Best Way To Clean Your Coffee Maker

What are modern coffee machines like?

There is no doubt that today the automatic coffee machines have dramatically evolved. This is not only because they have incorporated great features using smart software but because they understand the type of coffee you want to consume in a certain time of the day.

Using a french press grinder  may be messy from times to times since the ground coffee is not easily cleaned with normal methods. There are restaurants and coffee shops that have special washing machines using mild detergents in order to keep all the components clean.

It is of crucial importance to keep all the parts of the coffee machine clean so that they are ready to prepare you next beverage. It is also very important to understand that chemicals are leaving their sign and odor over the various parts of the machine and this could harm the quality of your coffee.

Note: First, you need to disassemble the whole machine (Ei sentence er surute ei lekhata add kore niyen  “ Though cleaning all types of coffee makers is not the same since some are coffee machines integrated grinders and some are just brewer. However, you require to diassembel both the grinder and brewer section separately).

Methods of cleaning the coffee machine

First, you need to disassemble the whole machine. It can be done using the simple instructions of the manufacturer and usually needs a little experience. After that you should be able to identify the various parts of the machine. This is critical since you don’t need to mess with parts that have electricity and take the risk of an electric hazard.

Then you take first the plastic ground coffee container. This is where the filter lies in and has the precious ground coffee. You should be able to take a tender cloth and rinse it with soap water so that all the small coffee particles that are accumulated there disappear.

Another good solution would be to put them under direct tap water pressure. This can help you get rid of all the moisturized ground coffee parts in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, in case you want to be gentle with your machine it is reasonable to take some more time and keep cleaning it with the use of a soft cotton cloth.

Then it’s the time of the water container. This part of the coffee maker constantly comes in direct touch to the boiling water and has more calc and other residues accumulated on its walls. This part of the coffee machine is highly likely to give you disturbances to the quality of the coffee you are brewing.

So, the best solution, is to take home-made vinegar and hot water to pass through the water container for multiple times. The more you are repeating this procedure the better for you are going to be the results.

How can you easily clean the porta-filter?

One of the most complex parts of the coffee machine is the porta-filter. This is where the pressurized water comes through the chamber of the ground coffee so that the final extract is going to be poured to your cup.

You can easily disassemble the porta-filter and take it in your hands. The first move is to take and old toothbrush and start rubbing it against the flow of the water so that all residues and other garbage is going out of your way.

This will give you a clear porta-filter that can get lots of pressurized steamed water and produce the highest quality flavored coffee.

The external parts of the coffee maker

Some people really neglect cleaning the external parts of the coffee maker. This is because they believe there is nothing more important than keeping clean the inside. So, when they reach the outer parts, they are already tired to start cleaning it.

It has been observed that the outer parts of the coffee maker are gathering the vast amount of dust and debris and this sometime can interfere with its ability to create quality coffee. For instance, all buttons that are stuck with dust may not be able to enter the right order to the system when pressed and make a mess with your valuable coffee.

The outer layers of the coffee maker, either plastic or metal, need to be thoroughly cleaned using only soap and water and rinsing them with mild temperature water. This will give them the old shine they used to have and make you feel a lot proud when you are preparing coffee for your friends.


There is nothing more important than keeping your coffee maker clean. This can be easily done if you organize special cleaning sessions regularly upon the year. Not only you are going to see a tremendous change in your quality of coffee, but you are also aiding to the longevity of your coffee maker.

Make sure you are paying attention to the maintenance of your coffee maker, the most important appliance in your kitchen. Give yourself only the best quality coffee and you will always feel your best!


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