Electric Pressure Washer Maintenance Tips

Electric Pressure Washer

It is a common phenomenon for most of us to store our electric pressure washer after a long washing session without any maintenance. But if you want a long and satisfying service from your electric pressure washer, before and after washing session, total maintenance is a must. Today, I am going to discuss the essential tips for the electric pressure washer. These tips are surely going to change your view about a perfect electric pressure washer maintenance guide.

I have divided today’s article into three different nevertheless essential parts-

  1. Why and when to maintain your electric pressure washer
  2. A step by step maintenance guide
  3. Specific tips for easier maintenance

Why and when to maintain your electric pressure washer

As you know, an electric pressure washer is an electronic device. So, naturally, it needs some look after. The reasons for maintenance are-

  • To avoid consistency in performance
  • Avoid repairing which often is expensive
  • Avoiding breakdown while washing

There are some specific times when you must go through the proper maintenance of your electric pressure washer. You should read the maintenance guide carefully, attached along with the product guide. Normally, an electric pressure washer maintenance schedule is enlisted in different time-frames –

  • Before each use
  • After first 24 hrs. of use
  • After a yearly use
  • 100 or more hrs. use

A step by step maintenance guide

This section is divided into different parts for proper and thorough maintenance of your electric pressure washer. These are-

Checking leak

Before you start pressure washing turn on your electric pressure washer and look closely if there is any water leakage.
It runs with an electric motor. Furthermore, it has an axial piston pump. The company seals them with closed lubrication so you don’t need to bother about it.
If the motor stops working, instead of repairing it replace it with a newer one. Don’t get worried, it actually costs less than repairing.

Spray gun, nozzle, and hose

Nozzles gradually get clogged with debris and other wastage like mud after brief use. A debris clogged nozzle is most likely to provide an unsatisfactory performance. A clogged nozzle prevents the water flow and occasionally builds upstream pressure.  So, careful cleaning of the clogged debris is a must.  In order to clean the debris, use a nozzle tip cleaner or unfolded paper clip. Just move the wire up and down for few times to ensure that there is no debris clogged inside.

Spray gun and hose also needs regular maintenance. Before and after every use of your electric pressure washer, observe closely if there is any leaking on the hose or spray gun. Also, check the trigger gun by pulling and releasing several times if it is working perfectly or not. Additionally, look if there are any cracks. These might cause premature failure of the pressure washer. If you find any such leakage or cracks, fix them without any delay.

Air filter

Next you need to check the air filter if it is functioning properly. In order to clean the filter, remove it and hit it against the surface a few times. This will remove the dirt. Then rinse it with an old towel or tissue with some clean water and put it back in its place.


Many consider the storage of their electric pressure washer as a simple task but it is highly concerned with proper maintenance of the washer. Before storing, follow these steps-

  1. Remove excessive detergent or soap from the nozzle tip by running water.
  2. Before turning off the main engine, spray the trigger twice to ensure there is no extra water.
  3. Dislocate the hose from the pressure washer.
  4. Cover the electric pressure washer properly to avoid dust. Then store it in a dry, cool and clean place away from any furnaces, dryers, etc.

Specific tips for easier maintenance:

The following tips will help you maintain your electric pressure washer with ease-

  1. Buy an hour meter so that it reminds you exactly when your electric pressure washer needs a through maintenance. Don’t worry as an hour meter is cost effective.
  2. If you want to store your pressure washer for a long period during winter, you better buy a pump saver which saves the washer from damage with its unique anti-freeze technology.
  3. Don’t wonder over buying expensive maintenance staffs. You can do most of the maintenance work with your hand.

These easy to follow steps for maintaining your electric pressure washer, I believe, will help you greatly for maintenance of your electric pressure washer. I would suggest you avoid any hurriedness and take time while performing the maintenance work. It will increase the maintenance quality; therefore will develop the life-span of the pressure washer as well as its work performance.

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