How to Choose Water Pump

Water is a precious commodity that we need to survive. In fact, water is literally life. Our bodies are made of up to 70% water meaning that it is very crucial. One of the major problems that we experience is a convenient way of getting water. Maybe you want to get water from your well to your home or remove water from a flooded place. Here is where a water pump comes in.

This is an important tool that can also perform other functions like pumping muddy water, draining and filling your swimming pool and for irrigation purposes among other uses. While there are so many types of water pumps that you can find on the market today, picking the most suitable for home use can be tough.

What are some of the most important things that you need to check when selecting a water pump? What features and specifications do you need? To help you select the right product, I have prepared a detailed guide on some important aspects to consider when purchasing a water pump. They include the following:

  1. Type of Pump

This is probably the number one consideration that you should have in mind before you settle for the right product. There are different types of water pumps that you should know so that you can pick the most suitable. Selecting the right pump depends on how you intend to use it. For instance, you can get a submersible pump or non-submersible pump. If you are getting water from a pond or well, you can choose a submersible pump. On the other hand, if you are moving water at a high point in piped connections, then you need a non-submersible pump.

The following are some other common types of water pumps that you will find.

  • Transfer/ clear water pumps– These are water pumps that are perfect for draining your garden or hot tub. You can also use these water pumps to drain shallow areas that are flooded.
  • Semi-solid pumps- These pumps are similar to the above model and they can handle small solids ranging from .25-.75 inches. The pumps are ideal for draining water in flooded areas and they can also be used in construction sites.
  • Trash pumps- These ware water pumps that can pass solids ranging from .75-2 inches. In most cases, these pumps are used for agricultural and commercial use. Their main work is to drain small areas that are flooded.
  • High-pressure pumps- If you want to get higher pressure at a low volume, this is the right pump to pick. The pumps are perfect for agricultural use because they have the ability to move water in long distances.
  1. Flow Rate

Before you spend your money on any water pump, it is important to consider the flow rate. You don’t want to bring home a water pump with a poor flow rate because it will make your work slower. The flow rate is normally indicated in liters per minute/hours. If you are buying a water pump for home use, it is wise to consider a small flow rate that will be adequate to fill your water tanks.

  1. Power

This is another important consideration to check when you are buying a water pump. Water pumps have a motor with speed that provides the required power to pump the water. If you chose a motor-driven water pump, you need to consider the power rating. If the motor power is small, then the pump will not offer optimal performance. Additionally, a bigger motor can also overrun the pump leading to wear. It is crucial to select a motor that is compatible with your pump to get the best performance.

  1. Fuel Type

What type of fuel do you want to use in your water pump? Basically, you can either choose a water pump that uses petrol or diesel. Models that use petrol are cheaper while those that use diesel are fuel efficient and ideal for running for an extended period of time. In regards to safety, diesel is safer than petrol because it is less flammable.

  1. Connecting Hose Size

Different pumps come with varying connection hose sizes. In most small and medium-sized water pumps, you will find an inlet and outlet hose 1-6 inches. If you don’t want to experience problems when you are plumbing, it is crucial to match the size of the hose with the piping that you have to get an easy installation.

  1. Maximum Head and Pressure

Another important thing that you should check is the vertical pump height that is needed to push water with the needed pressure. For instance, if the head of the pump measures 60 meters, the unit cannot pump water to a distance longer than 65 meters. You should, therefore, find out the right height that you require to pump the water and then select a water pump with more maximum head to the best water pumping efficiency.

  1. Quality

Before you buy a water pump, you also want to make sure that you get a high-quality product. It is important to pick products from high-quality brands that have a good reputation and positive reviews from customers. The pump should be made of quality components so that you can be guaranteed of durable and high-performance use. The best water pumps feature quality materials like cast aluminum and stainless steel among others.


Final Words

Pumping water is faster and effective when you have the right water pump. If you were wondering how you will pick the most suitable water pump, I believe this guide has given you some light. I have explained in detailed important considerations that you should think about when you are buying a water pump. If you take these factors into consideration during purchase, then you can be sure of getting the right pump.

The most important thing that you should remember is to select a quality water pump that meets your requirements.
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