How Much Does Fire-Rated Glass Installation Cost?

Installing a fire-rated glass is not only a fancy touch Fire-rated glass prices vary based on several factors. This includes the type of glass, the brand, labor costs, and much more. If you’re interested in installing fire glass, there are numerous things to take into account. For instance, the use and structure of the building also matter in this process. In addition to that, there’s also the question of whether it’s for internal or external use. So how much does fireplace glass doors installation cost? Read along to find out!


Is Fire-rated Glass expensive?

8 Burning Questions About Fire-Rated Glass

This is one of the most popular questions when it comes to fire glass. So to answer it more accurately, the price of the glass solely depends on its size, thickness, and brand. In addition to that, it also boils down to the rating of such glass. For instance, glass that has a 20-minute rating will definitely be less expensive than that with a 3-hour rating.

Moreover, there are other factors that come into play. How impact resistant the glass is? Whether it provides acoustic resistance? The framing system that comes with it, as well as professional installation, also has a hand in the final cost.

For example, specialty tempered glass with a 20-min rating costs around $20 per square feet. Resistive tempered glass, on the other hand, has a 45-min rating and costs $45 per square feet. While 20 to 45-min filmed ceramic goes for $60 to $75 per square feet.

Laminated ceramic is much more expensive than its counterparts, and comes at $100 to $120 per square feet. With that said, film and laminate ceramic run more expensive because of importation. This means they have to be filmed or laminated to meet the fire resistance safety requirements. They also aren’t clear like tempered glass and they don’t block the heat.

Types of Fire-rated Glass & their features

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Wired glass is still very popular in institutions like offices, schools, or factories. With that said, this is an old version of today’s fire resistance technology. So while it’s more budget-friendly, unlike other options, it has its set of drawbacks.

In addition to that, the thin wire inside the glass is weak and will melt in case of a fire. This makes the glass more prone to breakage which could result in bad injuries. Moreover, it cannot be used in areas where impact resistance is needed.

Safety wired fire glass, on the other hand, can survive impacts in addition to offering fire protection. This has a special film that holds the glass in place in case it breaks. Much like wired glass, it’s also more affordable. However, it has more or less the same cons. Since it doesn’t do much in terms of heat protection, architects shy away from using it. Instead, they opt for more robust options that can offer enhanced protection.

The remaining fire glass options are much more cutting-edge and consist of tempered glass, ceramic, and laminated glass. These products meet all the safety standards and can be used at any width or height. While tempered glass is more cost-effective and impact-resistant, it doesn’t pass the hose stream test.

This means when it’s subjected to cold water, the sudden change in temperature will cause it to shatter. While it can carry a maximum rating of 20 minutes, the lack of heat protection makes its applications limited.

On the other hand, ceramic glass is more versatile and can withstand up to 800 degrees F. It’s very durable and it offers great heat protection features. This makes it perfect for glass hobs or fireplace applications.

While it’s heat resistant, its thermal insulation is a bit limited compared to laminated ceramic. This product offers the epitome of integrity and insulation. When a fire occurs, it can instantly transform into a heat-absorbing shield.

Where to use Fire-rated glass to meet safety standards in the office?

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Fire safety should be the number one consideration when designing an office building. So naturally, installing fire glass is an absolute must to protect employees and ensure their safety. These safety regulations and standards vary from one building to the other based on the purpose and the footfall.

Architects need to take these factors into account to ensure their design meets the requirements of the office structure. Glass doesn’t only eliminate the issue of fire hazard and heat radiance, it also adds to the modern appeal. This is particularly true for clear fire glass options that are also resistant to impact.

In addition to that, using it for office partitions and doors helps protect fire exit routes. Both internal and external installations are necessary. In addition to that, glass also promotes natural light and helps the interior space look brighter and more open.

Top-quality Glass Manufacturer & Supplier

Fab Glass and Mirror is a credible supplier of fire-rated glass all throughout the USA. We’re very thorough about our manufacturing procedure and are constantly working to enhance the options we offer. Moreover, you can install our top-quality fire rated glass in your office building, school, or any other institution. Though keep in mind that professional installation is always best when it comes to meeting safety regulations.

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