How To Change Light Cycles In Your Home Garden?

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If gardening is your hobby then it will be difficult for you to stay in an apartment without a bit of greenery. But, you don’t need to be disheartened as with grow tent, you can grow an indoor garden of your choice. With the help of a grow tent, it is easy to have an indoor garden. If you are growing plants like cannabis, you have to be aware of the lighting style inside the grow tent. According to experts, you have to be very careful about the light cycles during the initial growth of the plants; but when you are done with the basic steps, the rest journey is easy.

Do you have any idea of changing light cycles in your indoor garden? You may have heard about lights and wattage, like viparspectra 600w, but if you don’t have any idea about adjusting the light cycle, here you will get to know more about that. Read on to know more. Keep in mind, only you will get maximum yielding, if you have high output led grow lights.

How Vegetation of Plants Plays Important Role for the Light Cycle

While growing an indoor garden, you should be careful about the lighting arrangements inside the grow tent, specifically on the initial stage. But, once you do the basic things correctly, you can easily move forward. There are certain important steps you need to follow here-

  • First, you need to make sure about the final size of the plants. As it is an indoor garden, you should have a fixed idea on the final size of the plants. Depending on your decision about the vegetative phase, you need to make sure about the light cycle during the time of flowering.
  • How much time is perfect for vegetating the plants? According to experts, indoor plants require two to four weeks to complete this phase. As there is limited place in your house, this time will be required.
  • Here, you should also remember that if you put your plants into ‘flowering’ phase too early, even before completing its natural vegetation period, the yield will be lesser than usual. Therefore, to get more yielding, you should wait for two weeks.
  • Due to the limitation of space, plants can’t grow dozens upon dozens inside your indoor garden. That’s why it is always better to wait for longer vegetation time so that you can harvest large plants with larger yields.

How Light Cycle Works Here

So far, you get the idea of how vegetation is important for proper yielding. Now you need to know how light cycle influences the entire process.

  • Here, you need to remember that once the light cycle is started for the flowering phase, it will help the plants to grow in its double size, within the next seven to ten weeks.
  • If you want your plant to yield at 3’ during harvesting, then you need to put your plants in the flowering phase when they are at 15’’ to 18’’. It is obvious that the grow tent has limited space. So, you have to maintain these things for having a beautiful garden.
  • Once you switch the light cycle, you need to adjust it accordingly. Usually, users prefer to put lights on for 18 hours and keep it off for 6 hours during the vegetation phase. You can also go for 20 hours on and 4 hours off system too. You need to remember that, the energy is reserved in the roots which grow maximum in the dark cycle while the other part of the plant rest.
  • Once the vegetation phase is over, growers can keep lights on for 12 hours and off for another 12 hours. If there are cannabis plants in your garden, it will rely on photoperiod which means getting lights for 12 hours can induce its flowering phase.
  • You need to adjust the light on and light off stage minutely at the beginning. While extending the dark cycle to 12 hours, do it slowly to adjust the plants into the system. Do it carefully for the beginning of two days and then your plants will get adjusted with the system and can be ready for harvest.

So, here are certain tips that you will need to make your plants grow well inside the grow tent. Adjusting the light and dark cycle has to be done perfectly on the beginning. Then, you can be relaxed a bit until the time of harvesting.

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