Comparative Analysis Of Triple Bonus Poker Plus On Major Site Toto

This is a good option if you enjoy playing video 메이저사이트poker and are always looking for high winnings. But you should not play Triple Bonus if you only have a limited amount of money in your bankroll.

To begin, the lowest qualifying payment is kings or better, which means you won’t be eligible for the jacks or queens rewards available in Double Bonus Poker and Bonus Poker.

Another element contributing to the game of Triple 메이저사이트Bonus’s high degree of risk is that the reward for a two-pair hand is only one coin. The vast majority of video poker games allow players to wager two currencies, which is helpful given the frequency with which this hand is dealt.


One of the games that people frequently get confused with Triple Bonus Poker is Triple Bonus Poker Plus. Not only are their names comparable, but the payments they provide are almost the same.

Yet, there are some subtle distinctions between the two that you should be aware of, and to begin, let’s have a look at the pay table for Triple Bonus Poker:

Video Poker9 / 5 Triple Bonus Poker Plus

In Triple Bonus Poker Plus, the rewards for four aces, four twos, and fours are precisely the same as in Triple Bonus Poker.

In contrast, Triple Bonus Plus awards 100 coins for a straight flush rather than the standard 50 coins, and it awards just 50 coins for a hand consisting of four 5s and Ks rather than the usual 75.

You’ll also notice that the maximum payout for a whole house in Triple Bonus Poker Plus is only nine coins, and the maximum payout for a flush is only five.

At first glance, Triple Bonus Plus might offer payouts that are significantly more generous than those provided by Triple Bonus. But the fact is that Triple Bonus Plus continues to pay out 99.80 percent. Because the lowest hand that qualifies for a payout in Triple Bonus Poker is a pair of jacks.

The incredibly high return offered by 9 / 5 Triple Bonus Poker Plus and 10 / 7 Triple Bonus Poker makes either of these games worthwhile to participate in if you come across them in a casino. But you should know that the payback for the 10/7 Triple Bonus Poker is 0.2 percent higher.

Because of the enhanced payouts for four of a kind, the strategy for Triple Bonus Poker is exceptionally similar to that of other bonus games. If you are familiar with the Bonus Poker and Double Bonus process, you will find this game easy to play.

Yet, a few strategy intricacies are worth addressing when playing Triple Bonus Poker. First, let’s look at a strategy chart for Triple Bonus Poker, and then we’ll talk about how this game varies from other bonus variations.

Strategic Fine Points

You may have seen in the example that a two-pair was broken into parts.

Because getting a pair pays the same as getting a two-pair, you should only keep the highest team and get rid of the other one to enhance your chances of winning the vast payments that come with getting four of a kind.

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