Gone are the days when people had to wash the carpets and it would require two days to get dry. These days, the technology has become very advanced. Even when it comes to the carpet cleaning, there is a big variety of carpet cleaners or the vacuum cleaners. You see a number of such products with different sizes, pricing, features, and styles. The technology has become so common that you can even find the best vacuum under 100.

On one side the use of vacuum cleaners has become very common but on the flip side, still there is a category of people who don’t even look for such products because they think vacuum cleaners are very costly.

What if you find the best vacuum under 100 for your home! Don’t you think it would be great! Well, by making a little research, you can definitely come to find such products and even there are many quality vacuum cleaners in this price range.

Short on time? 

To save lots of your valuable time, we’ve added here a quick comparison chart. Let’s talk a little about our listed 5 vacuum cleaners under 100$ to give you a quick idea.

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On what surface vacuum cleaners are used?

There are many people who think that vacuum cleaner are actually the carpet cleaners. However, the use of the vacuum cleaners is much wider. Besides carpets, these cleaners are used to suck up dust and dirt from floors, tiles, upholstery, stairs and draperies.

It all depends on the type of vacuum cleaner that you choose. There are some products that can even be used to clean up the furniture and the home décor items. Therefore, you can say that the application of different vacuum cleaners is different. If you are going to choose a vacuum cleaner for your home then definitely you should make some research so that you can but the one having versatile functions and applications.

Even you can find the best vacuum under 100 that can be used on different surfaces and also on the furniture.

Benefits of cheap vacuum cleaners:

You might be thinking if you get the vacuum under the price of $100 then its functions might be less than other expensive vacuum cleaners however it is not so. There are many companies who are working to make this product affordable for everyone and they have introduced such products that have versatile applications.

A vacuum cleaner is expected to clean the areas like carpets, floors, tiles, stairs and some of them to clean the furniture as well. These are good to remove not only dust and dirt but they can remove the hair as well. Especially if you have pets at your home then it becomes necessary to remove the hair for floor or carpets. You can simply do it using these vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaners are good to remove allergens and bacteria so the respiratory disorders can be controlled to some extent.

Another important benefit of vacuum cleaners is that these are user-friendly and within just a couple of minutes, you can clean up a big area. In addition, the vacuum cleaners are easy to maintain. You just have to empty their storage after every cleanup and there you go!

Vacuum cleaners are very lightweight and you can move them in different areas of your home independently. There are some vacuum cleaners that come with the set of attachments and that further make the cleaning procedure much easier for you.

How to choose the best vacuum under 100?

If you are looking for the best vacuum under 100 then still keep it in your mind that you are going to pay about $100 that is not a small sum of money. Every single penny is valuable and so you should be very careful about the features of the vacuum cleaner that you are going to choose.

Normally, an effective vacuum cleaner should have the following things:

Easy to move:

A vacuum cleaner should be lightweight and it must be easy to move. When the vacuum cleaning technology had just been introduced, they were so heavy that it was not easy to choose them. All the modern vacuum cleaners are very lightweight and that’s why you can move them easily.


Cleaning the home is just a single job that you have to perform but besides that, there are many other things where you need to spend the money. If the vacuum cleaners would be so costly then definitely people will not prefer to use them as they have to manage their limited budget as well.

Power saving:

Another important thing that you must focus on while looking for a vacuum cleaning technology is the use of power. If you buy a vacuum cleaner that requires huge amount of power then you will have to bear the extra cost of electricity every month. There are many cleaners that have power saving feature so you should prefer to look for them.

Easy to maintain:

Only getting a vacuum cleaner is not enough but you should also plan for the future. You must know whether the spare parts of the vacuum cleaner are easily available in your area or not. Otherwise, you may have the problem in the future.

Easy to clean:

You should choose the best vacuum under 100 if it is easy to clean. Cleaning your floors, carpets or other such areas is not the only job that you have to perform but you have to clean the hose of the vacuum once you are done with the cleaning procedure. If you have such a product that has a very simple cleaning system and that can be cleaned within no time then it will save your time.

Extra accessories:

There are many companies that provide some extra accessories or attachments to make the cleaning procedure much easier and to reach difficult areas of your home as well as the corners, stairs or furniture. These extra accessories may include automatic cord rewind, dusting brush, etc. The number of accessories you will get, the more comfortable you will feel with the product.

You can for sure get all of the above-mentioned features even in the best vacuum under 100 but a little research is required. You must have the knowledge about different vacuum cleaners available out there and then compare them with each other, you can come to know which one is the best for you.

5 Best Vacuum Cleaners under 100

Now you are very well informed how to choose the best vacuum cleaner.  The next step is to find a vacuum cleaner that would contain the best features and that would cost $100 maximum. Here, you can learn about top 6 best vacuum cleaners that cost less than $100.


1. Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor 81L2A

It is another amazing vacuum cleaning technology that comes in V-shape. There are many Bissell PowerEdge pet reviews that have proven that it works really well not only to pick up small particles of dust and debris but to collect the grains from the floor and so it does not require any brush roll. There is a center suction path and the V-shaped wipers push all the big particles towards that path while collecting the small particles themselves.


  • No need for attachment or broom- it is such a useful type of vacuum cleaner that it does not require any brush roll or broom. Its edges and center suction path are enough to clean the surface.
  • Easy to empty dirt cup- there is an easy-to-empty dirt cup installed in it that is very easy to clean.
  • V shaped wipers- these wipers basically perform two important functions. Firstly, they are involved in pushing the big particles toward the center suction path and secondly, these V-shaped vipers collect the small particles of dust and debris.
  • Swivel head of the base- the base of this vacuum cleaner is used to clean the furniture legs and other tight places.
  • Lightweight- Bissell Power Edge PetHard Floor is very light and it has the weight of only 7.5 pounds. Therefore, you can easily use it and move it.

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  • You don’t need any sort of extra attachments because it is designed in such a way that it is enough to complete the cleaning procedure.
  • It can pick up small particles of dust and debris and even it is useful to pick up the grains.
  • The design of this vacuum cleaner is very attractive.



  • It does not have any extra accessories so it may be difficult to reach some areas at your home.
  • It is not suitable for commercial purpose but you can only use it for home.


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2. VonHaus 2-in-1 Corded

This type of vacuum cleaning technology comes with HEPA filtration and so it is good to use in the home where there is anyone having the respiratory disorders like asthma. This HEPA filter is good to capture all the dust particles as well as allergens properly. It seems that the manufacturer has designed it keeping in mind the difficult spaces that are usually out of reach by the ordinary cleaners. According to VonHaus 600W reviews, it has been found that this cleaning technology is very famous among the people because it is super easy to handle.


The salient features of this convenient vacuum cleaning device are given below:

  • Sponge filtration- it has a sponge filtration that makes it unique as compared to other vacuum cleaners. Basically, this filtration is good to lock the small particles of allergens and dust while other vacuum cleaners spread it back in the air. In this way, this sponge filtration prevents the spread of bacteria and allergies.
  • Extra accessories- Along with this vacuum cleaner, you get many accessories in the same price. These accessories include standard brush head, telescopic handle, and crevice tool and upholstery brush.
  • 3 L Tank- this dust tank is easy to remove and clean. You simply have to detach it from the cleaner and throw the garbage directly into the bin.
  • Easily glides over the surface- another great feature of this vacuum cleaner are that it is easy to glide over the surface.

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  • The vacuum cleaner is able to reach the difficult spaces of your home like stairs or corners.
  • The dust tank is very big in size and so you can continue vacuuming without emptying it frequently.
  • It has fully rotatable wheels and with the push of a single button, you can move this vacuum cleaner in any part.
  • It is great to use for all floor types especially the hard floors.



  • There is no built-in lock for its attachments.
  • It has some plastic attachments that may get cracked when extreme pressure is applied.


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3. Hoover Air Steerable UH72400RM

It is seriously a great vacuum cleaning technology in such a reasonable sum of money because it has versatile features. Hoover UH72400 reviews have even proven that this vacuum cleaner is the best one. It is an easily maneuverable and lightweight vacuum that can support the cleaning of any type of surface. It can not only clean the plain surfaces like floor or tiles but it really moves well on the stairs or other such places.


The following features of Hoover Air steerable Bagless upright vacuum have been mentioned by the manufacturer:

  • WindTunnel 3 technology- an advanced WindTunnel 3 technology has been installed in this vacuum that creates three channels of suction and in this way; it lifts and removes the debris from any surface thoroughly.
  • Re-usable filter- the filter installed in this vacuum can be washed and it means that it can be re-used.
  • Lightweight design- its weight is 20 pounds that is much lighter as compared to many other vacuum cleaners.
  • Steerable technology- this technology makes it easy for you to move the device in any direction simply by twisting the handles.
  • 14-foot hose- this length of hose is enough to reach the difficult places of your home like the ceiling, walls, corners, fans, furniture and other such objects.

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  • The price of this product is very reasonable.
  • With the press of a single button, you can press on or off brush roll because of its multi-floor brush roll on/off feature.
  • The multi-cyclonic action prevents clogging in its filter.



  • The weight of this vacuum is 20 pounds that is much heavier as compared to many other vacuums.
  • The warranty period allowed by the company is less.


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4. Deik Vacuum cleaner

Among different vacuum cleaning products that are available out there, you can choose Deik vacuum cleaner because it is an advanced, lightweight and simple to use technology and it is clear from Deik vacuum reviews that people highly like it. Deik is one of the biggest brands in the industry of vacuum cleaning products and it is continuously working to bring more and more innovations.


Notable features of this vacuum are the following:

  • Complete Accessories pack- You get complete set of accessories and attachments that can be used to reach even the difficult areas of your home like stairs, furniture, etc. These accessories are AC Power adaptor, HomeVac Duo, and crevice nozzle. These accessories can be used to clean home décor as well as blinds.
  • Premium design- the design of this vacuum is very effective because swivel head of this vacuum allows you to vacuum furniture and other difficult places.
  • Build in illuminating headlights- There are headlights on this vacuum that make every single particle of dirt and debris visible.
  • 2 in 1 cordless vacuum- this vacuum is free to go anywhere because of its 2 in 1 cordless design.
  • Convenient bottom-release cup- There is a very handy bottom-release cup that can be used easily to remove debris. It is so convenient that you don’t have to make your hands dirty.

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  • The powerful suction of this vacuum cleaner allows the deep cleaning of carpets and other areas.
  • The speed of the suction is adjustable and so you can use this vacuum in power saving mode.
  • It has 2200mAh battery and a separate charging dock.



  • You get only 15 months of warranty with this product that is much less when compared to many other vacuum cleaners.
  • You can use it only at your home and not on the commercial level.


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5. Deik with Charging Base

If you have also been looking for a vacuum cleaning technology then you must think about using Deik Vacuum cleaner that has many fantastic features. It is unique as compared to many other cleaners and it will serve as a perfect carpet cleaning and the surface cleaning device. The best feature of this product is that it is small in size and so it is easy to carry and move. If you come to read Deik vacuum reviews, you find that this product is being demanded the most.


Here you can have a look at some prominent features of this vacuum:

  • Multi-level filtration- This feature is also very unique and there are just a few upright vacuum cleaners that come with this technology. This filtration is helpful to overcome allergens from the environment.
  • Easy maintenance- the dust container is easy to remove and clean. In addition, it has novel folding design and it means that you can store and maintain this cleaning device in a very simple way.
  • Flexible and lightweight- the weight of this product is just 2.32 kg bit still it provides an impressive amount of power that is sufficient to clean up all the room.
  • Runtime- Without any interruption or the battery shortage, you can continuously use it for 30 minutes because of its 2200 mAh battery. Another great feature of this product is that there is an LED light that indicates battery.
  • Extra accessories- there are some other attachments as well that you get with this vacuum, for example, dusting brush, AC power adapter, charging base and crevice nozzle.

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  • There is an LED light on floor brush that shows the dust particles or other such things on the floor clearly.
  • The handle of this vacuum cleaner can be folded.
  • There is a separate charging dock that makes the charging of the device very simple.



  • The warranty period is very short that is 1 year only.
  • The battery timing is also very short and if your vacuum is fully charged then you can use it for 30 minutes only.


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You have finally come to know about 10 different vacuum cleaners that you can get in less than or even in $100. It is very important for you to be clear about your requirements when you are going to choose a vacuum cleaner for your home.

All the vacuum cleaners that you have explored in this post come with versatile features and almost all of them have some extra accessories with them. Therefore, if you have been looking for an easy to use, easy to move, easy to clean and best vacuum under 100 then you can opt out of these products.

Your satisfaction matters a lot so you should not compromise with the quality of the product even if you are looking for a cheap vacuum cleaner.

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