How to Build DIY Storm-Resistant Acrylic Windows to Safeguard Your Home Interior?

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Storm windows are meant to help protect your home during times when winds are high and when the temperatures drop considerably. By utilizing the proper storm-resistant window, you can not only protect your things from threatening storms, but you’ll also save money on heating bills.


Choosing the right colored glass sheets for your windows is the most important step in creating your own storm windows. After that, knowing just how to assemble and secure them is equally important. 


Make Window Measurements Precisely

Properly measuring your windows will result in a tighter seal and a more secure window. When the measurements are off, the acrylic glass will not remain throughout the season, leaving your home susceptible to high winds and terrible damage. 

Measuring the glass for your storm window must also take into consideration the frame you’ve chosen. 

  • First, measure the width of the frame you’re using.
  • Second, measure the overlap that the glass and the frame will have, the lip that secures the glass to the frame.
  • Third, measure the window area fully from inside to inside of the larger, permanent window frame.
  • Last, record measurements across the height and width of the bottom, middle, and top of the window space. Use the narrowest measurement for each height and the width.


Choosing the Appropriate Thickness of Acrylic Sheet

Certain windows will require different thicknesses than others. Depending on when the home was built, and if the windows are older or newer, the piece of acrylic glass you’ll need for your storm windows can be several different sizes.


The most common thicknesses are 1/8 inch, 3/16 inch, 1/2 inch, and 1/4 inch. The frame you’ve chosen to use will determine the thickness just as much as the original window. There is only enough space for a storm window to be situated, and therefore must be measured properly to be secure.


Cutting Safely According to the Design of Windows Pane

Regardless of the style and design of your window, always follow safety guidelines when cutting the acrylic glass. Be sure to have all your supplies and tools ready, and your workspace clear and arranged so that you avoid damaging the glass during cutting. 


  • Before starting in, put on gloves and safety glasses. Protecting yourself is the most important thing when working with something potentially sharp.
  • Begin by cleaning your workspace and laying down newspapers or a soft, non-abrasive material for the glass to rest upon. 
  • Mark out your measurements with a marker, and line up the desired cut lines with a sturdy yardstick or ruler. 
  • Using a glass cutter, score the lines slowly so that the glass doesn’t chip.
  • Once the glass is scored, firmly press down on the main piece of glass while breaking the excess over the edge with your other hand. For larger pieces, having a second person to help sturdy the glass is greatly helpful. 


Finishing of Plexiglas And Insert It Properly in The Frame

Before securing your glass into the frame of your choice, you must finish the edge. This prevents cracking of the main piece of glass, and allows it to sit within the frame with precision.

  • Always wear gloves when working with glass. Safety glasses are equally important as glass can often pop up and off the window in different directions.
  • Using fine-grain sandpaper, rub the edges of the glass to remove burrs and jagged remnants from the cuts. 
  • If necessary, use needle-nose pliers to pop off large inflections.


Now that the glass is ready to be installed, prepare the frame.

  • Protect yourself with gloves and safety glass, as always.
  • If using a pre-existing frame, take out the previous glass. If the glass was broken, remove the left-over pieces with pliers or a sharp hand knife.
  • Remove the old putty that had secured the glass to the frame.
  • Wash out the frame if needed. Sometimes old frames will collect dirt and dust, which will hinder the durability of the new storm window. 
  • If working with a new frame, and once the old one is clean and dry, affix a fresh window putty to the inner groove of the frame. 
  • Set the acrylic glass into the frame and let it dry to make a solid, lasting hold.


Now that the glass is secured into the frame, install your new storm-resistant window over the house window and enjoy the benefits of lower heating bills, less atmospheric noise, and an overall increase in value to your home. 


Where to Buy Top Quality Acrylic Sheets for storm-resistant windows?

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