You buy a new brand new car that is lush shining. Both the interior and exterior are neat and clean, but with the passage of time, its condition starts to change. It gets dirty, the French fries, wrappers, and dust start to gather inside the car. Cleaning car from inside especially its car seats require a big effort. For this reason, many people don’t prefer to clean their car seats appropriately or they don’t feel it necessary. The may be unaware of the benefits gained from having a car with clean seat covers. If the car is shining from outside but when you open its doors to sit inside and see the stains on its seat covers, it looks shabby and uncomfortable to you. Nor the passengers, whether your family members, colleagues or friends like the situation and will criticize you for this. As it is not easy to remove the seat covers all the time.

If your car has leather seat covers, it is much easy to wipe the dust and the stains from it. However, if the car seat covers are fabric, cleaning them seems a hell of a task and requires some effort. This article focuses on the ways how to clean the car seats in an effective manner so it may look appealing to the others. It shall also point out some important benefits of having the neat and clean car seats.


How to Clean Car Having Leather Seats

Well, it is the easiest task to clean the car seats having leather made covers. Cleaning them requires only 10 minutes maximum. However, cleaning them at regular intervals i.e.; once a month will not only make your car look better and attractive but will also increase the life of the seat covers which otherwise are more exposed to wear and tear. Following is the step by step process to clean the leather car seats:

  • First of all check for the perforated areas in your seat covers. If there are any, notice them so that when you apply the products or soluble solutions to remove the stains and for shining purpose, it may not go inside from the holes to damage the seats from inside. Consult car’s user manual to deal with this issue and follow the instructions to avoid the unfavorable situation.
  • Use the vacuum cleaner to suck the dust from the car seats. Don’t use blower machine as don’t suck the dust. Rather is spreads it widely inside the car although apparently, your car may look clean for some time, it isn’t the case to be. With the use of a car, the dust will again start to accumulate together and thus become visible. In addition, the extra dust will keep adding on inside the car interior. So, it is highly recommended to use the Vacuum cleaner to clean the car’s interior. Keep the vacuum cleaner at some distance while cleaning the seats so that it may not result in putting a scratch on leather seat covers.
  • Take a clean cloth or a microfiber towel which is oil free to clean the car seats. Use this clean to wipe out the dust on the car seats.
  • Take soap, shampoo or a commercial leather cleaner and spread it evenly on the car seats. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean the car seats using the soapy material. However, if there are perforated areas in your seat covers don’t pour the soapy material directly there. Instead, apply the material on a brush and use the brush to remove the dust and stains from there. This will minimize the risk of entering the material inside the seat and causing damage. You don’t need to worry about “How to clean the car seat stains?” as, in leather seat covers, this soapy material will remove the stains from the surface.
  • After applying the material evenly on all the seat covers take out a clean microfiber cloth which is dust and oil free. Use this cloth to wipe the leather surface. Start cleaning from the seat where you spread the soapy material or commercial leather cleaner initially and proceed accordingly. It will help the soapy material remove the dust and stain from the last seat cover where you have applied the solution as it will take some time for showing better results.

By following the easy process, you will be able to clean your leather seat covers in little time. Don’t forget to repeat the process once a month to increase their useful life.


How to Clean Car Having Fabric Seat Covers

The fabric seat covers require some effort and are not that easy to clean as the leather seat covers. Removing stains from them takes some effort and time too. However, luckily, it is not impossible to clean the car seats with fabric covers. Preferably, park your car in the sunlight to carry out the car seats cleaning process as it will help seats to dry quickly. The following is the step by step process to clean a car having fabric seat covers:

  • The first step is the same as it was in case of leather seat covers. Look for the perforated areas and if there are any, notice them and consult the car user manual to handle the issue.
  • Take a vacuum cleaner and use it at some distance to suck the dust from the surface of the seat covers. Don’t let it too close the seat covers so that it may damage them.
  • Mix some detergent in the water and rinse to make it soapy. When it gets soapy, take a soft bristled brush and apply the soapy solution on the surface of car seats one by one with the help of the brush. Don’t apply the solution too much as it will go deep into the seat and will take more time to dry.
  • If there are still visible stains on the car seats, use the baking soda to clean the stains from there. Baking soda usually removes the tough stains which are left after applying commercial detergents. Wait for 5 minutes so that the solution may remove the dust and stains from the surface.
  • Take a clean cotton cloth. Dip it in water after that squeeze it. Use that cotton cloth to clean the car seats. Start from the seat where you have applied the soapy solution first and proceed accordingly. During this process, if you feel that cloth has got dried, dip it in water, squeeze it and re-use.
  • When you are done, allow the car seats to get dried. Lower the windows or open the car doors so that the car seats may dry quickly. You can again use the vacuum cleaner which will also help suck moisture from the car seats that will certainly boost the drying process.

Now you are done with the Car Seat Cleaning and as they get dried up, you may use your car. However, make sure they get dried up as the wet fabric has more chances of getting stains. Try to clean your seats once in a month so that they may not get tough stains. It will also increase the life of the seat covers.

Although leather seats are easy to be cleaned, fabric seat covers have some other advantages. Both the seat covers are different in nature and it is up to the preference of the car owner whether to use leather or fabric seat covers. This will not be discussed in depth as it is beyond the scope of our topic. However, we can’t give priority to leather seat covers for the reason they can be cleaned quickly using less effort.

Advantages of Cleaning the Seat Covers

One advantage has already been mentioned that cleaning seat covers regularly will improve its life. The other benefits of cleaning the seat covers on regular basis include the removal of fear to face the arguments of people like “Why don’t you put attention to clean your car seats as you have to sit on them?”, “Your car looks good from outside, but it is a dustbin from inside” or in extreme case, “Even the dogs are used to clean the place they use to sit, why don’t you?. To get rid of all these situations and for the sake of inner satisfaction, you should clean your car seats on regular basis. Another benefit that is considered long term may be noticed at the time you opt to sell your car. A car that has better interior pays more to the seller comparing the cars having a shabby interior. The buyer gets the perception that the car is handled with care and less maintenance cost will be incurred by him to drive the car.

I hope reading this article will certainly help you clean your car seats. After how many intervals you are thinking to clean your car seats? Don’t forget my emphasis to clean them once a month to attain the benefits listed above. Keep your car seats clean to increase its monetary value.



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