How Can Vacuum Cleaners Help The Asthma Patient?

If you’re suffering badly from asthma then you will agree with me when I say

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Asthma is the most painful disease anyone can have in their life.

Do you know why asthma is such a dangerous disease? Because once you develop asthma, you can’t cure it. Yes, Asthma is an incurable disease but you can minimize the symptoms of asthma.

Every day 1000 people die from asthma, and 339 million people affected by asthma. Asthma is the number three cause of hospitalization of children. With proper management, you can control asthma and should always be careful about things which may trigger asthma.

What is asthma?

Asthma is one kind of chronic disease that affects your lung airways. So what are airways? Airways are tubes that carry air out and in from your lung. If you have asthma, the inside wall of your airways become sore and swollen, and your airways become very sensitive which reacts strongly to things like allergies. When your airways react they become narrower and carry less oxygen to the lung. It makes breathing difficult.

When symptoms of asthma become unusual, it is called an asthma attack. In the severe asthma attack, your airways become so narrow that it can’t carry oxygen to the vital organ of your body. If you face a severe asthma attack, then there is a higher chance that you may die. Be careful as many people die every year from the severe asthma attack.

Can asthma be cured? I am sorry to say that asthma is not curable, but symptoms of asthma can be controlled. There are two types of medicine for asthma treatment. One is quick-relief medicine which is used to stop asthma symptoms, and another one is long term control medicine which used to prevent asthma symptoms.

Cause of asthma

Nobody knows the exact cause of asthma. Asthma expert believes that the risk of getting asthma partially depends on the genetics. Let’s see some possible cause of asthma.


Allergies is the main cause of asthma triggers. It is responsible for 90% of the children asthma attack and at least 50% of the adults’ asthma attack. You can’t predict which allergies are accountable for your asthma development.

So if you have asthma and allergies both then you can take help from an allergist; an allergist can identify the specific allergies.

Smoke and air pollution

Some experts believe that smoke and air pollution is not responsible for asthma development, but there is evidence which suggests that smoke and air pollution may cause the development of asthma in people who don’t have it already.

What is research saying about the secondhand smoke effect on asthma? There is compelling research which supports that secondhand smoke may have involved in developing asthma in children. If the mother continues smoking in her pregnancy, then there is a chance that her children will bear with asthma.

What about the direct smoking effect on asthma? Direct smoking seems to not a cause for asthma development in adults. But for sure smoking will increase the symptoms of existing asthma.


Cause of most of the diseases is the combination of genetic and environmental factors, and asthma is no exception. Some estimate indicates that 50% or more asthma cases develop from the genes you inherit.

Genes play an essential role in developing asthma. Evidence shows that asthma is not a single gene disease. Which genes are responsible for asthma development no one knows precisely. Asthma developed by combinations of different genes.


Particular medicine can trigger an asthma attack. Yes, you are reading right, commonly used drug such as aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication can trigger an asthma attack. You have to be careful while taking blood pressure tablet also because it may aggravate your asthma symptoms.

How can a vacuum cleaner help the asthma patient?

We already know that dust particles are responsible for asthma triggers. Dust particles such as dust mites, cat and dog dander, and birds feathers can trigger asthma in people who are allergic to these dust particles.

As we already know that asthma is not curable, but we can control asthma symptoms. Can vacuum cleaner help asthma patient? Yes, the vacuum cleaner can help us to reduce asthma symptoms. So let’s see how a vacuum cleaner can help asthma patient.

  • Dust mites are responsible for asthma trigger in many people. The vacuum cleaner can reduce this risk by removing dust particles from your house.


  • Do you have birds in your home? If yes then you have exposed to birth feather related allergies, and allergy is responsible for asthma development. The vacuum cleaner can reduce this risk by cleaning every bird feather from your home.


  • If you have a cat or dog in your house, then you should seriously think about removing their dander from your room. Why? Because pet dander can trigger life threatening asthma attack. But the problem is it is impossible to see those pet dander through human eyes. In this case, a vacuum cleaner can remove pet dander and can reduce the risk of asthma trigger.


  • Secondhand smoke can develop asthma in children. After smoking, people through the filter of the cigarette, but they don’t clean the fallen cigarette ash from the room. This ash is tough to clean through ordinary cleaner, but vacuum cleaner can take out this ash completely from your room. So to save your children from exposing to secondhand smoke, you should clean your home through a vacuum cleaner.


Do you have a vacuum cleaner in your home? If not you should buy a vacuum cleaner so that you can minimise your asthma symptoms. So which vacuum should I buy?  To overcome asthma problem, we would like to suggest a quality vacuum cleaner – Dyson dc59.

Final words

Asthma can affect the quality of your life. If you experience the asthma attack frequently, that means your asthma is not well controlled. Though you can regain control of your asthma by bringing changes in your lifestyle. Still, you can lead a good life with asthma by minimizing asthma symptoms.

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