Box Cutter Safety Tips

A box cutter is one of the most essential tools which is used in many activities. A box cutter is also known as a utility knife. A utility knife is a knife used for general or utility purposes. The utility knife was originally a fixed blade knife with a cutting edge suitable for general work such as cutting hides and cordage, scraping hides, butchering animals, cleaning fish, and other tasks. Craft knives are tools mostly used for crafts. Today, the term “Box Cutter” also includes small folding or retractable-blade knives suited for use in the general workplace or in the construction industry.

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This useful tool can be dangerous for its sharp blade. You have to be careful always while using such tools. Inattention or improper usage of a box cutter can injurious for your hand and fingers. If you avoid injuries in your body then you have to know the proper and safe techniques of using a Box Cutter. Here, in this article, I have discussed the safety tips of using a box cutter in brief.

The tips to follow at the time of using a Box Cutter:


  • Shorten the blade:


There are many box cutters or utility knives that allow you to choose the length of the blade. It will be better if you keep the blade short. In this situation you can apply pressure efficiently onto the object you are cutting and the chances of getting injured are very very less. So, this is one of the best tips.


  • Maintain an angle from your body:


Carefully check the movement of the box cutter. The movement should not come directly towards you at the time of slicing an object. Any slip of the box cutter’s movement directly towards you may cut your body. That’s why you are advised to angle the direction of the blade away from your body so that, in any unforeseen incidents, the box cutter has space to drop or fall next to you and not at you. At the time of cutting make sure that no one around is in the path of the blade. If suddenly the cutter slips and falls to the ground, do not try to catch it. Let the cutter fell in the ground and then carefully pick it up.


  • Retract fully when not in use:


After finishing your task with the box cutter, fully retract it and keep it away from others especially from children. All retractable knives come with a lock and two sides to prevent the movement of the blade. You should retract the blade and lock it after finishing your work. Remember, your consciousness may prevent an accident at your home.


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  • Wear Gloves:


If possible, always wear cut resistant gloves when handling box cutters. This protects you every time when you are with the box cutter. If suddenly the cutter slips at the time of cutting an object, you can stay tension free if you wear gloves. The gloves also provide wearers with a firmer grip, preventing the box cutter from slipping out of your fingers while cutting.


  • Take care of yourself while changing a blade:


At the time of changing the dull, blunt blade or damaged blades, you need to find out the safety manner by which you can change the blade. A damaged blade can be more harmful than a sharpen blade because of cutting a body by a damaged blade can cause of infection. That’s why you should avoid the blunt and damaged blades.

This is some safety tips for using a box cutter. If you follow these tips, I’m sure that you don’t need to take tensions at the time of using it.

Safety Tips For Maintenance:

Besides the safety tips, the maintenance tips are also needed to avoid dangers or to prevent injuries in your body. Here, in this part of this article, I have discussed the safety tips for maintenance of a box cutter in brief.


  • Keep the blade sharp:


If your blade becomes blunt then either sharpen it or replace it with a new blade because you have to give more pressure on the object at the time of cutting using a blunt and old blade. Not only this but also the blunt blade cannot give you the smooth cut and giving more pressure on the object increases the chance of body injuries. There are many box cutter which comes with the snap-off blade. If the tip of the blade becomes dull then users can snap off a segment of that blade to expose the sharp edge of the next segment.


  • Keep a first aid kit nearby:


If you are a regular user of a box cutter then you must keep a first aid box with all essentials. This first aid kit can help you to complete the primary treatment of your employees as well as your primary treatment at the time when an accident occurs. Quick primary treatments are very necessary for this type of accidents.


  • Never throw a box cutter:


It is very dangerous to throw a box cutter to another. It may cause any kind of accident. Unconsciousness of the person whom you are throwing the box cutter may cut anywhere of his body. So, pass the box cuter hand by hand.

The main reason behind the occurrence of accidents at the time of using a box cutter is lack of safety tips of a box cutter. In this article, I have discussed all possible safety ways that can be followed while using a box cutter. I’m sure that if you follow these tips you will overcome all the accidents that may occur while using a box cutter.

Thanks for reading this article. Have a wonderful day!


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