Getting Your Smart Home Automation Done in Philadelphia

Since Philadelphia being one of the oldest cities in United States, you will find a lot of old houses from pre historic era. Hence the need to upgrade to the latest technology is catching up in Philly. When you think of automation in your house first thing that comes to your mind is the looks and the essence of the house should not be disturbed. Hence finding the best Home automation company which adheres and respects your concerns is very important.

Home Automation can be broadly classified into:

Doorbell Cameras and Surveillance Systems – See, hear and speak to anyone at your door

Door Locks and Window Sensors – Lock and Unlock from your Smart phones

Lights- Control your lights from virtually any location

Thermostats- Adjust and schedule your Thermostat remotely

Garage Doors- Open, close and monitor your garage door from virtually anywhere

Whole-Home Audio


Doorbell Cameras are very useful when you have small Kids and Elderly living at Home. The cameras help identify the persons at your door and can save you from any intruders.

Door Locks can be controlled with help of the smart phones from virtually anywhere. Window sensors can help in identifying any threat in case the house is empty.

Lights can be switched on and off or dimmed as per the mood just at touch of button on the Mobile app or Sound command. The house can be wired accordingly. This will help save a lot of money on your electricity bill. There are lots of companies offering smart Switches and Plugs as per your budget.

Due to extreme climate in Philly the temperature fluctuations can be controlled with the help of Thermostats. Fire Alarms should also be installed.

Garage Doors can also be operated either with help of Smart Phones or Voice commands.

If you and your family like to listen to Music then you can have different genres for each and everyone in your house just at a Command of a Voice.

Similarly, Home Theater also gives you the choice to watch anything on a big screen just at touch of a button or Voice sensing gadgets.

There are few Home Automation companies offering services for the Elderly just at the press of button like 24/7 Assistance, Fall detection, Fast Response in case of an emergency the Family/Hospital can be informed quickly with the help of a medical alert bracelet and also GPS on-the-go System which allows you to pin-point the location of the Elderly Family member. You can check out this Home automation company from Philadelphia:

There are many Mobile Security apps for the families on the go. Some companies also integrate smart home systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

You can also automate some Kitchen appliances too. Like the Oven can be timed according to the recipe, Washing Machines can be controlled with help of smart phone etc.

Home Automation gives you the ability to control every aspect of your home from almost anywhere. Instead of traditional buttons you now have touch screens, smart phone and tablet apps with remote capability. The benefits of Automation are Safety, Simplicity and most importantly Efficiency. The automation company should have a good Installation team which carries out all the changes without disturbing the interiors of the house and also cleans up after the project is over.

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