How To Change The Size Of A Replacement Window

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Window modifications are the homeowner’s trick to change the way their house looks on the outside. However, altering window openings is not that easy, and without professional help, the replacement windows may have the opposite effect.

At Ecochoice Windows and Doors, we provide a broad range of replacement window solutions. Our professional experts can help you modify window openings to get the desired and improve your home’s appearance and value at a reasonable cost.

Read on to discover the different window sizing alternatives and how they can benefit your home.


How Ecochoice Windows and Doors Can Resize Your Window Opening

The size and design of your windows have the power to embellish your home’s appearance and character. A lovely window can look good on the outside, and provide more light and air on the inside.

Unfortunately, many companies that provide window replacement services do not offer customers the option to choose the size of the new windows.

We understand perfectly that homeowners want more than just changing the old window with a new one. Many times, they also wish that the new window opening is larger to allow more air or light inside the house or smaller to diminish the exposure and draft.

At Ecochoice Windows and Doors, we make the exact adjustments that you desire. Our highly-skilled professionals will work closely with you to ensure that the new windows will fit perfectly in your walls, regardless of the sizes you choose.

Another reason why you should count on us for resizing your window openings is our solid experience and skills in this field. Replacing your windows is not easy, and experts do not recommend that you should do it alone. It is a complex task, and you should always employ professionals to do it for you.

When you resize a window opening, it affects the structure of the house. It implies the addition or elimination of construction materials, which may be crucial to your home’s structural viability. Whether you want to widen, shorten window openings, or even create new ones, your best choice is to leave this job to the experts.


Why Professional Window Installation is Important

Adding new windows to your home or resizing the old ones can impact the energy efficiency of your house. The replacement windows may be less efficient or durable and can affect the long-term ability to withhold heat in the cold season.

Improper window installation can leave small cracks between the new window frame and the walls. As a result, more air and insects can enter your home. Also, in the cold season, humidity and water infiltration can lead to mold and mildew staining your walls and endangering your health.

Our factory-trained staff includes only top experts in window installation and replacement. They will ensure that any window resizing in your home will take place following the best practices in the field. Additionally, they will ensure that the new windows will fit perfectly on your home walls without damaging the structural integrity.

How to Change the Size of a Replacement Window

Replacing the windows in your home is a safe way of ensuring that your house is always energy efficient. Also, it is a great way of beautifying your property and increasing its value, if you are planning to sell it.

With the installation of new windows, you can opt for smaller or larger window openings, depending on how you want your house to look.

At Ecochoice Windows and Doors, we make sure that the installation of new windows will enhance the appearance of your home while increasing its energy efficiency at the same time. We have a wide selection of window designs and replacement window options that you can choose from to update your home to modern standards.

Our large collection of window design alternatives will maximize your heating and cooling returns, and help you save more money on your energy bills. Whether you want to change your existing windows or add new ones, you can count on finding them in our offer.

If you are ready to design new custom windows for your space, contact us TODAY for a free consultation and estimate with the experts at Ecochoice Windows and Doors!

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