multiple different surfaces involved, including tiles, you shouldn’t be worried at all. With modern vacuum cleaners which I will list and review in this post, you will be able to switch between different brushes and suction cups to adjust the vacuum cleaner for different surfaces. You won’t only find one of the best vacuum for tile floors in this post, yet you will find out what’s important when it comes to choosing your next vacuum cleaner, and how to maintain it in order to prolong its life.

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Off course, your tiles are going to get shiny and slippery to give you a chance to show your romance!

Short on time? 

To save lots of your valuable time, we’ve added here a quick comparison chart. Let’s talk a little about our listed 5 vacuum cleaners for tiles floor to give you a quick idea.

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Why Is It Important To Get Vacuum For Tile Floors

Tile floors might be more suitable and even better looking in some part of your house, but they’re also easier to maintain and clean than carpets, for example.

However, traditional vacuum cleaners might not be the best choice for cleaning hardwood and tile floors, due to the damage they can bring.

After all, you would be looking for something that could make your tiles like new, not like scratched, damaged ones!!!

Therefore, modern vacuum cleaners will easily adapt to the surface you are planning to clean and prevent the damage while cleaning it more efficiently.

If the vacuum cleaner isn’t adjusted to clean tile floors, the tiles might get scratched, damaged, and in many cases, their structure might weaken.

This simple problem has been solved through modern technology available to us, by adopting the vacuum cleaner to different types of surface.

How To Choose The Right Vacuum Cleaner For You

When choosing the right vacuum cleaner, there are few things to be considered. Your goal should be to get the best deal out of your purchase while getting the wanted quality, features, and accessories that will help you clean your home more efficiently and easily.

If you go shopping for the vacuum cleaner without thinking about its purpose for a while, and everything you’d expect out of the new vacuum cleaner, could lead to getting a vacuum cleaner which might not live up to your expectations.

No one around you will tell you which vacuum cleaner is the perfect for your tiles but it’s you who has to choose. Your tiles floor so your decision!!

Here are some things to pay attention to:

  • Type
  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Features & Accessories

Type is the first thing you should think about. There is a traditional type which you drag as you go, an upright type which you push through the house, and nowadays there are even robotic vacuum cleaners which do the job instead of you through a battery. Choosing the right type will mostly depend on your house type, and what purpose you expect out of the vacuum cleaner.

Size is very important when it comes to your house. If you have stairs and such obstacles, it would be the best to try and go for the lightest vacuum cleaner out there that will help you get the job done more easily.

Capacity is also good to know. If you have a larger home, you wouldn’t want to stop a few times during cleaning to go and empty the cleaner’s bag, right? It’s something you should definitely consider if you have a large home.

Features & Accessories is something you should choose carefully. Nowadays, there are many features that will benefit you and your home in many ways, such as LED lights that help you to never miss a dirt spot again. Although the better the features and accessories are, the more expensive vacuum cleaner might be.

Best Vacuum For Tile Floors

Hoover Cyclonic

Don’t let the futuristic modern design of Hoover vacuum cleaner scare you. It’s still only a vacuum cleaner which is easy to use, yet has a bunch of modern features and accessories that will make your cleaning simple.

If you prefer to stick with the upright vacuum cleaners, you can’t go wrong if you decide to purchase the Hoover vacuum cleaner. It has been improved in so many different ways that it makes cleaning a breeze.

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Highlighted Features

Hoover vacuum is full of modern technology features and accessories, as I have mentioned earlier. One of the best features of Hoover vacuum cleaner is the Cyclonic Technology. The main goal and purpose of Cyclonic Technology are to make the transitioning between different types of surfaces a lot easier.

Do you know the pain when you have a vacuum cleaner that can’t reach under the furniture? Well, it’s time to forget that. Hoover vacuum cleaner has an extreme recline handle that has the ability to reach far under the furniture, making sure that it gets all dirt and dust under your furniture. Obstacles aren’t a problem anymore.

When you are cleaning your home, you don’t want to damage your floors, no matter the surface you have. Hoover vacuum cleaner has non-marring wheels which will take care of your floors, especially tiles and hardwood floors.

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Swivel maneuvering technology makes cleaning process a lot simpler and easier. With a simple wrist movement, you have the ability to completely control the Hoover upright vacuum cleaner. Maneuverability around the furniture is amazing and doesn’t require a lot of energy either.

Edge cleaning bristles are just one of many modern features in Hoover vacuum cleaner. Edge bristles will always get that dirt on your walls that you could have never get with other vacuum cleaners. It’s time to stop doing things manually and depend on the technology.

As you might know, upright vacuum cleaners are useful for larger room areas, and they’re easier to use than other vacuum cleaners. Hoover understands that and that’s why they feature a 20-foot power cord with a cord release. There are no limitations with Hoover vacuum cleaner at all.



  • Modern Cyclonic Technology
  • Ability to reach under furniture
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Wheels that are easy on the floor surface
  • Edge cleaning bristles
  • Low profile base
  • Long Cord



  • Has difficulty with cleaning the pet’s hair.


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VonHaus Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Technology nowadays gives us a lot more portability and options when it comes to almost everything. We could have never imagined that we will have 2-in-1 vacuum cleaners nowadays, did we?

VonHaus is a very powerful, yet very compact, lightweight, and a portable vacuum cleaner that will give you the ability to use it remotely almost anywhere. Cleaning your vehicle has never been easier before.

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Highlighted Features

VonHaus 600 watts upright vacuum cleaner has the suction power of 130 air watts, which can be used with the upright vacuum cleaning stick or simply without the extension tube for handheld cleaning.

The 2-in-1 feature that VonHaus has introduced to us has definitely changed our lives. Cleaning unreachable areas in your home or even vehicle have never been easier to reach and clean.

VonHaus upright vacuum cleaner separates the dust into 1.3-liter dust container which is very easy to remove and empty.

Filtration is very important when it comes to vacuum cleaners, and they’re one of the things you should maintain and change regularly. VonHaus 600 watts upright vacuum cleaners includes HEPA and Sponge filtration which is are used for locking in small particles that could otherwise go through the filters and go back in the room through air exhaust.

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Preventing the spreading of bacteria and allergens is very important for your environment, especially if you have pets or children. VonHaus upright vacuum cleaner is designed precisely to deal with such problems and provide you a healthier environment.

Excellent suction abilities are versatile, which means that the VonHaus upright vacuum cleaner is perfect for different types of surfaces. You will be able to clean from carpets, rugs, hardwood floors, to laminate and tiles floors.

A cord of 19.5 lengths is something that should be upgraded in every vacuum cleaner out there. You will be able to clean your home by plugging it only into one power socket.

Additional accessories that will help you clean your home easier include crevice tool, brush attachment for handheld, hose adapter, and strap.



  • 2-in-1 ability
  • Large dust capacity
  • Lightweight materials
  • HEPA filtration
  • Many useful accessories
  • Hose adapter and shoulder strap for easier cleaning
  • Long cord for convenient cleaning
  • Modern beautiful design with pretty color
  • Price is very reasonable for everything VonHaus upright vacuum cleaner offers



  • When using attachments with the VonHaus vacuum cleaner, it can be awkward to hold the handle.


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Bissell PowerEdge

Bissell is one of the most known brands in the world of vacuum cleaning equipment, including vacuum cleaners. You will see many Bissell vacuum cleaners in this review post, yet, there is a reason for that. They offer amazing quality products that provide reliability.

They use the latest technology to always upgrade their vacuum cleaners and that’s why one of the best vacuum for tile floors come from Bissell.

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Highlighted Features

With the special design of this upright vacuum cleaner from Bissell, cleaning the debris that’s stuck along the wall is no longer a problem. That is a feature which once you use it, you will never want to go back to older vacuum cleaners. Cleaning the edges around your walls is never been easier. No broom or additional attachments are needed.

This is the first V-shaped upright vacuum cleaner that is designed in a way it is because it provides better suction ability as it drags all the large debris into the center of the vacuum cleaner.

Thanks to such modern futuristic design, cleaning the furniture and edges has never been so simple.

Swivel head allows easy control and incredible maneuverability with a simple wrist movement. The swivel head is made in a way to save your energy and improve the movement and mobility of the Bissell PowerEdge vacuum cleaner.

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After you have cleaned your house with Bissell PowerEdge upright vacuum cleaner, cleaning the dirt collected is very simple – thanks to the easy-to-empty dirt cup.

Bissell PowerEdge is specially designed for hardwood floors, including laminate floors and tiles. It might not be as efficient with carpets and rugs, so that’s something you should keep in mind.

The 20-foot long power cord is going to save your time as you will be able to clean your house completely without needing to change the power outlet.

As convenient to use is the Bissell PowerEdge upright vacuum cleaner, the same convenient it is to store it away when you aren’t using it.



  • Innovative suction power
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Additional accessories and features that make cleaning a breeze
  • Unique V-shaped design that is more efficient than other upright vacuum cleaners
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Long Cord
  • Futuristic modern design
  • Affordable price



  • Bissell PowerEdge upright vacuum cleaner is very lightweight that it will fall over if you leave it to stand on its own.


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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

Shark is a well-known brand in the home appliances and it has many different vacuum cleaners in their lineup, and I am sure that everyone will find the perfect vacuum cleaner for their home. If you didn’t like previous Rocket PowerHead, maybe you will find Navigator Lift-Away vacuum cleaner more suitable.

By following the trend of technology, Shark always delivers the upgraded and improved versions of vacuum cleaners including new features and accessories that will help you to improve your floor cleaning.

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Highlighted Features

Patented Lift-Away feature has been invented by Shark and introduced to us in Navigator Lift-Away professional upright vacuum cleaner. It gives you the ability to lift the canister away, so you can easily access unreachable and clean them with ease.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away professional vacuum cleaner is perfect for bare floors such as hardwood, laminate, and tile floors. Hard Floor Hero technology is made to pick up surface litter and stuck-on debris, while at the same time providing superior bare floor cleaning.

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Shark knows the harmful effects of allergens and that not using the right filters in vacuum cleaner might cause bacterias and allergens to go back in the room. Their Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology will make sure that once you have vacuumed dirt, it will get sealed and never put back in the room through the air exhaust.

They have also added HEPA filter which is proven to trap 99.9% of dust and bacteria in the vacuum cleaner, making your home a better environment.

Upright vacuum cleaners used to be known as heavy vacuum cleaners, but now, they’re very lightweight and can be easily compared to bagged canister vacuum cleaners. Powerful and lightweight are best features of upright vacuum cleaners nowadays, and Shark Navigator Life-Away professional vacuum cleaner weighs only 13.7 lbs, which makes portability way easier.

With this vacuum cleaner, you will also get Hard Floor Hero, Pet Power Brush, Dusting Brush, and 8-inch crevice tool.



  • Suitable for both carpet and bare floors, thanks to the Brushroll Poweroff feature
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Many patented features such as Lift-Away and Hard Floor Hero
  • Deals with allergens well thanks to the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology
  • Includes useful accessories
  • Price is very reasonable and affordable for anyone’s budget



  • The spinning brush which is very good at picking up the hair from carpet gets clogged over time.


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Eufy RoboVac 11

If you have been intrigued by robotic vacuum cleaners, that’s totally fine. It’s something that is still strange to most people in our society, however, it’s getting more popular than ever before. Nobody could imagine that robots would clean our home in the future right?

Eufy RoboVac is a robotic vacuum cleaner that is going to clean the house for you, and you don’t even need to charge ti yourself. When it comes to cleaning, he is almost as smart as the humans.

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Highlighted Features

With a simple click of a button, Eufy RoboVac 11 robotic vacuum cleaner will clean the complete house instead of you. You can spend the free time doing something else more important, or simply relax while the robotic vacuum cleaner does the job.

Low-profile design makes Eufy Robo very useful, as it can easily go under the furniture, tables, and other objects, while efficiently cleaning all the dirt. There won’t be any hiding dirt in your house anymore.

Eufy RoboVac 11 is equipped with a high-capacity Li-Lon battery that will provide you with strong suction power for up to 1 and a half hours.

3 point cleaning will make sure that not a single spot gets missed in your home. This robotic vacuum cleaner consists of side brushes, a rolling front brush, and powerful suction that will clean your complete house without missing a spot.

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Premium features that come with Eufy RoboVac 11 robotic vacuum cleaner are anti-scratch tempered glass cover for protection, infrared-sensor for better movement and avoiding obstacles, and a drop-sense technology that will make sure your robotic vacuum cleaner never falls down the stairs.

Eufy RoboVac 11 vacuum cleaner recharges itself, and you will also get the remote control that will make it way easier for you. You can order the RoboVac to start cleaning with a simple press of a button from your couch.

With Eufy RoboVac 11 robotic vacuum cleaner, you will get AC power adapter, remote control, charging base, cleaning tool, high-performance filter, 4 side brushes, guide and a 12-month warranty.



  • High-capacity battery that offers cleaning up to 1.5 hours
  • 3-point cleaning system
  • Low-profile to fit under the furniture
  • Sensors to avoid obstacles and falling down the stairs
  • Remote control
  • Accessories and maintenance parts included
  • 12-months warranty
  • Price is reasonable for a top-notch model



  • Maneuverability isn’t the best, and sometimes it will bump into the walls.


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How To Prolong Vacuum’s Lifespan?

In the best case scenario, you would have purchased the best vacuum for tile floors, and you love it, but you need to keep it maintained in order for a vacuum cleaner to last long.

There aren’t many things you need to do, however, there are a few that if you do regularly could prolong your vacuum’s lifespan and reliability.

Emptying your vacuum cleaner’s dust bag on regular basis will prevent it from getting completely full and it will prevent getting the dust and hair in the system and important parts.

Changing filters and brushes are also necessary, especially if you have owned a vacuum cleaner for a longer period of time. Some vacuum cleaner from well-known brands will give you additional parts such as few additional filters and brushes that you can replace yourself easily.

Other than that, there aren’t any other things that you need to maintain and pay attention to that I can think of. If you are in love with your new vacuum cleaner, take a few minutes every time that you finish cleaning your house to take care of him.

Your hardly earned money is not to buy vacuum cleaners for tile floors again and again but there is a lot more to do with it. So take care of the one that you already own!

It will prolong its lifespan and it will leave you with your favorite vacuum cleaner for a longer time, which is a win-win situation for you.

A manual that you get with a vacuum cleaner will explain you’re more about maintenance, and I highly recommend you to read it for more information and instructions.


There are many best vacuums for tile floors, and it might be hard to choose, even with this list of the best vacuum for tile floors on the market.

However, follow the guide how to choose it, and put your needs in the first place. You won’t have any problems finding the best vacuum for tile floors, and you will end up with one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market once you do.

Hopefully, with proper maintenance, your vacuum cleaner might serve you for many years to come, and that’s a great return on investment.

Till now, you would have become the master cleaner! I hope so.

If you need any help finding the best vacuum for tiles floors, simply ask a question in the comments and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Also, if you have any suggestions or advice, or you might think that there is the best vacuum for tile floors that haven’t been mentioned in this post, feel free to let us know. Thanks.

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