How To Clean A Black Granite Composite Sink Carefully!

Granite is a widespread material for making sinks. It comes with great durability and elegance to shine up your kitchen decor. Black granite composite sinks are well protected with coatings. These coatings give better protection to natural stones and materials from erosion and scratches.

So, when you are cleaning these up, there should be careful steps to follow. To get rid of hard water stains or rough spots, there is no alternative of regular and consistent maintenance. Here is a gentle method on how to clean a black granite composite sink without causing any discoloration or damage and also read best tile floor cleaner machines Review.

You Need to Pick Important Supplies!

The things you need for cleaning are really handy and obtainable easily. Most of the time these elements are already available at home. So, you are going to need baking soda, mineral oils, and vinegar for the solution.

It’s proven that baking soda is a really safe element to get rid of any dirt from black granite sinks easily and softly. Mineral oil is the ingredient that is really popular for maintaining the shine and luster.

Granite is a really sensitive material. It can get damaged by harsh cleaners or ingredients So make sure to choose wisely your supplies. Some might even damage the finish and make it weak.

However, vinegar and baking soda solution is a really gentle home-made stuff that does zero harm. But, make sure you don’t keep the solution with contact to your sink for too long. Vinegar is quite acidic. That may cause minor issues if kept for a long time period.

If you are cleaning specific areas with a problem, it’s best to deal with only those. Just simply scrub that space with a little solution. However, for deep cleaning, you need a thick layer to sit for a while.

Use soft fabrics, bristle brush or rag to scrub the sink. You should never go for stuff such as wire brushes or steel wool cleaners. These have the tendency to leave scratches that look really ugly. Also, the damage these make are sometimes irreparable. So, watch out!

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Prepare the Sink!

Before going to completely clean up steps make sure the sink is empty. Get rid of anything sitting on its surface. Also, rinse it with water and gently wipe up any ridable debris or food scraps. Use hot water to give a gentle scrub. Use some dish soap to gently wipe it properly.

Now take some paper towel and dry it off completely. This is the mini cleaning section that you need to go through.

Sprinkling Baking Soda!

Now it’s time to do something for stained areas and discoloration. This is a common thing with black granite composite sinks. Use some baking soda to get rid of these.

Simply sprinkle baking soda all over the spot. The mild abrasive agent, baking soda will be a pro element to get rid of such issues. It’s effective and at the same time super safe. Especially for granite sinks!

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Using Vinegar!

Now you need to pour some vinegar over the baking soda. This two should combine and make a fizz up. Some would want to use less vinegar. If you wish to do so, get a spray bottle and mix a similar portion of water and vinegar in it. Now use the bottle to spray over baking soda applied area.

You can also use a soft bristles brush or sponge. Simply use the cleaner to scrub this solution into problematic areas. This mixture is really effective for areas where water dries and leave hard stains. It’s also effective for areas near the drain. You should scrub gently and gradually.

Once you are done, use some warm water to rinse it off. Make sure to rinse properly and constantly until no mixture is remaining. Now get some paper towel or soft fabric. Use it to dry the sink completely. There should be no remaining water.

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Finish It Off with Mineral Oil!

Once you get the sink cleaned and dried, it’s time for some shining. Some black granite composite sink looks dull even after deep cleaning. It’s merely because of regular usage for so many years.

To bring the shine and gloss, this final step is going to be your savior. Get some mineral oil from your kitchen or department shop. Now simply pour about one tablespoon of mineral oil over the sink.

Use a soft fabric to gently buff the oil into sink. Do this in a circular motion. If the amount seems less, add later. Make sure the fabric is holding oil evenly. There should not be too thick coats over your finish, also don’t forget to check Skip Hire Dublin.

Apply Mineral Oil

Once the sink is cleaned and dried again, you’re ready for the final step. Even when clean, the granite can look dull; the mineral oil will bring back some shine to it.

Pour about a tablespoon of mineral oil onto a soft cloth and buff the oil into the sink using a circular motion. You may need to add more oil as you go, just make sure the cloth evenly holds the oil so it doesn’t get too thick.

Some Useful Tips!

If you are not sure about the safety of a certain cleaning agent, go through manual of your sink. If you don’t have one, contact its manufacturer. A simple Google search may also tell you a lot about this. Most of the time, manufacturers will give you a proper recommendation on what to use without causing any damage.

There are some commercial products available for granite cleaning. This will help you to restore the lost shine and get rid of gleams easily. Go for ones that intend to solve problems for natural stone. These are the best bet for black granite composite sinks.

Never use some common elements that harm granite. Such as chlorinated solvents, bleach, formic acid substances.


Following deep cleaning regimen for black granite composite sink is easy. A sink should be clean, well-maintained and beautiful. So, don’t neglect the importance of a proper clean up every once in a while. Best of Luck!


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