Best Way To Clean A Bowling Ball

Strike! The favorite word of a bowler in a game of bowling. But this excitement often fades away when the ball loses its grip and doesn’t hook on the lane desirably. This happens because the ball’s cover stock often absorbs dirt and oil from the lane after a series of games.

That’s why bowlers look for the best way to clean a bowling ball and care for its maintenance to get the perfect reaction on the lane.

Best Way to Clean a Bowling Ball

As cleaning the bowling ball is necessary, two methods can be used to clean a bowling ball.

a. Using Homemade Cleaning Methods

DIY (Do it Yourself) bowlers use home cleaning methods for easy and effective cleaning. It saves money while getting the best performance from their bowling balls. There are a few techniques that serve the purpose of homemade cleaning.

b. Should I Use Microfiber Towel to Clean A Bowling Ball?

The easiest way to clean the dirt and wipe of the oil is to clean the bowling ball with a microfiber towel or any other made up of microfiber fabric. Microfiber protects the finish of the ball.

Toweling off the ball after every shot will give the best results. Change the towel after a series of wipes so that the cloth’s wiped off oil and dirt don’t sink in on the bowling ball.

c. Cleaning the Bowling Ball with Use of Rubbing Alcohol

This technique is similar, here dampen the rag or microfiber cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe the pores and entire surface of the ball for a better clean.

After it’s done, use a fresh or clean part of the towel and again give the entire ball a rub and wipe free any remaining moisture. Rubbing alcohol is easy to get and mostly available everywhere, so it’s very convenient.

d. Using Hot Water to Clean the Bowling Ball

The best way to clean a bowling ball could just by dipping it into warm water. A few steps can be followed to understand the process clearly.

  1. First, you need to cover the finger holes on the ball with waterproof tape.
  2. Next, warm the water and fill it enough that the ball can submerge.
  3. Keep the ball dipped in it for at least 20 minutes.
  4. Next, remove the ball from the water and dry it off completely
  5. Finally, rub the ball with the microfiber towel for the last gesture of cleaning.

Use this method after every 50 games when playing in an oily lane or 70-75 games when playing in a maintained lane.

Using Commercialized Ball Cleaning Methods

This method is the opposite of DIY bowlers. Cleaning requires some expenses, which might prove to be worth the shot for many bowling lovers.

Is It Better to Use Bowling Ball Cleaners?

There are many cleaners available in the market to remove the dirt and oil from your bowling to give it a clean and shiny look and excellent performance. The cleaners need to be applied after every bowl to keep the ball in good condition.

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Going to Experts in The Local Pro Shop

The local pro shop is the go-to place for bowlers to give their bowling ball a deep clean at professionals’ hands. They use an extraction machine that removes the ball’s oil and polishes it for better maintenance. The pro shop expert can also point out if the ball has been damaged in any way or not.

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To choose the best way to clean a bowling bowl, we need to calculate if we’re going for the commercial or DIY approach. Homemade cleaning is fruitful and useful if you’re willing to save money, but an expert’s handling is second to none.

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