California Neighborhood Casino Revenue Is Down 6%

Las Vegas casinos 토토사이트are gambling hotspots in the United States, attracting thousands of visitors worldwide, including here in California. But Nevada casinos kicked off the summer with a staggering drop in revenue across the state, according to monthly revenue figures released at the end of May.

Decrease in sales for 6 consecutive months

The Nevada Gaming Control Board recently released its monthly report of state casino gaming and gambling revenues for May, showing disappointing numbers. Combined, casinos operating within Nevada territory saw a revenue decline of about 6% year-over-year in 2018. It may also mark the sixth month of declining returns, the largest reported loss in 2019.

In May 2019, state gaming revenue totaled over $981.8 million. And while that sounds like a lot of money, it’s down 5.96% from the $1.04 billion revenue generated by Nevada operators during May 2018. The biggest losses come from the 50 casinos on the Las Vegas Strip included in the report. Sin City casino revenue peaked at $517.3 million in May 2019, down nearly 11 percent from the $581.5 million it generated last year.

What is behind the decline in earnings?

Who is the culprit? The classic card game 토토사이트“Baccarat.” It may have been the game of choice for gamblers in other gaming regions, such as Macau, but in Las Vegas, people were already full. During May, casinos in Nevada and the Las Vegas Strip experienced a combined 55% drop in revenue from the game. Could it be that players are flocking to online platforms that offer a variety of strategies to win at baccarat, making it more accessible to those who play out of place on crowded casino floors?

Interestingly, however, if the figures in the monthly report were not for baccarat, the total gambling income collected in the state would be slightly higher than last year. For example, slot machine revenues increased statewide by 1.5% for May, the eighth straight month of revenue growth in the sector. Las Vegas tourist arrivals were also up 1.7% to 3.69 million, which isn’t all bad news.

2nd place behind New Jersey

With recent legislative changes regarding sports betting in New Jersey, Nevada is already starting to play a secondary role in revenues from this lucrative vertical. New Jersey’s population is nearly three times that of Nevada’s, so there could be problems for the gambling capital Nevada in the coming months and seasons. Nevada’s sports betting turnover was $317.6 million in May, while operators’ actual profits were $11.3 million (also down 45% year-on-year). By comparison, New Jersey’s turnover was $318.9 million, with revenue of about $15.5 million.

It is not a rule per se, but another thing that you might look for are rooms that don’t let players multi-table more than 4-6 tables, don’t let them take notes or tag players for future reference, and don’t let them tag other players for future reference. Alternately, players are anonymous because they do not use screen names.

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However, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Commission, Nevada sports betting vertical integration is typically slow in May, with March Madness and football betting notably strong markets.

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