Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1 Reviews

You have got no more worries keeping your pet dogs and cats at home with you in fear of loose hairs and dander, you only need a handheld vacuum cleaner like Bissell 33A1 to do the cleaning as and when due. The toughest hairs to removes are the ones on couch and upholsteries because of contours and corners, but the device will do all the cleaning. This is so as the device is able to adjust automatically to curves and get the job done. Its flexible rubber nozzle allows it to do this effectively.

Guess what? The device is suitable to work in those toughest areas where your canister or the popular upright vacuums wouldn’t. In fact, it beats another handheld vacuum to confines and tough areas. It is such a bomb!

Pet Owners’ Strong Choice

The product is designed with pet owners in mind and that was why it does pet hair clearing jobs best. This is why its red ribbed nozzle is designed such that it adjusts easily via application of pressure to it to adapt to upholstery contours and corners. Although it also works on hard surfaces it is most effective on upholstery and carpeted stairs.

Product specification and Special Design Significance

A complete list of features of the Bissell 33A1 Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum Cleaner include;

  • 4 amps power rating for device operation
  • Multi-layer filtration system featuring the Cyclonic Cleaning System
  • A 6-ft Power cord that charges the device for work
  • Specialized rubber nozzle that attracts hair and pulls out dirt on stairs and upholstery layers
  • Two specially designed nozzles

Other specifications include;

Product weight: 5 pounds

The overall length of 10 inches

One year warranty


  • Light-weighted device. Allows for easy handling and maneuvering
  • Flexible rubber nozzle, cleaning through upholstery and stairs contours and corners.
  • Ergonomically beautiful handle
  • Price effective and affordable
  • Answerable to all-around calls as it can be used on a tiled floor, hardwood floor and carpets
  • Has strong suction power and HEPA filtration technology


  • Has really short power cords
  • Possess small dust container, which means it can’t work a long hour and would need to be emptied frequently
  • Limited to spot cleaning
  • Not efficient in picking up pet hairs on hard surfaces.
  • Sometimes struggle with larger debris
  • HEPA filters require periodical adjustments which tentatively mean an additional cost

Offer Ratings

  • Effectiveness- 82%
  • Usage- 92%
  • Power Rating- 80%
  • Cost Effectiveness- 90%
  • Overall Rating- 86%

 Note: The product is simply best for pet owners struggling with keeping up with the massive amount of hair debris in the home.


This device is a strong choice for pet owners who struggle to clean pet hairs, loose dander and other forms of dirt. It has features that would adjust just appreciably to upholstery contour and corners to suck up animals and pet hairs. It is also built with strong HEPA filtration technology, as well as answerable to all calls as it can also be used on hardwood floors, tiles and others though to a certain level of effectiveness.

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