How to choose the perfect metal detector for Beginners?

Are you looking for the Best starter metal detector? You might go through a lot of questions in your mind. I know how you are feeling because at once I felt the same when I was a beginner.

But I am not at that level anymore, I have done quite a lot of research on it. Let me help you get rid of all the hesitations to buy the best metal detector on the market as a starter.

Are you ready? Let’s change the game.

Before I head off to suggest the list of metal detectors, I would like you to consider some factors. Because there are tons of detectors on the market and it’s difficult to choose the top one for you.

However, there is no such machine we can call the best metal detector for everyone. In fact, the one that is best for you might not be best for others.

Set your purpose along with the budget for best starter metal detector

Whenever we start to think about buying a detector, the first thing that makes us worried is the price. So, first, I will get rid of your hesitation on the price and help you set a suitable budget for you.

Spending over $500 will be a foolish idea for a starter. So, whatever budget you fix that will be great under $500. Now, let me give you a clear idea but before that answer me a few questions.

Are you buying a detector because detecting is your hobby? Or, do you want to become a professional metal hunter? Or, do you want to gift a detector to someone such as a child?

Now, if you want to buy a detector for enjoyment, set your budget around $100 to $250. If your purpose is to take metal detecting as a profession then, setting a budget around $250 to $300 will be awesome. Ultimately, for gifting purpose, you can set a budget of $50-$150.

It is good to have some knowledge on Features

  • Weight: Weight can be a big factor for a beginner. The less the weight the more it will be easier to operate. So, I recommend you to go for a lighter one for example around 2-3 pounds.
  • Operating Frequency: This the oscillating speed of a detector that creates a magnetic field and identifies objects. A range of 5 to 10 kHz is suitable for a starter machine.
  • Target ID: Target id is the numerical representation of metal type that indicates what kind of metal you have found. It gives an idea of an object before you begin to dig.
  • Search Coil: Search coils come in various forms such as concentric or DD. However, the bigger the search coil is the deeper it can catch targets.
  • Notch Discrimination: It is a pro feature. Advanced users generally use it to ignore the trash from the treasure. It can be useful for you to get rid of aluminum foil or caps from your hunting ground.

List of the best starter metal detector for starters (My Recommendation)

  • Fisher F22 Metal detector
  • Garret Ace 300 metal detector
  • National Geographic pro series metal detector

Fisher F22 Metal detector

It is one of the best metal detectors for beginners with multiple pro features. Ranking no 10 in the Amazon at the time of writing, it has already created a buzz around.

  • Easy to use and rapid retune speed makes it one of the first contenders to be placed in the list of best metal detectors for beginners.
  • Having 4 different modes will allow you to capture various metals including jewelry, custom, artifacts, and coins.
  • Giving your arms the comfort, it weighs around 2.3 pounds. It also helps you to swing for a long time without much hand ache.
  • Besides 4 different audio tones for identifying targets, it features iron audio. The iron audio permit you to adjust the sound of the ferrous object allowing you to ignore less important objects.
  • Appearing with 0-99 numerical target id and 9 segments target categories will assist you in identifying object types before you dig deep.
  • The pinpoint mode is there to make your job easier by giving you precise location while swinging.
  • Weather resistant structure lets you search in any environment hassle free and detects metals up to 9 inches.
  • Running at a 7.69 kHz operating frequency, this machine requires 2 AA batteries.


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Garret Ace 300 metal detector

Do you want to add a professional touch at the beginning of your metal hunting journey? Garret Ace 300 can be the right choice for you. By the way, in the metal detector section, it ranked 11 at present.

  • 3 Free Accessories appears including an environmental cover, a search coil cover and a stow Headphone.
  • You don’t have to worry because it is easy to operate.
  • You can search for coins and get a precise location signal with the Coin Depth Indicator.
  • 5 different modes are available for distinctive searching purpose. Coins, relics, customs, jewelry, and zero discrimination.
  • You can identify targets by the numerical target ID (0-99) and the segment-based method.
  • The adjustablefrequency allows decreasing chatters from nearby interference.
  • It produces 3 different audio tones based on the target. (High, medium, and Low)
  • It comes with a 7 X 10” PROformance concentric submersible search coil which is Waterproof. You can use this detector to hunt in shallow water.
  • It also contains the pinpoint mode.
  • To power the machine, it eats 4 AA batteries.
  • It runs at an operating frequency of 8 kHz. It can find coin-sized objects up to 10 to 12 inches.
  • It is a lightweight machine that weighs around 8 pounds.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO series metal detector

It is one of the best gifts for a child that will make him or her excited. It is also fun to learn with the learning guide and will make your child adventurous.

  • The portability and lightweight design will allow you to pack it inside your bag and go to adventure wherever you want.
  • The adjustable system will allow you to correct the size according to your need.
  • The easy to understand LCD display lets you control it effortlessly.
  • It comes with an information-packed colorful learning guide that will direct you to begin hunting.
  • The large 10’’ search coil covers more ground than any other detector in its price range.
  • The waterproof detection coil will permit you to search in beachside or in shallow water area along with any dry surface.
  • For you, there are three different search mode along with all metal mode.
  • 4 sensitivity mode can help you find targets like jewelry, coins, golds up to 12” depth.
  • It’s super lightweight and weighs around 2 pounds so that, a kid can easily swing it without many difficulties.


The beginning of a metal hunting journey is never easy. However, it’s fun and occasionally, nature will reward you with its treasure. It’s the right time to get your journey started with one of our best starter metal detectors. Now, let me know which one you have chosen. If you have any other detector in mind, you can also mention that in the comment section. Even, if you have any question regarding the three metal detectors for starters. Stay tuned for the latest updates. Take care and spread the goodness.

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