Effective Hacks To Make Your Office Look Cleaner

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The hectic work environment leaves little time and energy to clean up the office. Studies show a messy work environment can hamper productivity in addition to downgrading the office outlook.

Fortunately, without spending on professional cleaners, there are ways to get your workplace clean in no time. There are many neat tricks to keep your office orderly without putting in too much effort.

Keep Your Desk Clear

Perhaps the most difficult advice to follow. You might keep certain items on the table to access them instantly but rethink whether they are necessary or used frequently. Put away all the stuff that you don’t need in a drawer and declutter your desk before you welcome any visitors.


Keep A Catch-All Drawer

A quick place to stash all your rogue items cluttering your desk is the catch-all drawer. Allocate a drawer to remove your mess instantly to keep your table tidy. Remember to periodically clear the drawer.


Let Some Light In

Harsh fluorescent light can hurt your eyes if used for prolonged periods. On the other hand, dark space can also contribute to your office room looking dull and unkempt. Open the blinds and let in natural light. It will drastically alter the appearance of your room.

The hot, dry weather in Perth can contribute to a stuffy environment in your office. Opening the windows for proper air circulation will get rid of the musty odour in the closed office.


Keep Furniture Clean

Dusty couches are an antithesis to a clean office and professional image. Fortunately, couch cleaning in Perth has never been easier and more affordable with Magic Dry to solve your dust dilemma with your office couch. Clean furniture equals a clean office which equals a clean image.

Close Unnecessary Computer Applications

We are guilty of this crime. Granted long hours of office can be boring and a little Counter-Strike or some quick online shopping can never hurt.   However, being accosted by a visitor for staring intently at your computer screen and ignoring your duties can be embarrassing and potentially debilitating in front of your superior.

Make sure you prioritize the necessary tasks that are due and avoid being swamped with multiple commitments at once and crash your system memory.

Don’t Eat Messy Food At Your Table

Cannot resist that popular curry from the new joint opposite your office. But, it’s better to reserve that for take-out to avoid a regrettable mess. However, if you do eat any messy food, neutralize the odour with some deodorizer and wipe any spills.


Put A Lid On Your Rubbish Can

No one wants to see your rubbish or worse smell it. The ideal way is to clear your garbage regularly. Nonetheless, having a garbage bin with a lid will mitigate the sight as well as the smell of piling rubbish. You should also line the bin with newspaper to dissolve any excess liquid or oil. The garbage bin should also be wiped down with antibacterial wipes.


Keep The Floor Clear

Sometimes a vacuum isn’t enough, especially for larger offices or industrial buildings. For such cases, specialized industrial-grade scrubbers or a robot Roomba are a better investment to save time and money in the long run.


Detangle The Cables

The spider web of cables behind your computer isn’t a pleasant sight to behold. For this situation, run the cables through the desk’s grommet or out of sight under your desk. Coloured cable ties will also help to better organize unruly cables.


Utilize the Fragrance of Flowers

Perth is rich with indoor plants that will easily revive any mundane office interior. Pothos, African milk trees and euphorbia are some great options that acclimatize to the warm Perth weather and require little care, the perfect combination for a busy office worker.


Use Sticky Notes to Clean

Grubby keyboards from the crumbs that fell while munching on your favourite pastry is a given. Clean up by picking up crumbs with the adhesive section of sticky notes, especially those hard-to-reach ones between the keys of your keyboard.

Invest in a Handheld Vacuum

Books, filing cabinets, and computers are the most common places for dust collection. A handheld vacuum can help solve the dust issue. Dust regularly to keep your office clean and save money by not hiring cleaners.


Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean the Office Chairs

Food, dust, dirt can quickly build up and make your shiny, expensive office chairs dirty. But, there is a quick solution- dishwashing detergent mixed with a few teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide. Scrub your dirty chairs with the solution and a scrubbing brush and leave them drying over the weekend, you will be surprised how good they will look on Monday morning.


Use Chair Mats

Walking around the workplace all day may wear down carpet and scuff hardwood floors. A chair mat can help keep the floors clean and presentable.

Implement Power Cleaning

Make a routine for all employees in the office to take 10 mins every other day to clean their workspace, and save you worrying about a messy office.

Appoint a Kitchen Monitor

Appoint a responsible person to monitor the office kitchen on a weekly rotation. The person will be in charge of cleaning floors, worktops, appliances and dirty dishes. The microwave is especially liable for cleaning. Place some wet paper towels and run them in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. The moisture will soften the dirt and grime which can then be easily wiped down.

Make Toilet Cleaning a Twice-daily Event

Don’t worry, this will take a few minutes. Clean it after lunch and at the end of each workday. A simple routine is enough. Clean toilets are truly a blessing to all employees!

Use Travel Mugs

Coffee is an essential component of an office worker’s daily routine. Hence, spilling drinks is an everyday incident. In addition to the cleanliness issue, it is also at risk of ruining equipment. Sealed travel mugs will help make spillages a thing of the past.


Banish Office Odours for Good

Baking soda and essential oil in strategic locations around the office will help absorb nasty odours for good.


Wear Earphones or Noise-Cancelling Headphones

An office should be clean as well as peaceful for everyone to be their most productive self and work without undue interruption. Noise pollution has increasingly become an issue in big cities like Perth with traffic, construction and people moving about throughout the day.

Some noises are difficult to stop. However, employees can reduce this annoyance by using noise-cancelling headphones.

Clean Your Dirty Screen With Coffee Filter

You spend all day staring at your computer screen so keeping it clean is imperative. Always keep a packet of disposable screen wipes within reach to wipe down when you need to, even coffee filters work well.


Rushing out of the office at the end of the day can be tempting. But if you dedicate just 10 minutes and tidy up after yourself, you will come to a clean desk the next day.


This will have a positive effect on your mind. Regular, little tidying can save you from huge cleaning duties when the mess gets out of control and will take longer to clean up!


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