Cleaning Tips To Make Your Window Treatments Look Amazing

To stop the everyday (and costly) mistakes in treating your windows you need to know the points below. Ignore them at your peril!

  • Window positioning

Remember this is reliant on whether you live in the Northern or southern hemisphere. Where there is high sunlight exposure where the sun is angled to the west then some window treatments should be considered to save furnishings and flooring from fading away.

Window shading with a good UV protection should be considered as well as a blackout material on curtains or discount shades to repel the heat. Shade sails exteriorly would also be a good idea.

  • Type of room

Curtains offer a more opulent look in an official area. Blackout shades in a room provide darkness in light conditions. Luxurious materials provide darkness and sound absorption as well as authenticity in a theatre room. Consider steam and water in a bathroom when picking out for this area

  • Privacy

If your home faces the street and you want an outside view but not at the same time not have others see in through the day or at night time when the lights are on then, double window treatments are best. That is, have a sheer curtain or blind for the day and blackout shades at night. A blackout window treatment might not be a must if the room is not a bedroom.

  • Views

A sheer shade is the ideal remedy for this application even no window treatment at all however in these eco-friendly times keep in mind that our windows lose a lot of heat from the home during colder months and collect a lot of heat through the window during the hotter months, so ensure you take this and any privacy matters into account.

  • Eco-Friendly

Pelmets are the ideal way to stop heat from escaping at the top of the windows if the window treatments are face fixed. If the window treatment is sunken such as a curtain or blind then the recessing stops the heat from escaping through the top of the treatment but not from the sides in the event of using shades.

  •    Style of home

Window treatments are simpler now than they used to be and in a lot of cases homes from a particular period can take more modern styles. Roman blinds look even better in Californian Bungalows as well as in a more contemporary sleek home. Blinds can even work with your window plant hangers

  •  Type of window

In the case of sliding doors take into account the exit and entry points. Panel glides work well in this application.

  • Budget

For the budget mindful, horizontal blinds, vertical blinds and roller blinds offer a less costly option. Cellular blinds and roman blinds tend to be a bit costly but this also depends on the fabric chosen.

  •   Ease of care

Roller blinds are easy to vacuum. Vertical blinds, on the other hand, require every slat to be dusted and at times the cheaper verticals warp over time. Curtains can be cleaned but this again depends on the choice of fabric. In many cases Roman shades can be easily removed for cleaning, however, this cannot be done if they have wooden slating.

  • Type of fabric

Many shades are made from artificial materials that have a built in UV protection that is ideal for areas that require protection from the harsh sun. Blackout on shades is generally cream or white in color and while offering sunlight protection and reducing light and heat in the home the cream or white can be spotted from the outside. Ensure that the weight of the fabric in curtains is not too thick for its fixtures or for pleating if that is the finish that you desire.

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