People become allergic and patient with Asthma. Cleaning homes often add to the list for being one of the reasons for these problems. To avoid such issues, the technology has advanced by introducing the HEPA Media Filters in the market. This technology is meant to capture 0.3micron particles that travel through the filter. This is the reason; the technology is effective to reduce allergies and asthma. It also helps better suction of the dust particles.


HEPA Media Filter

You might think that pollution comes from outside. It is a misconception and the fact is there are pollutants inside your home and in the office that may irritate the lungs and cause asthma and other allergies. When you are cleaning your home or office using an ordinary vacuum cleaner, you are not removing the tiny dust particles, pollutant, and allergens. In fact, you are just spreading it all over the places. The reason for this is that the ordinary filters are not potent enough to remove such tiny particles, pollutants, and allergens.

The Hoover uses this technology in its Wind Tunnel3 Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner and some other models. It helps in better cleaning of carpets and to Best Vacuum the Laminate Floors. The Hoover uses the HEPA Media Filters which meet the current HEPA Media Filter standards. They are manufactured, tested and certified according to the standards so to perform effectively. This technology is best to protect kids from asthma and allergies. Kids usually have to bear such problems. Using this technology, problems like sneezing, watery eyes and runny now have become a past story.

The HEPA Media Filters are well accepted by the medical associations to resist the allergens. The reason for the effectiveness of this filter is it captures particles which are 5o times smaller than out visibility. These particles are many times tinier than the volume of human hair.

Apart from the medical benefits, Hoover Vacuum Cleaner using HEPA Media Filter performs better to pick dust, pet hair and debris from the carpet and hard surfaces. As this filter has improved suction power, it gives better cleaning results. So, these filters are not only used for water filtration but also in vacuum cleaners for better cleaning and allergy resistance.

The best thing for HEPA media filters is that these are certified and these have fortunately met the standards of IEST AND UL that are the highly authentic institutes regarding the testing of environmental technology. If you want to confirm the best performance of a filter then it is good to get it tested by the recognized industry standards.

Advantages of HEPA Media Filters:

Following are the benefits of Hoover HEPA Media Filters:

  • The standard to produce HEPA Media Filters is 99.97% success results to capture 0.3micron dust particles. This ensures better cleaning.
  • The Hoover Wind Tunnel3 is economical Vacuum Cleaner when talking about the effectiveness on hard surfaces. Even the high priced other competitor products aren’t effective enough to show such results. This is one of the reasons customers like buying Hoover products.
  • Once the particles are captured inside the filter, they can no longer return back into the air. This resists allergens and pollutants. By using this filter, improve indoor air quality is guaranteed at both in offices and at homes.
  • It helps eliminate mold, smoke, dust, bacteria, and pollen from the air. Therefore, an allergic free home and office are ensured.
  • By using this device, you will be in a peace of mind by ensuring a healthier environment that keeps you and your family away from allergens and impurities..
  • The buyer reviews also show the positive response to the product by the users. This also compels a potential buyer to purchase the product.
  • The medical practitioners also suggest using HEPA Technology Vacuum Cleaners for prevention of allergies and asthma.
  • HEPA Media Filters are even good for the allergic patients by controlling Microbial spores, capturing pathogens and other air containment. It helps to get rid of patients limited to isolated rooms.

When HEPA Media Filters Need Replacement:

To get the full benefit of the above-mentioned advantages, the filter needs to be changed after every 6 months. The Vacuum cleaner shall resist the allergens and give best cleaning results only if the filter is changed on a timely basis. It will help to clean harmful gases and particles from the indoor air at homes and in the offices.

To change the filters, the process is well described in the user manual of Hoover Vacuums. The HEPA Filter of Hoover Vacuum is washable. The process to wash and the filter is as follows:

  • Detach the Vacuum Cleaner from your power plug.
  • There is a round grill on the vacuum body. Locate the grill and turn it anti-clockwise to remove the cleaner.
  • There is a handle at the center of the filter element. Locate the handle and remove the filter by pulling the handle at the mid of element. Clean the filter using a wet cloth. In case you feel the filter is dirty enough to be washed, wash it using cold tap water.
  • Let the filter dry in sunlight or air for few minutes.
  • Insert a new filter element in the housing. The handle of this filter element must be facing outward.
  • Place the grill back on the vacuum body. Fix it by turning it clockwise till the time it is locked.

Tips to Clean and Replace HEPA Media Filter:

  • Wash the filter under a stream of cold tap water. Hold the filter in your hands during washing.
  • Don’t use chemicals, detergents, cleaners or a cleaning brush to clean the filter. They can cause damage.
  • Allow the filter to dry in air or sunlight before you place it again in the vacuum.
  • To replace the filter, locate the dirt cup under the lid. Use the release button by pressing it to remove the dirt cup. Lift the lid and turn it upside down to remove the dirt cup. Remove that filter and then you are supposed to install a new filter by simply twisting it into the bottom clockwise. After that place the lid back on the dirt cup and push it until it gets to its place.


Certainly, everybody wants to keep himself and his family away from allergens and pollutants. Cleaning the houses and offices become one of the reasons for allergies and asthma. It is a major reason for allergies and asthma in kids.

However, there is a solution to this problem presented by Hoover, one of the best vacuum cleaner manufacturers by introducing HEPA Media Filters for cleaning. So, when you are deciding to purchase a vacuum cleaner, keep the health factor in mind and choose the Hoover Win Tunnel3 Upright Bagless Vacuum cleaner which is not only best at cleaning but also keeps you away from allergies and asthma.

The technology is aimed at sucking ting particles which gave a diameter of 0.3micron and also ensures not to push them back into the air. This helps reducing allergies. It also helps in the better suction of the Vacuum Cleaner.

Therefore, when you are choosing a Vacuum Cleaner for your home or office, Hoover Wind Tunnel3 Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is the best choice for cleaning your home and office.

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