It is really enjoyable to ensure effective nonstop cleaning and give the hands some rest while cleaning. To accomplish this, vacuum cleaner industry has used technology to serve the purpose. The vacuum cleaner industry was exposed to more challenges with the excess use of hard surfaces replacing the carpets in the form of laminated floors. The use of dual tank technology became popular in some models of vacuum cleaners. These cleaners are the best vacuum to clean laminate floors.

How Dual tank technology Works?

The dual tank vacuum cleaner technology makes use of spine scrub in addition to the counter-rotating brushes which make cleaning process easy and convenient to its customers. The reason these vacuum cleaners perform better compared to the traditional vacuum cleaners is they make the best use of the cleaning solution, water and spinning brushes for removal of dust and dirt from the hard floor surfaces.

To better describe how this technology and vacuum cleaner works and is effective for its customers, we have picked the Hoover FloorMate deluxe vacuum cleaner which is the best in the market to clean hard floors, wooden floors, ceramic and vinyl tiles and laminate marbles.

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner

This particular vacuum cleaner is the best to clean the hard floors. Another distinctive feature of the model is it has soft cleaning brushes that may be replaced by the hard brushes to clean the wooden floors. This results in better cleaning on the wooden floors. At the same time, it also prevents the surface from damages. It also makes cleaning easy and possible from all angles.

Distinctive Feature

The distinctive feature of this Hoover FloorMate deluxe is its Spin Scrub Brushes. They perform well based on the traditional mop mechanism. Also, they move in the dual direction to make cleaning effective, even they are so quick. They are located at the head end of the vacuum cleaner.

When the brushes get dirt and filled with filth, the brush bar can easily be removed and washed. This feature improves the life of the product.

Product Description

The Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner is designed to clean all type of surfaces including carpets, wooden floor, and bare hard floors. However, the fact is, it performs well on the hard floor. If there are ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles, composite cement, and marble etc., they can be cleaned at best using this device. The product is known to perform at best when used on bare floors whether hard or wooden.

The product uses the Spin Scrub brushes to better clean the hard surfaces. There are two modes of cleaning

Wash Mode- It uses the brushes for surface cleaning. In the meanwhile, the excess water is also sucked by the vacuum cleaner.

Dry Mode- It stops the usage of brushes. It helps in better suctioning of water and improved drying duration. The surface that is cleaned gets drier quickly using this mode.

In wash mode, the vacuum cleaner releases the solution specifically used for improved cleaning. There are four brushes. They move in a circular and counter-rotating direction to remove the stains from the hard surfaces by making use of the cleaning solution.

Once the cleaning is done up to the desired level, the device is switched to dry mode so to clean the damp hard floor surfaces. This helps to quickly suck the water from the surface. The device works quicker as it moves on to the surface of the floors for drying purpose.

The device is available with two brush attachments. These are useful for easy cleaning of the surfaces. One of the brushes is effective to clean the general hard floors while the other is to clean the tiles and grout. You can interchange the brushes easily. The interchangeable brushes make cleaning job easy on different floor surfaces. When observed and compared, the device performed exceptionally well to clean the grout.

The two tanks, i.e.; the dirt tank and clean water tank are completely separate from each other. The dirt tank is on the left side of the facing unit while the clean water tank is on the right side of facing unit. In order to fill or empty any or both of the tanks, the appliance should be properly turned off. The capacity of each tank is 1.5 Quarts. This is quite enough to clean 400 square feet area in one go. The water replacement is so easy which makes capacity none of a big issue.

You can insert clean solutions into the clean water tank by opening the cap placed on the tank. The cleaning solution comes with the vacuum cleaner.

Advantages of the Product

Following are the advantages of Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Vacuum cleaner:

  • The cleaning solution makes cleaning process easy and quick on the hard floors. It is not a mess for the users of the machine to undergo the cleaning process. The cleaning solution is also there to the clean water tank which adds effectiveness to the cleaning process. The results of using the solution are remarkable.
  • It removes the dirt and stains completely from the hard surfaces. You can say it is the best vacuum cleaner that works well for hard floors. The results on all type of hard and wooden floors are amazing. It is the best alternative to steam mops which require a lot of human effort and time for cleaning.
  • It comes on the market with a two years warranty.
  • The vacuum cleaner is low weight and easy to store. It doesn’t take a lot of space for storage purpose.
  • It is made up of durable material. Therefore, it is useful for a large number of years.

Disadvantages of the Product

Following are the disadvantages of Hoover FloorMate Deluxe vacuum cleaner.

  • The vacuum is really good to perform well on the sealed floors. On the other surfaces, it doesn’t perform that much well.
  • The device makes some noise. This is irritating for some people. In addition, it is not useful in the hospital or education industry for this reason.
  • You can only use it on the bare floors as it uses water for cleaning purpose. It doesn’t perform the cleaning purpose to clean the carpets.


Cleaning the large halls, homes, and offices using vacuum cleaners wasn’t that much easy. The reason is that dirt tank gets filled with dirt and debris in no time. However, this problem does not exist anymore with the advent of dual tank technology used in the vacuum cleaners.

The technology uses two tanks one for collecting the dirt and the other having the clean water tank which uses the cleaning solution to make cleaning effective and easy. The brushes of the vacuum cleaner add to the cleaning effectiveness. There are soft and hard brushes to clean different surfaces.

The product has several advantages but its disadvantages are less as compared to the other models. Therefore, you can say without any doubt that it is till now the most reliable product to clean the hard floors. The product also performs well on the wooden floors but to avoid the damages. Once must remove hard brushes and soft brushes are good to put in which come along the device.




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