If your floor is neat and clean but the baseboards are very dirty then the eyes of the visitors will definitely stick on those dirty baseboards and all the effort that you put on cleaning the floor will go waste. Therefore, it is equally important to clean the baseboards. It is such an area that is usually ignored while cleaning your home because most of the people think that it is a time-consuming task to clean baseboards. However, using some simple and smart methods, you can instantly do it. So, what are you looking for? Here you can know about some simple steps to clean that area thoroughly and efficiently.

If you clean your entire house but leave the baseboards while cleaning, the visitors will not have a worthy feeling about your cleaning skills and they shall think it as a part of negligence at your end.

All That You Need:

The following things are required usually for the purpose of baseboards cleaning:

  • Dryer sheets
  • Cotton swabs
  • Sponge
  • Vacuum
  • Dish soap or wood cleaner

Initially, it looks harder to clean the baseboards when compared to the walls and floor. As the dust gets stuck on the top of baseboards. More often you can see the dust on the top of baseboards in the offices and at homes. The reality is that people pay less attention to clean and wipe that dust. However, that particular area should be paid attention in order to give the office or home an entirely neat and clean look.

As visible in the above picture, that dust can be cleaned easily with the help of a soft cotton rag by starting cleaning from one side to the other. It is not a task which requires much of the effort, rather it needs attention, which most of the people usually neglect. The dust then starts to accumulate and eventually, the baseboards start looking shabby and filthy.


Process to Clean the Baseboards

The first thing you need to start cleaning the baseboards is a domestic purpose vacuum cleaner. Take out your vacuum cleaner to better serve the purpose of cleaning baseboards. Switch it on to suck the dust from the surface of baseboards. Use brush attachments to undergo the cleaning process and move along the length of the baseboards. Don’t forget to clean the top of baseboard from where the wall becomes visible as dust particles stick to those areas. If they are kept unnoticed, it becomes a dust reservoir.

After you get finished using the vacuum cleaner, take a bucket half filled with mildly warm water. Mix dishwashing soap into that and rinse to make the foam. Take a sponge and dip it in that mixture. Take it out and squeeze it so that it will not make the surface of baseboards too damp and difficult to dry. Start cleaning the surface of baseboards from one side to the other. Make sure to also apply the sponge on the top of baseboards so to clean it properly. At the time you feel sponge is getting dried, dip it in water solution, take it out, squeeze the sponge and reuse on the baseboard surface.

After you apply sponge on whole the surface of the baseboards inside a room (or any particular area of the house), take a soft cotton swab to dry the baseboards. Start from where you applied the sponge initially and move to the other direction. Apply the cotton swabs on whole the surface of baseboards including the top to give an entire clean look. You may also use the wood cleaner to clean the surface of baseboards.


Cleaning the baseboards of whole the house is a hectic task. Choose one room, kitchen, bathroom, dining room or TV lounge to clean the baseboard in a week and leave the others for the coming weeks.

How to Clean Baseboards Using Dryer Sheets

Do you think you have finished the cleaning process? Not yet. Although it may look clean for long time resistance to dust, you need dryer sheets. Start applying dryer sheets on the surface of baseboards from one side to the other including the top. Gently wipe the dryer sheets on the surface of the baseboards. Dryer sheets not only removes dust, but it makes a coat on baseboards to keep dust free for at least a week.

How to Clean Baseboards that are too dirty

If you feel that your baseboards are too dirty to get cleaned using soapy solution, try using vinegar. Mix some vinegar in slightly warm water. Use it with the help of a soft towel or a sponge. Dip the towel or sponge in the water, take it out, squeeze it and apply on the surface of the dirty baseboard by moving your hands making a ring shape. Don’t rub too much as it may cause the damages.

You can also apply commercial cleaners available easily in the markets to clean the baseboards.

Usually, this effort will be a part of cleaning the baseboards in the kitchens or washrooms which have tough stains as a result of water drops, oily and greasy material.

How to Clean a Painted Baseboard

Cleaning the painted baseboards is not much different. Two precautionary measures should be observed cleaning the painted baseboards. What are they?

  • Don’t use wooden cleaners to clean the painted baseboards as it may result in vanishing the painting work on the surface of baseboards.
  • Take extra care while wiping the dust and applying the sponge. Use it gently so that painting remains visible.

Dry Method to clean the Baseboards

If you have cleaned the baseboards few weeks before and you think there is not much visible dust, you can undergo the dry method of cleaning the baseboards. Use a broom or even you can use a paintbrush for removing dust from baseboard surfaces. Move sidewards along the length of the baseboards to carry out cleaning.


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