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Choosing the Perfect Floor for Your Home | Modern Flooring Miami

Are you looking for a modern look for your home or apartment?

Existing floors will have their unique aggregate mix that will produce their unique pattern. However, there are sometimes options to customize the surface further. For example, the use of stains and dyes can change the color from the standard grey mix. A different blend of aggregates will also produce a mix of colorful patterns and dots throughout the surface. Furthermore, scoring the surface or creating radial lines before finishing the floor can provide an artistic look.


How do I get a Stylish Look?

Contrasting your floor with the other features in your home can produce stunning results. For example, contrasting light polished concrete flooring with dark walls can have an attractive look and feel while balancing the industrial feel of concrete with warmer materials like wood or soft rugs can also produce a beautiful space.

Some people like looking at the minimalistic expanse of polished concrete, whereas others prefer to break it up with furniture elements. Either way will produce great-looking polished concrete for Designer Floors. Other options include using it for outdoor areas like pool surrounds. For example, Concrete polishing Perth are using polished concrete and exposed aggregate to create a stunningly sleek pool and alfresco areas that make your outdoor space stand out.

How Much Does It Cost?

How does the price of polished concrete compare to other flooring options? Depending on the area to be polished and an existing floor or a new project, polished concrete is much less expensive than natural stone or marble. It is also cheaper than hardwood or ceramic tile flooring. However, though it can be on par with vinyl or carpet, the benefits of concrete flooring usually still outweigh the durability of these other options. See more options for polished concrete in Perth here.

Polished concrete floors for new homes in Perth

Whether honing and polishing a floor in an existing home or preparing the concrete finish in a new home, we as trusted by many of Perth’s leading building companies.

At the start of your building contract, we work with your builder to ensure we work in sync with current builders and contractors, meaning smooth coordination and a seamless finish. Then, working with your building plans, we’ll be able to recommend the best possible option for your application.

We have long-standing relationships with highly respected building companies. We are familiar with their home designs and work closely with their building managers and contractors. Together you can expect the best quality finish every time.

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