Household Tips If You Got Furry Pets

For cat and dog lovers out there, there is nothing more important than creating a clean, beautiful, and happy home for the pets. Your furry friends, needless to say, should be treated like family, and as a family, you must protect, love, and nurture them well so they will grow happy and healthy all the time.

Also, having pets around offers great benefits to people. Pets are known to be stress relievers and persons who own pets are found to be happier and healthier according to psychologists. Nevertheless, pet owners need to bear several pointers in mind. While it is true that pets are a great and loyal company to humans, they are also the cause for a dirty and messy home.

It is certainly not easy to raise furry pets. This is where cleaning your home for the sake of your pets and your wellbeing comes in.  Thus, we are recommending these household tips to keep your home a clean and safe haven for your furry family members.

Tips to a Pet-Friendly Home

  • Groom pets on a regular basis.

Grooming your cats and dogs by brushing their coat daily is not only beneficial to your pets but also advantageous as far as your home is concerned. Your furry animal pals shed hair every now and then and having pet hair everywhere in your home can be a headache. Also, removing their excess hair can be quite challenging especially when these hairs get stuck in your upholstered furniture. If you want to lessen the amount of hair loss from your pets, brushing them regularly does wonders. This also prevents fur balls and thereby helps keep your dog’s and cat’s coat looking healthy. For best results, consult your vet or care provider about brushing tools that are appropriate to your pet’s specific breed. 


Bathing your pets is another way to groom them. It also protects them from ticks and fleas, which are bad for your pet’s health. While grooming, always check your pet’s hair for the possible existence of parasites like ticks and fleas. It must be noted, however, that bathing your dog should not be done excessively as this can wash away the skin’s natural oil leading your dog to have dry skin. As for cats, it’s less hassle as they can clean themselves on their own. Unless your furry pets are really covered in dirt, then you’ve really got no choice but to bathe them right there and then.

  • Regularly wash and disinfect items belonging to your pets.

Pet belongings like cat toys or dog toys and pet bowls should undergo regular cleaning using disinfectant. Don’t you know that a dog’s feeding bowl has been found to be one of the dirtiest items in your household? Research revealed that a furry pet’s bowl is even more germ infested than your kitchen sink or kitchen sponge. Therefore, if you want to protect your pets from harmful bacteria and illnesses (i.e. parvo virus), you have to disinfect their stuffs by soaking them in a bleach and water solution for several minutes before drying them.

  • Constantly clean up your pets’ habitat.

Areas where your furry friends normally dwell should be cleaned daily. Cages and other spaces they often stay in should be kept cleaned, wiped, or washed every day to stop germs from spreading. Keep whatever pet things in your house away from food counters and kitchen sinks to avoid food contamination. For your own prevention as well, wear gloves when cleaning your pet’s habitats and always wash your hands with soap and water after cleaning and handling animals.

  • Vacuum regularly to get rid of hair and odor.

As long as there are furry pets, hair, odor and accidents are inevitable. The most important thing is that you clean up after your pets’ mess immediately to prevent bad odor and germs from lingering in the atmosphere. A vacuum cleaner that’s specially designed to thoroughly suck up pet hair is a good investment. If you really want a squeaky clean and hair-free environment, vacuum daily.

Keep a lovely home for you and your pets!

Maintaining a lovely home for everyone in the family has gotten us to greater heights starting from residential pest control, bed bugs extermination, termite control, or even flea pest control. Not only does keeping home lovely in the eyes but also making it comfortable for our family members and of course, beloved pets that we cohabitate with love. This entails looking after your pets as well since we live under the same roof and it greatly matters to keep everyone healthy and hygienic.

In addition to the aforementioned tips, you should also allow your home a breath of fresh air by opening your windows to deodorize the atmosphere. Lastly, never forget to have your pets vaccinated when necessary. The bottom line is proper hygiene.

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