Cleaning And Maintenance Tips – How To Vacuum Car Interior

The car is the first priority after house, truly it is the second house for busy people. It is a very costly process to wash the car, that every week it can be expensive. So, it is better to clean the car yourself with some proper techniques and tricks.

Although, it requires a day or two, for planning vacuum car interior, it worth due to a beautiful result. Routinely, car washing and maintaining can aid in the long term as it can reduce further damage as well as auto insurance rates.

However, maintaining the car interior is important because;

  • It saves the cost of future damage
  • Retain the paint and body
  • It is known that tidy cars show better speed and are safer than dirty cars.
  • It can become your identity

1.      Clear all the garbage

First, all the trash that causes visionary mess needs to be clean at first. Yes, the leftover food, cans, plastic bags, and other tiny packets create a messy image of the car, in order to clean and maintain it first of all clear all the garbage. As while having a busy schedule, your car becomes a mini house for you and the family.

This basic step opens the door to further cleaning aids, after this, you can clean the seats and floor without much disturbance. And then after cleaning put a plastic bag pack inside the dashboard in order to avoid a further mess in the future.

2.      Dislocate the car floor mats

Then again after a certain time, the car’s floor mat needs more attention too. Time to time sitting and using a car can make these mats dirty as well as dusty. The dust can be managed by rubbing the mats outside the car but the dirt only goes by washing them.

If the washing does not clean the dirt then try to buy new car mats from the nearby market. Hence, cleaning the doormats and seat mats can really make a difference to the car all overlook.Similarly, the dirt can also lie under these mats try to clean that part too.

3.      Wiping the dust

Then after the trash and mats part, wipe the dust with using clothe piece. Wiping makes sure that all the dust wipes out from the car. The dust can be a real issue because it can go under the seats as well. Similarly, the dust also gets stuck between the seat fittings and doors, so wiping is the optimum solution for prior actions of cleaning.

The dusting stick also makes this work easier with fewer efforts, the dusting stick is handy and convenient.

4.      Clean the dashboard and fittings

Using solution or soap water clean the dashboard and front heads inside the car. As this part is the first place to encounter the dirt and all the pollution from the air. As this using wet clothe can seemingly sanitize this whole part in just a glimpse.

But in order to get a good result, use a tidy clothe piece as a dirty one would not fulfill the cleaning purpose.

5.      Vacuum

After wiping the whole interior of the car, use vacuum clear for extra clearance of dirt. First, make a plan to vacuum the seats then go for the sides after that consider console and seat pockets.

For this reason, use different nozzle fittings to clean every smallest end of the car. Surprisingly, the vacuum cleaner kit has a number of nozzles that can extract dirt from tiniest spaces.

For vacuuming, one can also clean the floor under mats and then again the door sides too. These are the places where dirt can dwell and cleaning it becomes almost impossible.

6.      Don’t neglect the windows

Scrub the windows with a wet cloth then again use soap or glass cleaner. The proper technique would be to use the dry cloth to wipe dirt or dust then use any cleaning agent for effective results. A microfibril towel piece is the best choice, for this reason.

Use a glass clearing agent, rub it witha towel then scrub the surface. Okay, do consider the surface of the glass inside as well as outside of the window.

7.      Door too need extra care

The doors need to wipe as well as they are the entry openings and are most prone to get the mud and dirt. Hence, the inside doors also become dirty so have a keen look at them.

Either use vacuum cleaner or the wash with soapy water, the doors need extra care and expertise for spotless effects. This purpose need following steps;

  • Wet the car doors and especially the sides with a wet cloth
  • Then wipe it is with detergent
  • Use the last wipe with a clean and dry cloth to finish this task.

8.      Leather seats

The dirty leather seats can really disturb the whole image of car interior so it is necessary to make them tidy. Eventually, it is essential to clean it with proper leather agents, using a towel or dry cloth.

  • Spray the leather cleaning agent on a towel
  • Then wipe over the seats and handles
  • After that leather conditioner can make a clear difference

9.      Dry the seats

Cleaning and washing seats can make seats and car wet from inside that can cause sebum. So if you used different cleaning agent for individual purposes then it becomes necessary to air out all the moisture.

Therefore, opening the windows and door at open space where light and air can come inside car. In this way the car gets dry and the inside atmosphere will become much comfortable and usable.

Hence, welcoming fresh air would also assure safety from bacteria and the development of other pathogens.

10. Put things at their place

After all the cleanup propose when you are done with windows, doors, floor, seat, dashboard and other apparels. Tick mark all the essential step that needs to follow as given above. At that moment put things back to the car like; car mats, key chains, seat mats, and important boxes.

Always try to have tissue box and sanitizer at the dashboard for cleaning up the mess in an emergency. Put some shopping bags at seat back pocket in order to make things more aligned and proper.

11. Air freshener do wonder

The final backpack idea that can work miraculously is, using air freshener of some pleasant smell. The bad odor can truly ruin the whole drive so it is necessary to have an extra air freshener. While if you are smoker then use a spray that is made for smokers and kills that smell in minutes.

The cleaner car makes the owner happier, it is essential for the safer drive as well as the health. The ordinary house vacuum is not able to clean car interior so you would require high powered equipment with multiple nozzle fittings and an elongated hose.

Though you can use a vacuum specially designed for cars only. There is another option to set the right speed and vacuum to extract the hidden debris from any corner. Then again one can also use the right nozzle that is assigned for the respective purpose.

This powerful cleaning regime will surely clean your car with better care!

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