Vertical blinds look catchy but cleaning them is a difficult task and at the same time tricky too. It is so much tricky that most of the people prefer to detach them and take them to dry cleaner for washing. Even, some others opt to replace them with a new one and get rid of the old one by simply putting it in waste material or to sell it to a scrap vendor. However, the reality is it they can be easily washed at home by taking few tips into consideration. Vertical blinds are made up of fabric, plastic and wood material. No matter your vertical blinds are made up of fabric, plastic material or are wooden, here is a complete guide to washing your vertical blinds.

How to Clean Wooden Vertical Blinds

Special care should be taken to clean the wooden vertical blinds like don’t use the chemicals or excessive detergents as moisture can take off the skin of the wood. Moreover, it may result in the discoloring of the slats. Adopt the following steps to clean the wooden slats of the vertical blinds.

  • Locate the stains on the slats. Try to remove them using a paper cloth. If the stains are hard enough to be removed using the paper towel, dab a good wood cleaner on a soft towel and apply it on the stains to remove them. Move the towel gently on the surface so as to avoid the damage.
  • Close the slats and start cleaning the slats by either moving upside downwards or downside upwards using a soft towel cloth. Moving side wards may result in unhooking of the slats causing damages. You can also use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner having low power. However, don’t use the cleaner directly. Instead, attach the soft brush with a vacuum cleaner which may otherwise result in damages.
  • When you are finished on one side of the slats, turn the slats so that the other side is in front and use the smooth soft towel or brush or vacuum cleaner to clean the other side of the blinds.
  • If the blinds are too dirty, use the soapy solution to clean the slats. Apply it with the help of a soft towel. After you apply the soapy material on whole the surface of blinds, use a dry soft towel to wipe the soapy material.


  • Don’t dip the slats in the water as wooden materials absorb moisture which may cause damages.
  • Don’t rub the towel too hard. It can remove the surface. To remove the tough stains, use a slightly wet towel to clean the slats.
  • If the slats are high enough to reach directly, use a stool to reach the top of the slats.
  • If you wish to enhance the look of the wooden blinds, use a non-wax furniture polish with the help of a soft towel.
  • For better results, try cleaning the blinds once in a quarter or after 6 months so as to avoid tough stains.

Wooden Vertical Blind

How to Clean Plastic Vertical Blinds

It is seldom recommended to remove the plastic blinds for cleaning. However, if you feel that it requires being washed, you can remove them nice and gently. If the stains aren’t tough, it is suggested to clean the blinds while hanging. The process to clean them is as follows:

  • Close the slats to the one side so as to avoid damage and dust the slats using a soft cloth.
  • Attach an upholstery wand attachment to a domestic purpose vacuum cleaner and start using the vacuum cleaner to clean the blinds upside downwards. If required, you may also move sidewards gently to clean the slats.
  • Move your blinds to the alternate side and repeat the process.
  • If you still feel that there is dust on the slats, use a soft brush to remove the dust from where it is visible.
  • If you are not still satisfied with the cleaning of the blinds, remove the blinds and roll them in the shape of the coil. Place this coil in a cover like a pillow cover is safe; wash it in the washing machine for better results.


  • Don’t ever use a commercial vacuum cleaner as it will grab the slats resulting in damages.
  • Don’t use a vacuum cleaner without an attachment even if it is low power domestic purpose vacuum cleaner. Use the attachments to prevent the damages.
  • Close the blinds fully so that they don’t get bunched at one end.

Plastic Vertical Blind

How to Clean Fabric Vertical Blinds

Fabric blinds need to be removed in order to get cleaned. They can only be cleaned after washing in the machines. Below are the steps to wash the fabric vertical blinds with ease.

  • Remove your blinds and close them in the shape of a coil.
  • Place this coil in a pillow cover so that it remains exactly in the shape of coil while washing in the machine.
  • Reading the instructions to wash the blinds is a nice idea to avoid the mishaps.
  • Don’t use too much hot water to wash the blinds as the glue used to fix the slats may melt as a result of this.
  • Place this pillow covers along with some soft towels in the washing machine at the sides so as to avoid the damages by hitting the washing machine tub.
  • After this is done, remove the blinds from the washing machine, open the pillow cover, and remove the blinds.
  • Place them nice and straight on an even clean surface, most appropriately on top of the roof exposed to sunlight and allow the blinds to get dried.


  • Don’t use too much hot water to wash the blinds. Use your hands to feel the temperature of the water before putting the blinds in it. Up to 30 degrees temperature of the water is suitable to clean the fabric vertical blinds.
  • Always wash the blinds by rolling them in the shape of a coil so as to avoid the damages.
  • Always let dry the blinds naturally. Using dry cleaner may result in fading the color of the slats as they are exposed to heat. It may also result in melting of glue used to fix the slats by the vendor of the blinds during the manufacturing process. To avoid this, best policy is to dry them naturally by putting on an even and clean surface.

Fabric Vertical Blinds

How to Remove Mould from Vertical Blinds

Mould isn’t just unattractive; it is likewise destructive to your wellbeing. However, regardless of how cautious a property holder is, it is relatively difficult to totally keep away from it. At the point when warm from the sun interacts with cooler surfaces, similar to sodden conditions or icy temperatures, this turns into the perfect territory for Mould.

Whenever daylight and warmth hit the icy glass, buildup shapes within a window sheet. In the event that you have drapes or blinds covering your windows, these will drench up both the dampness and the glow. Lo and observe, a major terrible fix of mold will be the outcome.

What makes Mould so loathsome is its sheer industriousness. When it gets its guides into any family surface– whether it is a painted roof, a thing of dress, or a home fabric, for example, curtains– expulsion is really intense.

Blinds give perfect conditions to Mould development – with buildup on the windows supporting mold improvement on the blinds. The shape will develop in warm, clammy zones, and the living spores stick to fabrics and permeable surfaces. The spores must be slaughtered to forestall additionally shape advancement.

Here are a few recommendations, however. Good luck!

  • Start by vacuuming your fabric. Remember that in the event that you do as such, you should hurl the vacuum sack a short time later, since it will probably be tainted by mold spores. In the event that that appears like a, skirt that progression and take a stab at brushing the fabric with a solid swarmed brush. This may get a portion of the buildup off. Do this outside on the grounds that, once more, you would prefer not to spread buildup around the house
  • One approach to evacuate Mould on blinds is by cleaning the blinds utilizing cleanser and water. In the event that Mould remains, utilize chlorine blanch or some lemon squeeze at that point spread with salt and leave in the sun to dry, before washing altogether.
  • If they’re metal or another waterproof material, you absolutely can absorb them the shower for an hour or two out of an answer of heated water and clean up the fluid with a couple of sprinkles of dye.
  • After drenching, wipe the mildew covered territories with a delicate material to expel stamps and wrap up by flushing off with the shower connection.
  • If the blinds are produced using fabric, DON’T utilize this technique. Rather, unclip the braces and lay them on a spotless, level surface. Utilizing a delicate brush, tenderly wipe away any dry Mould, at that point clean every one by wiping through and through with a fabric dunked in a mellow cleanser arrangement.
  • Blot with a perfect material plunged in plain water to wash. Utilize delicate, rehashed applications as opposed to over-wetting or rubbing hard.
  • For all strategies, hang up straight on a washing line to dry. Air drying is the best.
  • Sprays and claim to fame shape cleaning items are accessible at home change and supermarkets yet a characteristic, non-lethal arrangement can be made reasonably from family unit items.



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