Efficient Ideas to Beautify your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen cabinet, budget and maintenance are two important factors that you should keep in mind. There are various styles, designs, and materials available in kitchen cabinets for you to choose from. While new kitchen cabinets are for people who are moving to a new house, an efficient idea for people who are planning to give a makeover to their existing kitchen cabinet, refacing the kitchen cabinet is considered as the best cost-effective idea. 


Kitchen refacing 

It is recommended for you to allocate 10 to 25 % of your home value to your upcoming kitchen remodeling budget. When we calculate the overall kitchen remodeling budget, the kitchen cabinet will account for up to 30 % of the budget, one of the largest expenses. You should plan well before you place your hands on kitchen cabinets as they are going to last for a lifetime and it is one of the very important assets in your house. 

Apart from spending, investing in a beautiful kitchen cabinet, you should also look for ways to maintain your kitchen cabinet. Maintaining them will expand their lives. Kitchen cabinet refacing is considered as one of the cost-effective solutions to your existing kitchen. The cabinet frames or boxes will be initially reinforced after the application of wood or laminate surface. While remodeling your existing kitchen, measurements play an important role in making your existing kitchen cabinet look almost like a new one. Accurate measurements must be made to make your drawers, cabinet, and doors look neatly finished. This will also attract your guests and make them wonder if you have installed new CozyHome Cabinets

Post-installation refacing can be finished in just three to five days or seven days maximum. While the refacing is being carried out, you can also upgrade the Kitchen to Peninsula, islands, and new cabinets. This will further improve the look of your kitchen. You must remember that the idea of cabinet remodeling or refacing is highly recommended for those who want to remodel their kitchen in a budget-friendly way. If you do not have any financial constraints and are planning to remodel your kitchen in a brilliant way you can consider installing new CozyHome Cabinets and install new designs instead of refacing. There are various designs, styles, and color choices for people looking for Kitchen refacing. 


Maintenance of your kitchen cabinets

Now coming to the maintenance of the kitchen cabinets, you must keep your kitchen neat and tidy both to make it look new always and to keep everyone free from any infections. 

  • You should keep the sharp objects like knives, utensils, etc. away from the drawer fronts and cabinet doors to keep them free of scratches. This will also ensure a longer life for the kitchen cabinet. 
  • Keep in mind not to bang your chairs, stools, or any furniture against the cabinets in the lower part. This is prone to happen as we concentrate so much on cooking and forget about our cabinet doors. 
  • You should also clean your cabinets weekly once or at least every two weeks to keep them clean and free of dust. You can wipe them regularly to keep them away from grease and dust. It is believed that a wooden cabinet surface attracts less dust buildup. The wooden cabinet drawers and doors are mostly built of wood that is of superior grade. Wooden cabinets also give a rich look to your house. You can also customize the wooden cabinets according to your likes. You can do this by refacing. 


You can clean your wooden cabinet doors and drawers with a simple mixture of water and dish soap. Take one part of mild dish soap and two parts of water and mix them. With this mixture, you can wipe your wooden cabinets frequently to keep dust away. This will also further ensure shining wood. The above-mentioned mixture is a natural one and easy one to make but you can also opt for a natural wood cleaner to frequently cleaning your wooden cabinet doors. Remember not to use any harsh chemicals or cleaners over the wooden surface as it might damage the surface. If there are any stains or spills that are dried you can use a mixture of water along with baking soda to clean up. 

For laminate cabinet doors, you do not have to care very intricately as these require quite less maintenance when compared to the wooden cabinets. If you do not know, laminate cabinet doors are considered much more durable when compared to wooden doors. They are also much more affordable and quite easy to clean than wooden cabinet doors. You can look for the warranty of all of the CozyHome Cabinets before you purchase. Many companies offer a lifetime warranty against cracks, peels, or blisters. The glazed laminate cabinet doors require some maintenance and attention often to keep them clean. You can expect good durability and a beautiful look with this cabinet door. 

You can regularly clean the laminate cabinet doors using a mild dish soap along with warm water. Make sure you do not use ammonia or citrus-based cleaners on glazed laminate cabinet doors. Also, avoid using abrasive pads or cleaning agents. 


Home-based cleaning agents

Some of the easy cleaning solutions that you can find right at your access in your home include Lemon juice, Baking soda, white distilled vinegar, and Mild soap mixed with water. With these cleaning solutions, you can keep your cabinet doors neat away from dust and shine. But, remember not all the solutions suit all types of cabinet doors. For example, a glazed laminate door should not be cleaned with Citrus based cleaners. So use solutions according to the cabinet door type.


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