If you own a car, you keep it maintained at all times. Same goes for every other object that you own! Your refrigerator, your microwave oven and also your vacuum cleaner! For some people, vacuum cleaning machines are just cleaning agents to clean their floors, but when you take a deeper delve into its mechanism; you will realize that it is quite a delicate architecture on the inside. They need to be treated considerately and if left ignored and untended, they may give away by blowing out dust, getting overheated and ultimately losing their suction power.

How to clean vacuum hose

There are multiple parts of a vacuum cleaner which makes up for the whole thing; one of the most important parts of a vacuum cleaner is the hose. Why is it important? It’s because a vacuum cleaning hose is an inlet through which debris travels into the machine. The machine contains a bin which stores all of the dirt successfully. In case, if the hose underperforms, your floors remain unclean. Today, we are going to focus on how to clean vacuum hose. Let’s get into the details.


Hose makes up for an important part of a vacuum cleaner. Places where your normal vacuum is unable to reach and perform a thorough clean, a hose ends making up for it. Therefore, if you are looking to utilize the maximum efficiency of your floor cleaning agent, then you should be well prepared that your machine part may suffer risks such as clogging.

We often wonder what is clogging.

It is basically when debris, pads of paper and rolls of fur block the inlet, the hosepipe or any other part of the machine making it difficult for the machine to perform strong suction.

If your vacuum cleaner hose pipe is clogged, chances are high that it impairs the cleaning performance. In addition, it is completely wrong to deny that the hose pipe may not end up getting dirty in the process. Why’s that? It’s because cleaning agents such as the vacuum cleaner are highly dependent on air movement. With clogs, the air movement will directly have impacts.


Here, we are going to educate you on how you can follow a step-by-step guide to clearing up a clogged vacuum hose in order to get a more powerful suction performance. Also read light weight vacuum cleaner


The first and foremost step in order to clean the hose is to clear out the clog within the hose. To do so, detach the hose from the housing mechanism and lay it down on the ground. Make sure that it is linearly placed and positioned. It will be best advised that you do it on a tiled or marble floor instead of a carpeted one.

Stretch the entire hose and with the help of a long stick (preferably a broom handle) push it through the entire length of the hose; When you will insert the stick into the hose pipe, it will help unclog large debris particles such as rolls of fur and furniture stuffing and this will ultimately unclog the whole of hose pipe.


When the entire clog has been successfully removed from the pipe, it is now time to wash it up. To wash the hose, simply clear out a sink and fill it up with hot water 4 inch deep. Pour at least two tablespoons of bleach cleaning agent (liquid or powdered), and a nice squirt of dish soap.

Mix it all up and submerge the hosepipe into the sink. Now rotate the pipe around and allow the hot water to sink into the cavity of the hose pipe. Let the hosepipe wash up perfectly clean with the solution. As much as the water is going to move from the inner sections of the hose pipe, the more beneficial it will turn out to be for the overall cleaning process.

Once done, simply pull out the pipe and allow the solution to unclog stubborn debris on the inside.


All cleaned on the outside, it is now time to clean the house from the inside. To do so, you will have to rinse the pipe up. To clear out the newly unclogged stubborn debris and dirt, simply flush the inner section of the pipe with cold water. Allow the water to flow through the length of the hose and let all the sludge flow out of it from the other end.

One last thing you need to do is inspect the inner section whether it’s actually clear from all the clogs. If there is something still stuck in there, then don’t worry! You can use bottle washer simply to scrub out the remaining things within it.

All done! Now dry it up, attach it and start using it all over again.


Although, cleaning out the hose is the best way to keep things under highest maintenance; however, it is necessary that you take precautionary measures so you can avoid further hose clogging in the future.

  • To keep your vacuum hose remain unclogged, try to practice not to run the vacuum cleaner on an empty canister or empty bag.
  • Also, make sure that when you vacuum, the surrounding is cleared up and does not contain any large clogs so it does not get stuck within the hose.
  • One more practice to follow and which is quite essential is to make sure that you do not use the vacuum cleaner in a wet area so everything does not get stuck in.

If you follow these three practices, chances are high that you might not have to face the clogging of your vacuum hose too frequently.


Vacuum hose clogging can occur at any point in time. However, the best remedy for avoiding the clog is to take preventive measures. It is best advised that one should keep a thorough check of the hose once every month or two months.

This is, by far, the best way to keep the hose of your vacuum machine clean! If you think there is something we can add more to it, feel free to reach us out.



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