How to Care for a Wool Pressing Mat

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For heavy quilters, wool pressing mats are a must needed product. They are ultra-convenient, can irons from both sides at the same time, and keep fabric stable. Wool pressing mats are gaining popularity day by day because people find it time-consuming.

You also can check out the best ironing mat for quilting. It can effectively press your fabric and delivers absolute perfection. As this product is so beneficial, you have to take care of it. We will help you by sharing some tips about how you can handle your wool pressing mat.

How to Choose a Wool Pressing Mat?

Different types of wool pressing mats are available in the market. By considering some features, you can pick up the perfect one.


Consider 100% natural wool that provides superior quality. It will assure that when you use steam, it won’t develop any pungent smell. You can smell a slight odor at first, but it will disappear after some time.

When buying any wool pressing mat, make sure to choose the ethically sourced and chemical-free wool. These types of mats are smooth and ridge free, which results in a professional iron experience.

Size and Weight

It comes in a lightweight and a variety of sizes. The common sizes are- 13 x 17 inches, 17 x 17 inches, 17 x 24 inches. Its thickness is about half-an-inch, which is perfect for regular pressing requirements. The weight size comes in around 1.5 to 1.9 pounds.

Select the perfect one by considering your transportation and space requirements.


If you choose 100% natural wool, it will cost a little higher than processed wool. Buying a wool pressing mat with the best quality materials is definitely a worthy investment. Because it will last for years and will save time and money.   

Using the Process of a Wool Pressing Mat

Using an iron table or long wood board may assure the perfect height for ironing. Get a tower or pad and keep it over the table or board. Now, place the wool pressing mat over the towel or pad. You can set up the mat as per your convenience and comfort.

How to Care for a Wool Pressing Mat?

For more extended durability, you have to take good care of the wool pressing mat. To know the process of care for a wool pressing mat, do follow this article.

Pressing Method

Set the iron in low heat while using the wool pressing mat for the first time.  Then, you can see that it can handle the temperature well. Now set the iron to medium or wool heat as your accordance.

Wool can resist heat naturally. But, don’t leave the iron on the pressing mat for too long, it can burn the wool. Follow these three precautions while pressing your fabrics.

  • Use the mat on a water-resistant surface area.
  • Put a towel beneath the mat.
  • Use a dry iron.

Steam on a Mat

Though a thicker wool mat can absorb the moisture, it can wet the fabric underneath. As a result, the iron board will get soaked. Another issue is heat, which can travel through the wool. That can cause some damage to those products which are beneath the mat. You can use a mister or spray to moisturize your fabric before iron. Or you can use a towel to protect the underneath products from heat and steam.

Washing Process

The best way to wash a wool pressing mat is by using your hand. Soak it into the water with a little detergent and wash it properly. Then hang it up to dry. It will take a longer time to get dry when soaking with water. Before storing make sure it dries completely, and remember, not to iron on a wet mat.

Just Follow these little things, and it will be enough to make a wool pressing mat last longer.

Advantages of a Wool Pressing Mat

You will experience some awesome things while using this product. Some of these are explained below.

Iron Both Sides at a Time

The primary benefit of this product is it can magically iron both sides of fabrics at the same time. When you iron on a pressing mat, you will realize this point. Wool can absorb heat and then release it quickly. This is how the wool pressing mat irons both sides. It will help you to cut the ironing time in half.

Grips the Fabrics in Place

The mat doesn’t shift from its place. Moreover, it can grab the fabric and hold it tightly. Its fuzzy texture helps to grab the fabrics and don’t let them slip around. So, don’t worry about your fabric moving here and there while ironing.

Travel Friendly

When we travel, ironing issues occur frequently. In this matter, a wool pressing mat can save us. You can easily carry the small-sized wool pressing mat when traveling. Some mats come with a carrying bag, so there is no need to adjust it to the luggage.

Using Pins

You can use pins to lock small fabrics. Directly apply the pin on your blocks or fabrics and place them on the wool pressing mat. The mat won’t damage by using pins.

Absorbing Moisture

Wool can automatically absorb moisture from the air. Also, steam can easily pass through the wool. Just use a towel under a mat to ensure the safety of its underneath product.

Easy to Handle

There is no need to stress about handling this product. It is easy to handle and wash. Just soak it with a little bit of detergent and wash by using your hands. Then keep it dry.

Final Words

It is not something difficult to work with. It’s a pretty cool product that can easily carry along when traveling. For professional ironing, a wool pressing mat will be the best choice. Also, this article provides tips to handle it with its benefits and using process. So, do not delay any more; go and grab the best one for you.

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