Easy To Follow Laminate Flooring Care And Maintenance Tips

laminate flooring care and maintenance tips

If you want to give your home a much-needed change then changing the regular floor to laminate flooring could be a great idea. Such types of floors are high in demand and property with laminated floors is preferred by the buyers.

Laminated floors are attractive. Many people find it hard to clean and maintain such kind of floor and they reluctantly settle for marble flooring as they are easy to clean and maintenance. You can add more life to laminate flooring with proper care and maintenance.


 Keep your laminate flooring clean and gleaming with these easy tips:

  • Water and moisture is the biggest enemy of the laminate flooring. Keep it clean and dry. Wipe off spills immediately to keep disaster at bay.
  • If you have pets at home, then you have to be extra careful. Keep their water bowl on the mat.
  • Keep a mat under a baby’s high chair to protect the surface from spills.
  • Avoid using shiny wax to make the floor shinier as this wax build-up is hard to remove.
  • Buffing machine and polishing machine could harm the floor.
  • Never use a steam cleaner for cleaning the laminate flooring.
  • The laminate flooring needs extra care. Do not use steel wool, abrasive cleanser or chlorinated cleaners for cleaning the surface.
  • Do not wash or wet mop the floor with soap as it might cause swelling, delaminating or joint-line separation. Such activity could also void the warranty.
  • Choose floor cleaner and floor accessories wisely as it will not only add more years to its life but will also make the floor clean, hygienic and shiny.
  • To prevent the laminate flooring from dent avoid using stiletto heels, and if you have pets, then trim their nails regularly as nail scratch can damage the surface.


Maintenance Tips

  • Remove the dust and dirt using a soft bristle broom. Sweep the floor regularly to keep the floor in good condition.
  • Removing dust from the corner can be a tough task, especially when you have the laminate flooring as you cannot use hard tools to collect the dust and dirt. Vacuum clean the corners with soft brush attachment are the best option for cleaning corners of the room. Instead of the wet mop prefer damp mop for cleaning the laminated surface. The less water you use, the durable flooring will become. One can use a mild dishwasher for cleaning the surface. There are exclusive laminate flooring cleaners available in the market. You can use those products to make the floor germ free, dust-free, spotless and shiny.
  • Put an entry mat at the entrance door as well as at the bathroom door, it will collect all dirt, oil, water, sand and grit that may damage the floor surface.
  • Avoid sliding heavy items across the floor.

Follow these easy care and maintenance tips and more life to your laminate flooring. There are laminate flooring cleaners, kits, and cleaning agents available in the market, or you can call floor cleaners to clean the floor once in a while to keep it in its best shape.

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