Granite For Modern Kitchen Countertops

Granite is a form of natural stone or rock made up of multiple other minerals in it. It is basically the choice for decorative and other home fittings too, while its use is much more common today. In the home, interior granite countertops are the most popular one for the kitchen due to their specific qualities that fit best for daily pantry usage.

Whereas, the natural stone counters come in various choices of colors, designs, and pattern that makes the selection more diverse for different modes.

Although these countertops seem a cheaper option than marble and other stones. But in contrast to its price, it is more durable, stronger and cost-effective.

Types of Granite Kitchen Countertops

The granite countertops come in a variety of colors and design that can complement any interior. One just needs to select according to the house color theme and style.

However, these countertops differ from one another due to the ratio of mineral content in them. The typical granite contains crystals and igneous rocks; quartz, mica, and feldspar.

●       White pearls

Modern interior with white walls and arrangement are so on trend for newer constructions. To complement this style the white pearl granite can be used as a countertop in the kitchen. White pearl granite imposes an image of purity while it will also make the pantry look spacious.

●       Whole Black

The black stoned shimmery countertop induces a warm look while flattering with elegance. The black colored rock gives the granite, dark sparkling look, though it is the perfect pair with the brown or red cabinets and fitting.

●       African Safari

It is the typical granular image of granite countertops, this design is not only casual but it also demands less maintenance.

●       Blizzard

This is also a natural type of granite that shows a sunny appearance for a more custom style. It is flexible for multiple uses in various places like kitchen countertops or bathroom slabs also.

Why choose granite countertops for the kitchen?

The granite countertops are favorite for homemakers and interior designers for decades. Its malleable and lustrous surface makes the kitchen chores much easier. They are easy to clean and cost less for maintenance. However, they also crack resistant and only high pressure can cause any damage to them.

Similarly, they are;

●       Strong

Granites come in the list of hardest substances or stones, they are made up to silica and toughest minerals.

●       Durable

Their strength is inevitable and that is the main reason of granite’s long life as well as durability.

●       Stylish and fashionable

The designs and color offer variety, that’s why it is stylish and agrees with the resembling colors plus interior.

●       Resist damage

The hard rock material is so tough that it can handle high pressure and burden to the too much extent. That’s why it is resisting towards the damage to the kitchen surface and slabs.

●       Cheaper in cost

In the market, the marble costs much higher than the granite, while the granite is nonporous and stays longer than other substance.


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