How To Choose The Best Portable Carpet Cleaner

There is always a part or parts of our homes where we have carpets. One is the living room and the other one is our bedroom. I supposed you are all aware that our living room gets more traffic than the other parts of the house because this is usually a gathering spot. This is where we often receive guests, children play, and the whole family gathers. Therefore, this is a spot where the floor is vulnerable to stains, dirt, dust, germs, microbes, and other visible or unnoticeable debris.

As far as cleaning is concerned, simple sweeping and mopping won’t be enough, so you should learn to use the best portable carpet cleaner that you can find in the market. Keep in mind that there are various options to choose from so you have to be picky as well. Let’s say that the brand is not your first consideration or basis for choosing one because there are more important factors that must be greatly considered. Well, I am not saying that you should not look at the brands of carpet cleaners like vacuums or mops.

I guess you will have to check on each model deeper so that you can choose the ones that would be beneficial to you. In terms of portability, you have to make sure that you are not only choosing a model just because it is light, so how about durability, operation, functions, and features. If you are going to look at the price, you will have to check your budget because it has to be affordable but not too cheap or expensive. So, these are just a few of the things that must play on your mind before buying the best portable carpet cleaner.

Ease of Use

Basically, you have to choose a portable carpet cleaner that is easy to use, especially when you need to clean a bigger and wider area. Since this is a portable cleaner, then it has to be cordless for faster moving because you may have to clean several rooms and might even need to go upstairs to use the machine as well.

Choose powerful equipment with a great cleaning solution. For example, the ones that will not require too much water but something that can clean stains and remove odor from the deepest surface. I supposed you will have to consider the voltage, too, so may start with 7.2V for power.

Treating stains and dirt needs action but due to ease of use, the task that you need to accomplish would be faster and lighter. It means that less effort is required and less time will be spent.


If you prefer a portable carpet cleaner with more features, then expect this to be costly. Sometimes, you may have to choose a simple one with the basic features or just the ones that are necessary. Well, some of you may want to invest in this but keep in mind that technology is fast-growing. So, in a year or two, new models with a more advanced feature may be out in the market.

However, if budget is not a problem, then you can always pick even the most expensive unit. Always remember to check your budget and deal with how much you can afford to buy. Be a shopper-conscious at times because as a homeowner, you surely have other financial obligations to take care of.

Cleaning Action

Of course, it is very important to consider how much the machine can clean, and if it matches the type of carpet you have at home. Remember that you need something with great suction because carpets are usually thick and dust or debris must be removed even those on the base surface.

You may want to buy an all-purpose device. It has to be good at cleaning stains or dust and removing germs or bacteria. Our technology is so advanced that everything is possible as long as you can learn to choose the right model.

Types of Equipment

Portable or handheld types are usually small in size and can reach what bigger ones cannot. However, it is easy to carry around because it is light in weight, so this is more of your advantage. It is often round in shape and comes with a handheld and push-wheel. You will find the scrubbers at its base. You can find some models with automated functions, too.

Upright types are just like vacuum cleaners. It stands upright and pushes it forwards or backward from behind. It is also designed with automated functions. It is designed with a motor in the vacuum piece and has a wider head with great suction.

Upholstery type is for cleaning upholstery as well as a plush carpet. It also cleans dust as well as allergens and hair strands. But these types are usually bulky, though it is powerful and meant for bigger areas.

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