Causes of Odor In Your Home

Bad odor in the home is one of the common stressors of homeowners. Most times, it appears that no matter how hard you clean the home, that stench never goes away. There are many causes for this unpleasant scent in the home, and we have highlighted the top five causes of odor in your home.


  • Trash Can: No surprises here, your trash can takes all the garbage anyway. However, what many do not know is that over time the trash can starts to stink even when it is empty. This odor comes from spills as well of food crumbs which build over time leaving a constant stench. To get rid of this odor, clean your trash can with baking soda. You should also disinfect it to curtail the growth of bacteria. To prevent this stench from building up again, always take out your trash early, while washing the trash can regularly.


  • Pets: While they are adorable creatures, pets are one of the main causes of odor in the home. Their hair falls off frequently in different areas of the house, and bacteria grows in these areas, causing odor. Curbing this odor will require you to groom your pet regularly, bathe them frequently, and also clean your sleeping and eating areas. Vacuum their beds and sprinkle with baking soda to take care of the odor. 


  • Wet Clothing: Putting your dirty clothes in the bathroom causes odor in the home. Water from the bath causes the clothes to be wet, thereby allowing bacteria to grow and build up a stench. To remedy this, always keep dirty clothes out of the bathroom, you can keep them in a laundry basket in your room. You should also ensure to do your laundry as soon as possible, as this keeps the house smelling fresh.


  • Your Sheets: The bedding is one area that does not get much attention when it comes to dealing with odor in the home. The reason for this is that our beds smell like our bodies, making it hard to notice the odor. Dirt and body oils soak into your sheets every sheet every time you sleep, giving up a bad odor over time. This can be taken care of by washing your sheets weekly, and also ensuring to shower before you go to bed. 


  • Dishwasher: Your dishwasher is always damp making it a good area for mold to grow. Food particles also build up over time, all combining to give off a foul smell. It is therefore very important for you to take care of your dishwasher regularly. Soak it with warm water on a weekly basis, and ensure it is dry before using it. 


While it is a great and cost-effective choice to deodorize your home by yourself, hiring a professional is also a good choice when things get intimidating. A skilled professional will make use of the best materials and deodorization process to clean your home. They also work on your schedule, saving you time and energy. You can schedule a deodorization appointment within your work hours, allowing you to come home to a clean house, with a lovely smell. You also get to channel your energy into more profitable activities while getting the best value for your money.


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